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A The topic the project:
T F Transboundary water management, sustainable agriculture, ecosystems services,
environmental education, wastewater treatment, streams restoration.
A short summary of the project:
In many parts of the world water resources traverse political boundaries. The sus- tainable management of these transboundary water resources by necessity requires regional cooperation among riparian states. Coupled with physical water scarcity OJEC is increasing demand for water by growing populations and expanding economic
sectors. In regions in which political relations are fragile, these tensions can prevent the establishment of a lasting peace or even erupt into active conflict.
In the proposed IRSES program, the aim is to study the Jordan River basin, shared by Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority, and the Guadiana River basin, shared by Portugal and Spain. The objective of this program is to provide a scientific forum CH PR for the establishment of a common ground for these basins as case studies of con-
flict and cooperation in river basin management and to identify the principles and mechanisms that both promote and hinder cooperation. Lessons learned from this project can be applied to other transboundary river basins in Europe and through-
The main objectives of the project:
∙ To bring together experts and regional decision makers to create momentum for multilateral management of the Jordan River Dead Sea Basin and the Guadiana RESEAR ∙ To develop collaborative projects that can be undertaken for the benefit of the
environment and the peoples of the two regions. The projects are in the fields of:
Link to EU water policy:
13. Adaptation to Climate Change Framework Link to business:
Link to research:
The main results the project already achieved:
∙ The kickoff meeting was held in March, and at this point the activities are still in ∙ Waste water treatment: small greywater treatment facilities were installed in West Bank villages, and their effectiveness has been monitored; workshops have been held for Palestinian and Israeli waste water specialists ∙ Environmental Education: a curriculum has been developed and students chosen ∙ Real work will begin in the fall, with the first secondments from Spain and Israel in Jordan and Palestine, and from Jordan and Palestine to Israel Dissemination activities and events planned in 2012 within the project:
In 2012, the project will hold two conferences in Israel for stakeholders and profes- sionals, one on water and tourism in the Dead Sea, and one on solar desalination.
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Arava Institute for Environmental Studies The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the Faculdade de Ciencias Sociais e Humanas da


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