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EU-China Business Technology Cooperation Fair VIII Sichuan Chuanda West China Pharmaceutical Corporation is mainly engaged in manufacturing management of cardiovascular drugs. The exclusive product of Lemai Granule has been sold in Japanese market for twenty We hope to establish a cooperative relationship with EU years, and has been registered successfully with the Health Ministry of Canada and Vietnam, obtaining a high enterprises who have the marketing experience in popularity. Production system has a number of patent protections and its core technology. Its workshop gets botanical medicine or traditional Chinese medicine and Biological Products Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Haisco Distribution, agency, subcontracting, R&D, technology Pharmaceutical Co., R & D, production and sale of chemical drugs SINEW is an ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 13485/2003 certified privately-owned company integrating R & D, production and sale of In-Vitro-diagnostics.In Vitro Diagnostics Reagents is our main product. SINEW have a SINEW hopes to cooperate with the companies which first-class standardized purification workshop and advanced production equipments.
focus on In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and quantification of SINEW has successfully introduced a variety of antigen, antibody and other raw materials from Europe and immunochromatography technology or specialize in R & America. At present, SINEW is actively exploring new fields, including immune detection, nucleic acid D, production and Sale of antigen and antibody, with the detection, gene detection and related products and technology. method of research and development, technical SINEW have cooperated with many famous overseas companies, like AXIS-SHIELD,SERAMUN, cooperation ,technology transfer and/or OEM. Easton Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is built in accordance with GMP standards of EU and USA, specialized in drug research and development, manufacture and distribution of medicines. Three manufacturing bases are Sales(APIs): Fosaprepitant,Moxifloxacin located in Qingbaijiang, Chengdu Hi-tech district and Meishan Economic Development Zone. Research and hydrochloride,Flupirtine maleate,Esomeprazole Development Center, and Workstation for post-doctoral are established in Chengdu Hi-tech district to Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulfate ,Bisoprolol Fumarate facilitate Easton’s drug research and development. Chengdu Mingyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a wholly- Olanzapine ,Fasudil Hydrochloride Ubenimex.
owned subsidiary of Easton, is a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical company specialized in manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and their intermediates, supplying APIs domestically and globally. EU-China Business Technology Cooperation Fair VIII We would like to meet with Euro companies focusing on AstaTech Pharm is certified as Hi-Tech companies. With over two thousands products in stock, we’d like to provide our Catalog Products and other services such as CMO, OEM, CRO, FTE and Process Development to our customers in Pharma/Biotech as well as in Chemical Industries in the world. Advanced facilities: Corning Advanced Flow Reactor, Low temperature reaction kettle (-100℃), high temperature reaction kettle(300℃), high pressure reaction kettle, film evaporator, low temperature vacuum drying oven; Main export products: (R)-Piperidin-3-amine dihydrochloride, 5-Fluorocytosine。 Already ISO9001 & ISO14001 passed, Rosun is a professional researcher and manufacturer of eco-friendly personal hygiene and disinfectant products Since 2002, products mainly include Mouthwash, Skin and Hand Sanitizer, Toilet Seat Sanitizer, Water treatment Disinfectant Series(for drinking water and sewage water), Hope to have a negotiation with enterprises of personal Disinfectant powder for air and surface, etc.
hygiene and disinfectant products, including Now we are exporting our products mainly to Asian and African countries including Thailand, Pakistan, mouthwash, skin and hand sanitizer, toilet seat sanitizer, Disinfection Co., Ltd. Malaysia, Philippines, Morocco, etc. environment disinfectant, water disinfectant. For the We are expecting to cooperate with some European companies and to promote our products and eco- way of cooperation, sales agency is preferred.
hengdu Xinji Bioactive Collagen Developing Co. LTD is a hi-tech biotechnology company, which was set up in We hope to negotiate with those European companies 2005 and devotes itself to developing the bioactive collagen liquid which is closely bound up to the people’s which study and use the biomedical materials (biological daily life. With the technology supported by Sichuan University, the company recently develops a new kind of activity of low-antigenic collagen (type℃) or engage in pure bioactive collagen liquid as cosmetics(type I), whose preparative technology has obtained the professional venture capital management .
