Read the advertisements for three different cinemas and write short answers to the
questions below. There is one example given.

A week of modern British Film
Cinema House
March 1-7
Watch the films on the following days and time: Watch History in Hollywood Films
Rustaveli Cinema
1-7 March
Special discount for children under 8.
Attention: You can rent a video of films as well.
Watch the best Georgian Films
Amirani Cinema
March 1-7
And also: Enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh juice in our café before the show starts. Open 24 hours 2. Which British film can you see on Saturday? 3. At which address is Cinema House located? 4. Which cinema has special discount for children? How many films can you see in a Week of British Which cinema offers free tickets to young children? 8. How much do you pay if you want to see Troy in the evening? Read the text about tea-making. Then read the sentences below and decide whether they
are True (T) or False (F). Circle the right answer. There is one example given.

Tea – a popular drink
Tea is a non-alcoholic drink prepared by pouring boiling water over dried tea-leaves. It is the mostpopular drink in many countries.
In 1990 about five and a half billion kilogrammes of dried tea were produced. India has always playedan important role in world tea production. Today India produces about one and a half billionkiloogrammes each year. China is the second largest producer of tea with about one billion kilogrammesevery year. Other tea-producing countries are: Indonesia, Kenya and Sri Lanka.
Great Britain imports more than any other country: about 400 million kilogrammes every year. Onaverage, about 7 kgs of tea are drunk by each person every year in Great Britain. People in the UnitedStates drink about 3 kilogrammes of tea per person each year.
The tea plant grows in tropical and subtropical climates. The plant is evergreen and grows quickly in lowplaces where the air is warm. However, the finest tea comes from places between 400 and 1200 metreshigh, because the plant grows more slowly in cooler climates. Tea plants have small, white, sweet-smelling flowers and each flower produces seeds that look like hazelnuts.
Workers pick the leaves off the bush by hand. A worker can pick about 18 kilogrammes of tea leaves aday, enough to make about 4 kilogrammes of manufactured tea. Machines are also used to pick tealeaves, but tea of the highest quality is generally produced from the leaves that have been picked byhand.
There are three main kinds of tea: black, green and oolong – a special kind of tea. They differ in themethod used to process the leaves. The processing takes place either in a factory or near it. All tea-producing countries manufacture black tea, but the green and oolong tea come from China, Japan andTaiwan.
Example: Tea is an evergreen plant, which grows as a bush 2. Every year India produces half a billion kilogrammes of tea 3. The second biggest tea-producing country is China 4. Britain buys more tea than any other country 5. One person in the USA drinks about 4 kgs of tea a year 6. Tea plants grow in high places where the air is cool 7. The seeds of the plant look like hazelnuts 8. The best quality tea is picked only by hand 9. The three kinds of tea differ only in smell 10.Black tea is produced by every tea-producing country 1. Reading
You are going to read an article about surfing. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A-G for
each part (1-3) of the article. There are two extra headings which you don/t need to use. There is an
example (0).
Make your answers on separate answer sheet.
F One man’s influenceG Scientific breakthrough The history of surfing
It is generally believed that the ancient Polynesians were the first to surf and to introduce surfing to theHawaiian Islands in the central Pacific Ocean. In the fact, early records show that surfing was its heightin the late eighteenth century. During the next century the sport declined, but by the beginning of thetwentieth century its popularity had increased again and it gradually became an established water sport.
Hawaii has the best surf in the world but the beaches are among the most dangerous, partly becausethey are overcrowded. During October each year there are huge swells in which the waves can bealmost twenty meters high. These waves then move to the southern hemisphere in April.
If a surfer gets sucked into the center of one of these waves and then flung onto the shore as the wavebreaks, the force can be life-threatening. And if the weight of the water does not make themunconscious, then the wave can drag them under water long enough for them to drown.
The most people, a twenty-meter high wave is Nature’s way of saying: stay away. It’s the oceanicequivalent of a lion’s roar: get closer and you will be killed. But there are some surfers who actually findthese dangers one of the most attractive features of the sport.
4In the second half of the twentieth century one man in particular was responsible for fresh enthusiasm inthe sport. He was a Californian surfer called Jack O’Neil who was determined to create a suit that wouldkeep people warm in the waters of Northern California, and at the same time would allow completefreedom of movement.
5He experimented with various materials without much success until, during a plane journey in 1952, hecame across a substance called neoprene. Using the material he created a wetsuit made of rubber whichkept surfers warm and made surfing a year-round activity in climates which would otherwise be too coldfor part of the year.
