Infliximab testing available at the uah laboratory

January 13, 2014
Calgary Zone, Central Zone, Edmonton Zone and North Zone
Gastroenterologists, Laboratory Directors and Managers
AHS Laboratory Services – University of Alberta Hospital Laboratory (UAH)
Infliximab Testing Available at the UAH Laboratory

Key Messages:

Infliximab (Remicade) and anti-infliximab antibody measurement (ATI) will be available through the Division of Biochemistry at the University of Alberta Hospital Laboratory in January 2014. Infliximab levels reported from this enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method are comparable to the results produced by the Prometheus High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method. While the quantitative ATI result will differ, specimens containing antibody should be positive in both methods. The testing is approved for patients being treated for Inflammatory Bowel Disease who have a
decreased response to the drug.
ATI will be added to all specimens with an infliximab level < 3.0 µg/mL. If ATI levels are required on other specimens it must be specified. Ordering will be restricted to Gastroenterology. The Infliximab Level Order form must be
completed by the Gastroenterologist prior to processing the request.

Result Reporting/Interpretation:

Trough levels < 3.0 µg/mL are sub-therapeutic. Anti-infliximab Antibodies
Levels >2 µg/mL indicate the presence of antibodies which will reduce the availability of infliximab and increase its clearance.
Action Required:
Complete the attached Infliximab Level Order Form. Form must accompany the laboratory requisition and specimen. Collect 1 SST gel tube prior to the next infusion i.e. a trough level (minimum of 1 mL serum required). Laboratory Staff : Centrifuge sample and send two frozen serum aliquots (0.5 mL) to: Biochemistry
WMC 4B2.10, University of Alberta Hospital, 8440 – 112 St, Edmonton AB, T6G 2B7
Inquiries and feedback may be directed to:

Dr. Connie Prosser, Clinical Biochemist, University of Alberta Hospital at: 780-407-8492 or email: This bulletin has been reviewed and approved by:
Dr. Carolyn O’Hara, Medical/Scientific Director and Zone Clinical Department Head, AHS Laboratory Services,
Edmonton Zone
Regional Laboratory Services
Infliximab Level Order Form
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Infliximab Level Order Form
Requesting gastroenterologist must submit a completed form with the laboratory requisition.
Patient Name ________________________
Collection Date _______________ Collection Time _______________ Anti-infliximab Antibody if infliximab > 3.0 µg/ml ________ REASON FOR LEVEL
Infliximab dosing
Date of last infusion (MM/DD/YY): __ __/ __ __/ __ __ Weight of patient at time of collection: __ __ __ kg Concomitant therapy
Gastroenterologist _____________________________________

Attach completed form to completed routine requisition


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