national inventing patent. This product was originally prepared in the laboratory by Dr. Li repeatedly doing We hope to set up a joint venture of which the experiment, for what a national patent was given in August 2004. And it filled the blank in this field of our European partner is responsible for getting the patent, country. It is put into industrial production in September 2005 by Chengdu Xinji Bioactive Collagen Developing license, certification as well as sales, and giving us Co.Ltd. Based on the productive practice and the innovation of technology, we worked out the solution of the guidance of the import and export trades. And we DEVELOPING CO.LTD producing process and its necessary equipment. In March 2006 the first batch of products leaving the factory are responsible for the R&D, production and domestic successfully passed the enterprise quality examination and announced the success of mass production. marketing of biological activity of low-antigenic collagen (type℃), as well as technical services(the development of The product is from the health of fresh donkey skin that underwent a rigorous inspection and quarantine, after the beginning of processing: hair removal, skim, carefully selecting and then finishing : enzyme extraction in low temperature (10 EU-China Business Technology Cooperation Fair VIII 1、Seeking for cooperative partners on research of the breeding of seeds and seedlings of herbal medicines Breeding research and GAP standard planting of seeds and seedlings of Chinese traditional medicines (such as (Chinese traditional medicines) (including the rhodiola crenulata, Sichuan safflower, radix curcuma, Emei hemsleya amabilis, buckwheat pollen, domestication of wild medicinal materials on the gymnadenia conopsea, fructus arctii and rhizoma polygonati, etc.); Sichuan-Tibet genuine special small- package pieces of traditional Chinese medicines (including bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae, buckwheat pollen, 2、Seeking cooperative enterprises and projects for fermented red rice, potentilla anserine, angelica apaensis, radix curcuma, penthorum chinense pursh, standard planting and intensive processing of Chinese lamiophlomis rotate, ganoderma spores, hedysarum polybotrys, epimedium wushanense, vine of multiflower herbal medicines (health-care products and medicine) ; knotweed, artist's conk, saussurea involucrate, erigeron breviscapus, Emei hemsleya amabilis, medicated 3、Seeking market partners in European for promotion leaven, semen holarrhenae, rhizoma fagopyri dibotryis, rhodiola crenulata and gymnadenia conopsea); of Chinese herbal health-care products and food; healthy pieces of Chinese traditional medicines: supplementary pieces (including penthorum chinense pursh, 4、Seeking for project shareholding investment and rhodiola rosea, epimedium, safflower and fermented red rice); and management and service promotion of modern marketing system (including electronic commerce network).
5、Seeking for cooperation of Europe projects in Chinese markets. Established in 2012, Sichuan TIANLIAN Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is company integrating development, manufacture, and sales of medicines as a whole. The company specializes in pharmaceutical R & D, combining the research resources of Sichuan University Huaxi Medical College and Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has the independent research and development of a number of natural plant prescription drugs, a number of patents for Chinese traditional medicine.
EU-China Business Technology Cooperation Fair VIII 1. Novel scaffolds for drug discovery: Firstly, we’d like to buy some unique structures from commercial source if HitGen Ltd is a life science company based in Chengdu, China. The company was founded by a group with they are already on catalogues. Secondly, we have got extensive scientific and managerial experience in pharmaceutical, CRO and related industries. The formation some ideas on the structure design and we may of the company has received major investment from China Chengdu Import and Export Group Co. Ltd, and outsource some of the synthesis work. Thirdly, if there enterprise grant support from Chengdu High Tech Zone.
are really interesting scaffolds, we are willing to co- We are an innovation-driven and customer-focused company. HitGen has established a unique platform for develop some encoded libraries with our building block early phase of drug discovery research.
collection (more than 4,000 reagents) as well. With a focus on hit identification and lead generation during the early drug discovery R&D, HitGen aims to be 2. Phenotypic equivalent target fishing, a leading provider in progressing projects from targets to leads stage. To this end HitGen has established a Cooperation Mode: echnology transfer.