You are going to read an article about a woman who runs a company called Peanuts. For Questions
1-4 choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.
Hungry pop stars
Valerie Jones runs a company called Peanuts whose job it is to look after pop stars and pop groups when they go on tour. She is the person who feeds the stars and she’s been When the stars are playing at a festival Valerie may have to cook for up to a thousand people which includes althe crew and the people who work backstage. She erects a marquee- a huge tent- and the food is served buffetstyle from a central serving area. She has to clatter for different tastes, so there are normally four or more choicesof menu. She also has to look after people who may be on a special diet or some singers who don’t eat dairy foodbefore a concert.
She drives an enormous truck full of kitchen equipment and hires at least three walk-in refrigerators, adishwashing unit and portable cabins which act as storerooms and office.
All the bands have to queue up to be served and everyone has to have a meal ticket. The stars are usually morerelaxed when they are eating as no one is bothering them for autographs, although Valerie says that sometimesthe security men and the stars’ managers are more trouble than the stars themselves.
There certain things which she always has to keep in stock like herbal teas and her own particular mixture ofhoney, lemon and ginger which singers like to keep in flasks on stage with them when they’re singing. Years agoband used to drink quite a lot of alcohol, but these days they’re much healthier. Most bands drink fresh fruit juiceand prefer to eat salads.
A lot of people in the bands are quite young and they are not used to very expensive food, so Valerie preparesplain food unless a band sends her a ‘rider’. This is a list of special requirements. When people are tired, unwell orhomesick they like to have familiar ‘comfort’ food so she keeps a stock of people’s requirements just in case. As aresult of all this, Valerie says she has become an expert shopper and in less than an hour in a supermarket shecan spend $1000.
1. Valerie has to provide a range of food because
people are very fussy about what they eat there is such a wide variety of preferences there is such a demand for special menus 2. The singers are less nervous when they are eating because
3. Why does Valerie have to keep a supply of certain drinks?
4. What do most bands like best to eat?
A rich food
5. What does ‘just in case’ in line 43 refer to?
A. Valerie’s supply of more expensive food
B. Valerie’s list of ‘riders’ from the different bands
C. Valerie’s supply of special food for various people
D. Valerie’s understanding of people feeling sick
Read the text about Valentine’s day and fill the gaps with the words from the box.
Each word can be used only once and one word is extra. There is one example given.
Ancient centuries fall festival history imprisoned Valentine’s day has a long history: Some people _think Valentine’s day started in __________ (1) Rome to honour its legendary founders. During the __________ (2), young men would take out the names of women from a box. Often they would ________ (3) in love and marry. Others say that Valentine’s day ________ (4) when Rome was facing wars.
The men refused to join the army. Emperor Claudius 2 believed that the reason was their sweethearts and abolished all marriages.
One priest valentine did not ________ (5) to the order and secretly performed marriage ceremonies. Valentine was ________ (6) and put to death on 14 February. While in prison Valentine fell in _________ (7) with the prison-keeper’s daughter and signed his final __________ (8) to her with the words : ‘From your Valentine.’ In 4th century Christianity became the official _________ (9) of Rome, and 14 February was chosen as a religious festival.
But through the ________ (10) Valentine’s day became to remember more as the festival of love Writing /Grammar
Put the verbs in brackets in the appropriate form. There is one example given.
An Australian farmer (0) owes his life to his per kangaroo. Almost a year ago Len Richards , a farmer (1) ___________ (water) some flowers in his garden when a branch fell from a tree and (2) _________ (knock ) him down. The farmer’s per kangaroo, called Lulu, saw this. In order to save her patron, the kangaroo, (3) ________ (hop) over the farm house, where the farmers family kived. When the kangaroo saw the farmer’s wife, it (4) _________ (start) to make a strange noise as if a dog (5) _______ (bark) . The family rushed out and found the kangaroo standing over Mr. Richards’ body.
Mr. Richards, (6) _______ (adopt) the baby kangaroo Aaftr her mother (7) ________(kill) in a road accident last year. She followed him everywhere he went, and behaved like a dog. Now the kangaroo (8) _________(be nominated) for an animal prize by Australian Nature Lovers’ Club.
Choose one of the topics given below. Write between 120-150 words.
1. People attend school for many different reasons (for example, expanded knowledge,societal awareness, and enhanced interpersonal relationships). Why do you think peopledecide to go to school? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
2. Nowadays, with the invention of the microwave and with the popularity of fast foodrestaurants, food has become easier to prepare than ever. Do you think microwave ovensand fast food restaurants are beneficial to society? Use specific reasons and examples tosupport your answer.


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