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a latex-free, two-piece delivery system - drug vial a needleless, ready-to-mix drug delivery system - a medication that is contained under pressure a small, sealed plastic or glass vessel that holds a Respiratory saline, Intal solution, drugs a patch that adheres to the skin and may or may a non-medicinal product that is contained under Deodorant, hairspray, household cleaners a one-piece, plastic luer-lock syringe that a small, ball-shaped body that usually containing short, snug pants or underpants; diapers used for Depends, Pampers, all diapers and briefs a flexible container used for holding or carrying Trash bags, plastic bags, tea bags, urine bags, written, printed, or blank sheets bound together in a solid piece or block of material usually in the shape of a cake or rectangle - not nutrition bars a glass or plastic container that has a narrow a substance used to moisturize hair or skin a tubular device that is inserted into vessels or a prefilled, unit dose injection system with a luer- a rubber or latex sheath worn over the penis for Trojans, Durex, male and female birth control a liquid dosage form that is present in high concentration and may require dilution prior to Mellaril concentrate, morphine sulfate conc., a solid dosage form in which ingredients are a semi-solid preparation used to medicate or moisturize - generally intended for external use a container that holds medication and is intended a tablet that is intended to be chewed before it is Tums, chewable vitamins, Amoxil chewables, baby aspirin Salt, sugar, any crystalline solid, certain bulk a flexible ring covered with a dome-shaped sheet of elastic material and is used for contraception a current of liquid projected into a cavity Summers Eve, Massengil eye (opth), ear (otic/auric), nose (nare), the smallest practical unit of liquid measure a material intended for wound protection, healing, Bandages, gauze, elastic bandages, wound dressings Batteries, makeup, cologne, ostomy wafers all products that do not fit into any other category a sweetened liquid composed of water & alcohol a dosage form composed of one liquid dispersed throughout another liquid in the form of small Italian salad dressing, milk, Scott's emulsion a liquid preparation intended for rectal administration for therapeutic, diagnostic, An article or component thereof that is commonly associated with or categorized among home health care, medsurge, or personal assistance items and does not belong in a more descriptive Nebulizers, blood monitors, walkers, canes a thin transparent covering or photo film Photographic, contraceptive, wound covering a light frothy mass of fine bubbles formed in or on Contraceptive, shaving, vaginal, hair mousse a softgel capsule containing liquid or semi-solid a semi-solid preparation composed of very small particles suspended in water-soluble base a flavored or sweetened insoluble elastic material a covering for the hand with separate sections for elastic stockings offering support for feet, legs, TED, Jobst support hose, support stockings, a medication that is contained under pressure a small IV bag that contains medicated solution and is typically attached to a larger IV bag a liquid preparation administered via the a semi-solid preparation containing some form of an object of worn for style or medical identification Medical ID bracelets, necklaces Products that contain at least one of the following: 1) Two distinct form codes (combo pkg) 2) one drug packaged with cotton or alcohol swabs 3) First-aid kits, blood pressure kits, Nail kits, a sharp pointed instrument- used to make small an adhesive stamp or strip containing printed RX medical alert labels, office supply labels an inelastic substance, like water, neither solid Liquid soaps, cleansers, household cleaners a piece of glass or plastic used to protect the eye a liquid preparation intended for external use - Moisturizing lotions,sunscreens, cosmetics a specific product line by Abbott - needless a small, often medicated solid that is intended to dissolve or slowly disintegrate in the mouth a vial containing multiple doses of an injectable a vial containing multiple doses of an injectable a multiple dose vial with removable double-ended an antiseptic liquid preparation for cleaning the a food substance that provides nutrients a hollow instrument used for injection or an oil-based, semi-solid preparation intended for external use - may or may not be medicated a material that is used to absorb liquids - may or Sanitary pads, baby wipes, facial cleansing a product intended for therapeutic application to a small rounded, spherical, or cylindrical body D-con pellets, certain homeopathic remedies a thick, semi-solid food that is typically sweetened a product packaged in a manner intended for a one-time use or a single course of therapy Dosepacks, Metamucil, Thera-flu, Sweet'n'low a medicated or protective spread that is applied to a freeze-dried, medicinal powder that is contained in an IV piggyback and reconstituted prior to a medication used in a PCA dispensing unit that enables patients to self-dose through an IV a freeze-dried, medicinal powder that is a semi-solid preparation intended for external application - thicker and stiffer than an ointment a medicinal powder that is reconstituted prior to Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, Zithromax, Veetids a preparation of fine particles - may or may not be Foot powder, baby powder, carpet powder, prescription vial lids - screw-lock and snap-tops do not use phasing out - a substance used to Hair, mouth, pet, all should say "rinse" in the remove dirt and impurities by light washing an external preparation applied by a roller ball Mortar & pestle, graduates, jars, IVA seals, a tool or instrument used in pharmacy operations a small plastic container in which tablets and Owens-Brockway, all amber vials for holding a device that aids in supporting and strengthening Ankle, wrist, knee braces, cervical collars an external cleanser - may contain added Povidone-iodine scrubs, surgical scrubs, an injectable dosage form that contains a single Products that contain: 1) A collection of items used for one purpose generally medical supplies 2) items that fit together to make one whole IV sets, enteral feed sets, insulin admin sets a vial containing a single dose of an injectable a porous, absorbent material for application or Facial, contraceptive, gelatin hemostats a liquid substance used for cleaning hair and Medicated, cleansing, tar, lice, flea & tick Test strips, glucose and urine test strips, a capsule that can be pulled apart and the ingredients that are fully dissolved in a solvent Saline solutions, Betadine, Iodine solutions a jet of liquid in fine drops for internal medical use a single dose vial with removable double-ended a jet of liquid in fine drops not for medical use (not a sweetened liquid that may or may not be Tussionex, Children's Tylenol Suspension a preparation consisting of solid particles dispersed in a liquid in which the particles are not a semi-solid product form of gel, powder, or a solid medicated cylinder for insertion into a body passage (rectal, vaginal, or urethral) a ball of material on a small stick - used for Q-tips, vaginal, oral swabs, iodine swabs a jet of liquid in fine drops for external medical a device used to inject or withdraw fluids from a solid form containing medicinal substances - a plug placed into a body cavity for absorption an alcoholic solution prepared from vegetable Witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, iodine tincture a narrow, woven material that usually has an Scotch tape, athletic tape, pharmacy label tape a flat, open container used for holding and Surgical, dental, allergist, anesthesia, cosmetic a means of analysis or diagnosis, providing a Gastro-intestinal, oxygen, feeding, suction, test a container that holds medication and is intended a display of products for retail store or medical Displays, power-wings, counter displays, a latex-free syringe and needle for placing a thin slice of material that may or may not contain a medicinal agent (Does not include parrafin from an animal or insect source Beeswax, hair removal, moustache, braces


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April 2007 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Industry Highlights Contents Chapter Page − US congress considers new bill for generic drugs − Drug discovery and development: An Indian − Merck cuts anti-aids drug price − Climate change to hit the pharmaceutical News & Views − Merck cuts price of once daily HIV drug Industry News 5 − Indonesia agrees to shar

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