Curriculum Vitae
Jesús Maroto
Date of birth: 3rd November 1974, Granada, Spain. Nationality: Spanish.
E-mail: [email protected]
Consultant, Translator & Copywriter with extensive project management, client liaison and strategic
planning expertise with clients in the marketing, engineering, medical and computer sectors. Strong
Profile creative mindset and well-developed sense of team. Cool under pressure and working with high
workloads. Client focused, with a common sense approach and cheerful!

Founder & Managing Director
Global Propaganda S.L.

05/08 - Global Propaganda is a limited company with headquarters in Granada, southern Spain, but whose members are based all around the world. We are a network of independent copywriters, translators, cultural experts, advertising experts, programmers, subtitlers, graphic artists, local usability consultants and desktop publishers, most of which have extensive experience working for advertising agencies. The company´s focus is on providing localisation services for advertising agencies, along with any other related needs they may have: graphics localisation, DTP, cultural consultancy, local market research, multilingual SEO. On top of this, we also develop guerrilla and blog marketing campaigns in Spain to increase traffic for microsites created as part of a one-off campaign. Some of our final clients are: Adobe, Airbus, Barclays, bmi, Diageo, Bacardi, Baileys, Bankinter, Diesel, Holiday Inn, Blackberry, Blue1 Airlines, Coca-Cola, Castrol, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Gilead Sciences, Glaxo SmithKline, H&M, HP, HTC, Intel, International Olympic Committee, Jaguar, Kodak, LG, McDonald´s, Microsoft, Navman, Nikon, Olay, Reebok, Seat, Tag Aviation, Thomas Burberry´s, UEFA, Vertu, Volkswagen, Yahoo!, IBM, Toyota, Sandisk, SSI, Volvo…
Account Director
Tribal DDB, Barcelona, Spain

07/07 - 04/08
I was one of the first members to join Tribal DDB in Spain, the online marketing branch of DDB.
I was responsible for strategic planning, account management and team development.
Although the main account I managed was Volkswagen, I also worked for other accounts suych as
Fundación Liliam Thuram and PSOE.

Freelance Translator, Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

Intel Corporation
Translation of website content and marketing materials
Translation of brochures of American or British funds offered by the bank to clients in Spain.
Also, regular translator English into Spanish translator for several of the Sicavs managed by the bank.
Tag Worldwide
Translation into Spanish of the advertising campaign and collaterals for the launch of Seretide
(by GlaxoSmithKline), a new drug for the treatment of asthma. Adaptation into Spanish of the
brand positioning and advertising campaign created by Young & Rubicam for Bacardi. Translator
of the H&M fashion magazine.
Brightlines Translation
Spanish translator of a marketing campaign for McDonald’s. Consultant, copywriter and
translator of the marketing strategy for the launch of the multinational Symrise in Spain.
Regular translator of the e-newsletter for QLogic.
International marketing consultancy services for the Guggenheim Bilbao, Motorola and Nokia
campaigns developed by this Madrid-based communications agency.
Oban Multilingual Strategy
International search engine strategy development, content optimisation and keyword
localisation for Ballfinder Scout, Navman, East Midlands Tourism Board, and
Spanish translator and copywriter of the advertising campaigns developed by this agency for
clients such as Beefeater, UBS, Hewlett Packard and Honda.

Web Translations
Proof-reader of the Spanish version of the Esendex web site.
Responsible for the management of the pan-European SEAT and Thomas Burberry pitches for
this online advertising agency. Translator into English of several online marketing campaigns.
Consultant on international marketing issues.
Euro RSCG London.
International marketing consultant and translator of the Sandisk campaign.
Translation and adaptation of the bmi website into Spanish. International marketing consultant
and translator for the Levitra (by Bayer), Airbus, Diageo and Intel campaigns.

Spanish subtitler of the BBC documentary "The Da Vinci Code Decoded ".