core platform consisting of high quality, large DNA encoded compound libraries and research capabilities in 3.DNA encoded compound library construction and protein expression and purification, in-vitro screening and affinity selection, chemical library design and screening for novel drug candidate identification, Cooperation Mode: technology transfer or technology HitGen also provides other biological reagents and services to support drug discovery research.
service4. Custom organic synthesis and biological services, Cooperation Mode: technology service After 14 years’ rapid development, CDRICH has been a world-renowned professional service provider of Specimen Collection System! CDRICH has two production bases, occupying a total area of 30 thousand square The company hopes to look for partners which are meters. engaged in IVD(in vitro diagnosis), and prevention and CDRICH has accessed ISO9001:2000, ISO13485:2003 in January, 2004 and has CE approved in April, 2005. cure of diseases and other fields of biological medicine With strong R&D capability, CDRICH has won more than 20 patents and over 30 proprietary technologies. with core competitiveness and with a good reputation of 12 Science Industry Co., Moreover, CDRICH is one of Chinese Ministry of Health support enterprises for sample collection standardization technology. CDRICH professionally provide our customers with Vacuum Blood Collection Cooperation modes: patent transfer, technical System, Stool and Urine Specimen Collection System, Microbe and Cell Culturing and Verification System, cooperation, production, agency, joint venture shares, Biotechnology, Laboratory Apparatus, Laboratory Reagents etc., and our products have been exported in large volume more than 50 countries and regions.
Origissay adopts the world-leading manufacturing equipment and test equipment and strict quality We want to cooperate with European enterprises for management and fine division of labor to commit to set the research and development, production and sales product development, import and export trade, and of clinical in vitro diagnostic products as one.
EU-China Business Technology Cooperation Fair VIII With its rich-experienced scientific talents, Chengdu Organochem develops high-value drug intermediates and Jointly production and sale of active pharmaceutical active pharmaceutical ingredients, such as 2-thienylethanol, 2-thienylethylamine, 4, 5, 6, 7- ingredient of Clopidogrel and its intermediates.
tetrahydrothieno[2,3-c]pyridine, clopidogrel, ect. Our products are mainly exported to overseas markets.
Our company focuses on the production of blood products. Our products include human albumin, human immunoglobulin, tetanus immunoglobulin, rabies immune globulin and hepatitis B immunoglobulin, histamine immunoglobulin, human immunoglobulin for intravenous injection (pH4), hepatitis B Company for Pharmaceutical production, design and immunoglobulin (pH4) for intravenous injection. The ethanol process at a low temperature and pressure filtration and chromatographic techniques are used in our production process. Immunoglobulin (pH4) and Company for filtration, chromatography and membrane other products are exported to India, Turkey, Russia and other countries. At present, our company is working filtration technology with European countries for new plant construction and technology introduction.
The company has past ISO9001 and ISO13485 in 2002, CE Marking in 2008 and was regarded as Hi-Tech Enterprise in 2009. The company majors in R & D and production of single use sterile medical devices. The To cooperate with companies or research institutions of main products include disposable sterile syringe with needle, disposable infusion set with needle, disposable R & D of medical devices in technical cooperation, infusion set with bag and needle, disposable leucocyte proof blood transfusion sets, disposable machine- subcontracting, patent licensing, technology transfer.
collected blood-cell separator with attached blood bag, disposable container for venous blood specimen collection.


Acetaminophen (Children’s Tylenol) How Supplied: Concentration: Dose: 160-480mg PO 118ml btl 160mg per 5ml Anti-Pyretic • Minor Aches & Pains Contra: Contact medical control if patient is on Warfarin or has liver disease • Severe liver damage can occur if patient takes more than 5 doses in 24 hour period • Do not use with other drugs containing acetamino

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Muscle spasms in ALS and PLS: understanding the mechanisms and treating the symptoms Investigator: Luc Dupuis, Strasbourg, France Grant: 193 000€ Project duration: three years Spasticity is one of the major signs of upper motor neuron involvement in ALS and one of its consequences is the occurrence of muscle spasms in some patients especially in the upper motor neuron

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