Dr francoise firmin

Mr Ken Stewart
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Royal Hospital Sick Children, Edinburgh, EH9 1LF St John’s Hospital Livingston, EH54 6PP Appointments
Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Lead Clinician Lothian University Hospitals Honorary Senior Lecturer University of Edinburgh Consultant Plastic Spire Murrayfield Hospital Qualifications
Research Degrees
B Med Biol with commendation Aberdeen University “Ultrastructural study of hypertrophic scars” MD- with commendation Aberdeen University research complete with Professor Michael Poole Sydney Australia. “Distraction osteogenesis of the rabbit mandible” Memberships and Fellowships
General Medical Council, Specialist Registration in Plastic Surgery since 2002 British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons- full member since 2002 British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons – full member since 2002. Council member since 2012 Royal College Surgeons England- fellow since 1996 Royal College Surgeons Edinburgh – fellow since 1996 Training
House Officer Aberdeen and Glasgow- 1990-91 Basic surgical Training – Newcastle and Edinburgh 1991-96 Craniofacial fellow – St George Hospital Sydney 1996- 1997 Specialist Plastic Surgery Training- Scotland 1997-2002 Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery- London 1999 Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery- London 2002 Fellowship in Microsurgery – Toronto 2002 Clinical Interests
Academic Activities
2010- present Collaboration with stem cell scientists and polymer chemist at Edinburgh University and co-supervision of two grant funded PhD projects on tissue engineering for cartilage and fat. 2008 Guest editor Journal Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (JPRAS)– special edition on Ear Reconstruction. 2003-Present Editorial Board and Reviewer JPRAS 2006-20010 supervisor Dr Lisa Nelson – postgraduate research fellow HIV lipodystrophy- (100K grant Henry Smith Foundation)- MD awarded 2004-2006 co- supervisor Dr Kirsty Munro- postgraduate research fellow paediatric burns- IGF-1 and inflammatory cytokines (100K grant Healing Foundation) 2005- supervisor Dr Lyndsay Jeans- absorbable suture study ( 5K grant BMA) 2005-2007 Research team member Scottish Bell’s Palsy Study group 2002-2008 supervisor special studies module students 2-3 per year 1. British Burns Association and British Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons meetings by Mr Fadlo Shaban undergraduate student 2. British Association Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons HIV Lipodystrophy by Dr Lisa Teaching and Professional Activities
Founder member and Treasurer International Society for Auricular Reconstruction 2012 Lead Clinician plastic Surgery NHS Lothian 2009- 2012 2011-12 NICE Advisor on otoplasty and permanent injectable fillers Chairperson and Conference Organiser – Forth International Congress on Auricular Reconstruction October 2007 Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Conference Organising Committee- British Burns Association Annual Napier Meeting 2004 Herriot Watt University .Member SIGN guidelines Group on Meningococcal disease. Co-Chair- Scottish Health Department (Modernisation Agency) Plastic Surgery Pathways Group”. This group set out the pathway for the exceptional referrals pathway now adopted across Scotland with initial assessment of all NHS “cosmetic referrals by clinical psychologists and specialist nurses. This pathway has been successful in directing care to those most in need and reducing plastic surgery waiting times. Lead Clinician Scottish Ear Reconstruction Service. RHSC Edinburgh and St Johns Livingston are now funded by the National Services Division for autologous ear reconstruction following a successful application in 2008. Lead Clinician 2004-2005 for modernisation project “Day case Hand Trauma” as part of UK “Action on Plastic Surgery” Chairperson Care of Burns in Scotland Paediatric Group. Established national guidelines for the care of paediatric burns. Lead Clinician Plastic Surgery NHS Lothian 2009- 2012 Assisted in successful lobbying Scottish Parliament for legislation to insure Thermostatic mixing valves are fitted to all new build Scottish houses to reduce the incidence of paediatric scalds. Established Lothian treatment programme for HIV Associated Lipodystrophy 2002-2009 Invited Lectures
November 2012 Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons, Dublin “Aesthetic Ear Surgery” October 2012 - British Association of Oral , Maxillofacial Surgery “Ear Reconstruction” September 2012- British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Suregry training day “ Aesthetic Ear Surgery” and “Facial Recontouring” July 2012 ENT-UK Glasgow “Surgery for Congenital Ear Anomalies” November 2010 British Association Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons “Advanced Education Course in Craniofacial Surgery “Microtia” June 2010 British Occuloplastic Surgery Society “Scar Management” March 2010 British Association of Pediatricians’ in Audiology “Microtia” November 2009 British Liaison Psychiatrists National Meeting “Psychological Evaluation of Plastic Surgery Patients” November 2009 “Paediatric Burns” care of Burns in Scotland MCN at the Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburgh November 2009 “Aesthetic Surgery for the Ear and Nose” Royal College of Physicians Glasgow October 2009- “Ear Reconstruction” Chinese Academy of Medical sciences Beijing September 2008- “Facial Reconstruction” Scottish Conference on Occular Trauma Royal College Surgeons Edinburgh June 2009 “Clinical Treatment of HIV Lipodystrophy” Chelsea and Westminster Hospital London March 2009 “Autologous Ear Reconstruction” James Cook University Hospital Middlesborough at the North of England Plastic Surgery Society. October 2006 “Paediatric Plastic Surgery” Poznan University Poland October 2005 “Reconstructive Plastic Surgery” Highland Medical Society.

Peer reviewed papers
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Short reports

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Case Reports

Duncan RA, Waterston S, Beattie TF, Stewart K.
Contact burns from hair straighteners: a new hazard in the home.
Emerg Med J. 2006 Mar;23(3

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Source: http://www.beyou.co.uk/the-team/ken-stewart/KenStewartCV2012.pdf


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