Previously, in the medical field, I worked for several research laboratories of the Spanish Health
Service in the translation from and into English of HIV and immunology related scientific articles. I
also did some translations for the online magazine through the translation
agency RIC International. Finally, I worked on the translation, localisation and dubbing of several
videogames for Disney Interactive and Blue 52. I also translated several web sites for Qsoft as well
as extensive marketing documentation for Microsoft through the company Lionbridge.
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain

Masters in Translation and Localization ,
Teacher of the project management module in this internationally renowned master.
Operations & Marketing Director
STAR Servicios Lingüísticos, Barcelona, Spain.

03/05 – 11/06
Operations Manager for the Spanish subsidiary of this Swiss translation services provider and
software developer. Also responsible for the set-up and development of the STAR brand in Spain, and the promotion of the STAR Servicios Lingüísticos brand at an international level. Company clients: BMW, Hitachi, Minolta, Panasonic, Bosch, BSH Balay, Cartier, Diesel.

Detailed responsibilities: o Supervision, co-management, consolidation and growth of the production department. Responsible for a team of 21 in-house employees made up of programmers, project managers, DTP specialists and translators, as well as more than 200 freelancers that telework for us. o Creation and follow up of the production goals and financial results of the company. o Set-up and development of measures to improve: § the quality of the company deliverables § the time frame needed to process a job § the productivity of the in-house team § the internal communication process § the documentation of processes and client-specific knowledge § the in-house training offering. o Creation and development of a marketing strategy to improve new business acquisition, as well as to increase the sales of the STAR range of software products (that includes a globalisation management system, a computer aided translation and terminology tool, a workflow management system and a formatting checker among others). o Full management of the Adobe, American Express, Toyota, Lexus, LazerSafe, Microsoft,
Mitsubishi and other clients accounts, including several advertising agencies.
o Co-management of the company and supervision of the discipline at the office. o Preparation of STAR for ISO certification. Achievements: o Increase per employee profitability as well as the annual turnover of the company. o Increase direct client turnover from 10% to 30% in a year, without decreasing the previous overall company turnover and therefore reducing the dependency from other STAR offices. o Stabilise, motivate and increase the in-house staff, as well as the freelance collaborators. o Raise the profile of the company, create national and international brand awareness and achieve a regular presence in the translation industry media. o Make STAR Servicios Lingüísticos the first Spanish company and one of the first companies in the world to become a TILP certified course provider.
International Account Manager & Localisation Director
Euro RSCG Interaction. London, Amsterdam & Barcelona.

10/99 – 08/04, , I was one of the four original founding members of the Interactive division of the British advertising agency Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper. I joined the department in order to handle international accounts, help the technical team as well as to set up a translation and localisation unit. From a base of two clients and 4 employees, the interactive department became the 5th largest within the Euro RSCG network with a staff of 40 full time employees and more than 100 regular freelancers based all around the world, and a client list which currently includes both global and British blue-chip companies. The interactive department and especially the localisation unit grew year-on-year at a rate of approximately 30 - 50% and have been profitable since 2000. A key achievement was the successful integration of most of the above the line agency clients into Interaction as well as the development of a global network of translators, copywriters, programmers and DTP experts. Until I left, I managed a team of project managers, cross-cultural experts, translators and technical producers based in London and Amsterdam, where I had to frequently travel to, as well as all the third party vendors we worked with. My team specialised in the consultancy, development, translation and adaptation of multilingual web sites, web advertising, CD ROMs, DVDs, Interactive TV, press and direct marketing campaigns, and other interactive media. My main duties included: account management, market research, new business development, assisting clients redefine their international online strategy, hiring new personnel and establishing partnerships with vendors, putting in place localisation strategies, preparing assets to be sent for translation, doing some translation and proofreading, as well as supervising the production, QA processes and linguistic quality. I was also involved in the cross-cultural aspects of all the above the line brands the agency works on. In February 2004 I joined the Euro RSCG Barcelona office in order to research the possibility of setting up a low-cost production unit for Euro RSCG London and handle a major localisation project in Spain.
With regards to the clients I have worked for while at Euro, they included: Intel, Oki Europe, bmi,
Netscalibur, Peugeot, Credit Suisse, Volvo, Evian, Maison de la France, British Tourist Authority
and American Express.

