Bacchus e-lines

Bacchus E-Lines
August 2007
6633 Nieman Rd.
Shawnee, KS 66203
913 962 2501
[email protected]

The hot summer days are signaling the rapidly approaching wine season. Local grape
growers are suffering from the hard freeze last spring. Although some grape growing
regions in California were also adversely affected by weather this spring, the Lodi region
was spared. Our growers in Lodi are making preparations for a normal harvest. Vinifera
order information is included in this communication. We need your grape and juice
orders by September 6th. If the harvest conditions continue at the current rate, we will
expect delivery September 14th. If conditions change, so will the order deadline and date
of delivery. Time to order Winexpert’s limited production Chocolate Raspberry Port is
nearing. We have some hot deals and new grains this month so read on for all the details
We will be Closed Labor Day, Monday, September 3. Have a safe and enjoyable
Email Address
As you change email accounts, be sure to send us your new email address so you don't miss
an issue of Bacchus E-Lines. We send eight to ten issues of Bacchus E-Lines annually.
Customers for whom we have no email address receive only the Mid Summer and Winter
issues as hard copies.
New Products
Crisps Malting Europils Malt
Simpsons Golden Naked Oats
Winexpert Chocolate Raspberry Port
Simpsons Crystal Rye
being offered but only for a limited time. exotic dessert wine will be available by pre-order only until August 4, 2007 with Chocolate Raspberry Port is crafted from from perforated stainless steel. The press finish out at 15-16.5% alcohol. While it easy removal of spent fruit solids. 45 x $198.00. Harvest Specials Price
Kansas City Bier Meisters Celebrate
carboy. $99.00
Meisters in an annual celebration of the Greater Kansas City Cellarmasters
9th Annual Wine Classic
Harvest Specials – 25% Off Regular
Price through August 31 or while supply
Entries are due at Bacchus & Barleycorn Electric Transfer Pump
perfect for transferring large batches of transferring liquids up to 122 degrees F. Regular price $147.25. Harvest Special
Price $110.50
Tips & Tidbits
Using Your Five Senses for Quality
#20 Stainless Steel Mini Press with
the vast majority of breweries and small best indicator of clarity has always been use of vision. Visual inspection of parts, the primary quality control tool with the the inner surface of all fermenters, kegs, hoses and bottles is the easiest and most Brewers should taste all the time starting with the grain and/or extract, the mash, The sense of touch also proves useful to test of the presence of slippery solutions includes grapes, the must and everything vessels which might affect the flavor of along the way. This sort of tasting is the microflora or other undesirable residues. only indicator for measuring process and smacking a Wyeast pack, hold it close to analysis allows you to tell if something your ear a listen to your yeast. Enjoy the Taste and its sister sense, smell, figure into the examination of other ingredients or with the finished product, you can use cleaned but unused should have a neutral results than the old sensory techniques. Nature so availability and dates are subject possible, so place your orders now by
calling (913) 962-2501 or by email at
2007 Vinifera Wine Grapes from the
[email protected] We
Lodi Region
receive updated information from our Lodi As you are planning for this limited time opportunity, here are a few things to keep Grapes and juice must be picked up at
from fresh vinifera grapes for less than the Bacchus & Barleycorn on the day of
price of typical table grapes. The grapes arrival. They cannot be shipped.
3 lugs of grapes will produce about 7
gallons of first run wine requiring at
least 15 gallons of container space to
approximately 33-36 pounds per ‘lug’, or hold the crushed grapes. Second and
in six gallon pails of field crushed and pressed juice which is ready to ferment. grapes and they are usually ready to drink field conditions. The grapes this year look destem any grapes purchased through us at great. Lodi did not experience the extreme no additional charge. We will provide
weather that negatively impacted the grape Brix, Specific Gravity, Titratable Acid and many other grape growing regions. Grape
(e.g. home, work, cell) are required and orders must be placed by 8:00 pm
email address is encouraged with all grape September 6th. We are anticipating

2007 California Vinifera Wine Grape Prices

Red Varieties

2007 California Vinifera Wine Grape Prices
White & Blush Varieties

Pure culture liquid yeast starters will be available by special order for only $5.00 in the
following varieties: Chablis, Rudisheimer, Bordeaux, Zinfandel and Chianti.
Wyeast Malo-Lactic culture will also be available by special order for $8.75. Please
place your yeast and ML orders when ordering your grapes.
Order deadline: 8:00 September 13
Availability and dates are subject to change.

“The selling of bad beer is a crime against Christian love.” --Augsburg, Germany,


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