Spanish Localisation Specialist & Project Manager
Lionbridge (formerly International Communications). Boston, USA. 07/98 – 10/99
I worked with project managers, translators, technical specialists and testers in the localisation of web sites, software, printed and online documentation for Spanish-language markets.
Spanish Localisation Specialist
Intel Corporation. Portland, Oregon, USA.

01/99 - 03/99
I worked on the translation of a major website and all marketing materials developed for the launch of the Pentium III microprocessor in the Spanish speaking world. I worked onsite at Intel while being employed by Lionbridge.
Project manager and translator
EQUUS Traducciones. Granada, Spain.
05/98 - 07/98
I worked on the localisation of medical software, videogames and engineering related articles.
Teacher Assistant of Spanish as a foreign language.
Secondary School Cervantes. St. Petersburg, Russia.

10/97 - 04/98

SDL (formerly ITP). Granada, Spain.

05/97 - 07/97

Translator & administrative assistant
NRF (formerly Radiadores Montaña). Granada, Spain.

09/96 - 04/97

Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain
10/03 – Currently
European PhD in Intercultural Studies The current working title of the thesis I am writing is: Cross-cultural e-marketing in the age of globalization.
An analysis of the current environment, the theory & practice of global advertising strategies and a proposal
for a new framework for the development of international campaigns.

Chartered Institute of Marketing, London, UK.

eMarketing Diploma

St. Petersburg Technical University. Russia.
0/97 - 03/98
Postgraduate Diploma in Russian studies. With a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Universidad de Granada. Spain.
1992 - 1997
"Licenciatura" in Translation and Interpretation . English-Russian-Portuguese-Spanish. BA-equivalent degree in technical, scientific, legal and economic translation and interpretation. University of Washington. Seattle, USA.
1995 - 1996
Visiting student. With a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other courses & seminars
Universidad Complutense,
Certificate of Pedagogical Attitude The Spanish teacher training qualification 2005/06
Web of Culture Website
Certified GlobeMark™ Web Globalist 05/2003
Globalization Consultants, USA
London, UK.
Localisation Research Centre.
Foundation course in Software Localisation. 06/2002
Advanced course in Software Localisation. Institute of Practitioners in
Advertising. London, UK.
Stage 3: How client companies operate and of 02–03/2002
the business context for advertising decisions. The Conflict Resolution Company.
Localisation Research Centre.
Software Localisation Project Management. 06/2001
University of Westminster.
Web accessibility for users with disabilities. Cial. Lisbon, Portugal.
The Localization Institute
Operating systems: Microsoft DOS, Windows, NT, PocketPC, Macintosh, Palm.
Word processors: Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, MS Works, StarOffice Writer.
Data Bases: MS Works, Access.
Browsers and Internet related software: MS Explorer, Navigator, Opera, Netscape Composer,
Mosaic, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Homesite, Hot Dog, WS FTP & CuteFTP.
Computer Aided Translation Tools: Trados, Wordfast, Intel IIDS, LionLinguist, MS DevTool, Trados
Multiterm and STAR Transit.
Subtitling software: WinCaps.
: MS Project, Excel, Mozilla Thunderbird, Source Off Site, Macromedia Director, Flash,
QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, Acrobat, PageMaker, Photoshop, ImageReady, Corel Draw, Photo Paint, Power Point, Image Composer, MS Paint, Photo Editor, Winzip, SR 32, Wave Flow, UltraEdit, WinRAR, S tuffit, Screen time for Flash, WebBudget, FreeBudget and MS Reader. LANGUAGES Beginner
‘Translation Strategies in International Advertising’. Maroto, Jesús. Multilingual. #83 Volume 17
Issue 6. October-November 2006. Pages 39-42.Sandpoint, Idaho, USA: Multilingual Computing Inc.
‘Usability & Website Localisation’. Maroto, Jesús; De Bortoli, Mario. 2006. In Anderman, Gunilla
and Jorge Díaz Cintas (eds.) Audiovisual Translation - Language Transfer on the Screen.
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
‘Localisation is not for the faint-hearted’. Maroto, Jesús. The Linguist. Volume 43, Issue 4. August-
September 2004. London: Institute of Linguists.
Introduction to the book ‘La traducción publicitaria: comunicación y cultura’. Valdés Rodríguez,
Cristina. 2004. Colección La aldea global. Valencia: Universitat de València ; ISBN 84-370- 5868-6.
‘Languages in international advertising campaigns: the trans-creator’. Maroto, Jesús; De Bortoli,
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‘Cross cultural interactive marketing: the implications of culture in Web site usability’. Gillham,
Robert; Maroto, Jesús. (November 2003) New Media Knowledge. Online at: ‘Return on Investment in Multilingual Websites from a Marketing Perspective’. Maroto, Jesús.
The LISA newsletter. Globalization insider. Volume XII, number 2.1. April 7, 2003. SMP Marketing. ISSN: 1420-3693. Online at: and
‘Localisation and webvertising: conveying the digital communication mix’.
Maroto, Jesús; De
Bortoli, Mario. (November 2002). Proceedings of the eContent Localisation conference organised by the Localisation Research Centre. 12-13 November 2002. University College Dublin. Ireland. ‘Bright lights – big cities: localisation in the advertisement industry’. Maroto, Jesús. (June 2002)
Localisation Focus. Vol. 1, issue 1. Page 28. ISSN: 1649-2358. Online at
‘Web site localisation’
. Maroto, Jesús; De Bortoli, Mario. (2001). Proceedings of the European
Languages and the Implementation of Communication and Information Technologies (Elicit)

conference. University of Paisley. ISBN: 0-9541774-0-1
‘Translating colours in web site localisation’. Maroto, Jesús; De Bortoli, Mario. (2001). Proceedings
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estudiantes de Andalucía oriental Univ 93.
Page 77. Motril: Ediciones Al Sur. ISBN: 8479331208
“A Research Model for the Localisation of Advertising”. New Research in Translation &
Interpreting Studies Conference. October
2006. Tarragona, Spain.
“Bridge the Gap Between Technical and Creative Communications. How the advertising and
translation industries can learn from each other and work together”.
Localization World
Conference. May 2006. Barcelona, Spain.
“Usability and website localisation: Winning the global battle for hearts and minds.” In so many
words: language transfer on the screen. February 2004. University of Surrey. London, UK.
"Challenges of cross-cultural communication"
Multilingual digital world conference. November 2003. Organised by the Localisation Research
Centre of the European Union. Dublin, Ireland.
"Cross-cultural Interactive Marketing & Website Usability"
International Workshop on Products and systems. July 2003. Berlin, Germany.
"Glocal marketing and new media localisation"
eContent Localisation conference. November 2002. Organised by the Localisation Research Centre
of the European Union. Dublin, Ireland.
"Website localisation using content management, translation memory and database-driven
image production tools from a marketing perspective
Localisation Industry Standards Association conference. October 2002. Heidelberg, Germany. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
• European B1 and US driving license. • Introduction to Photography, Escuela de Estudios Fotográficos de Catalunya
Dreamweaver, QuarkXpress and Photoshop at the London College of Printing 2002
Portuguese and Italian language courses at Morley College, London, UK. 2001 & 2002
Introduction to Mongolian, University of Granada
5th International congress on lexical study and teaching, Univ. of Granada.
1st Practical seminar on company creation, organised by the
Andalusian Young Businessman Association. • Translating and Interpreting Department, University of Granada, Spain 96/97
I designed, translated and developed the Department’s first Web site. • University of Washington Library, USA. Interlibrary borrowing services. 1996
Administrative, clerical and customer service duties. • German language intensive course at Academia Dunedin.
Stallcombe House, Exeter, UK.
Volunteer for three weeks at this farm for mentally handicapped people. • Moscow’s Pushkin Institute, Russia. Russian language intensive course.
• English language intensive course at Dublin School of English, Ireland.
Free time activities: I like travelling, especially across Europe and South America. At home I
quite enjoy contemporary art, mainly photography. With regards to sports, I like biking, trekking, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and chess! I also love reading, going to the cinema, computers, contemporary and classical music as well going out with friends.



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