Letter to the Editor
Safety First
Several weeks ago, while working on my pool, I was Display Your House Number
stung by a wasp. I have been stung before and did not think much of it. Twenty minutes later my face was rather In an emergency, seconds count. Precious time can be swollen and I was developing hives on my chest and neck.
wasted trying to locate an unmarked house. Help your I decided to go to the Ellenville Hospital, a five-minute local emergency service providers by displaying your I did not know that my life was in jeopardy. I simply House numbers should be displayed on the building, went to the hospital to get the itching to stop. I walked or in front of it, in a prominent and conspicuous place and into the emergency room feeling fine except for the swel- in such manner as to be legible from the street.
ling and itching. Without wasting any time the people at All numbers should be at least 3-inches in height, and the Hospital, led by Nurse Cathy Smith, put me in a bed, be located approximately 4-feet above the ground.
hooked me up to an IV and started administering intrave- The colors of said numbers should be in sharp con- trast to the color of their background.
At this time I don’t believe anyone knew I was in When practical, the numbers should be placed near a serious trouble. Although I know Cathy and the staff were light so that they may be readily seen at night. If the num- watching for any problems. I was joking with the staff bers are not illuminated, they should be reflective.
when I felt a little short of breath. I mentioned it to nurse The street number must be visible from both Smith, and within three seconds my life was in great dan- If the house is more than 75-feet from the roadway, I was in great pain and only heard one person’s voice the number should be displayed on a post or mailbox, no throughout the entire incident, Nurse Smith’s. She cleared farther than 25-feet from the edge of the street, and on the the room, called for help and as things turned worse she same side of the street as the house.
called “code red,” knowing how close I was to dying.
In the event that more than one house has access I was immediately administered epinephrin (adrena- from a single driveway, the number of the house must be line). I felt I was going to die and was told later by Nurse displayed at each location at which the driveway access Smith, my physician, and my allergist, that I indeed was diverges, in addition to being displayed on the house.
near death. The medicine, Nurse Smith, and the ER staff’s In addition to displaying your house number, it is important to remember that your telephone service address Although this has been a very important incident to and billing address may not be the same. Even though take place in my life, and I will never forget what the your phone bill is getting to your correct mailing address, quick actions of the Ellenville Emergency Room did for it is vital that you update your service address with your me, I feel it is important to write this to say how important Ellenville Regional Hospital is to our community.
Take the time now to ensure that your correct infor- At different times in my ten years living in Ellenville, mation is on file with your local phone company, and that there have been attacks on the hospital and threats to close your address is clearly displayed on your home. This will it. My family has always supported the hospital, but now I reduce the amount of time it takes for help to arrive at the feel a debt to not ever let our little town lose such a How many other lives have been saved, or stabilized so they could be moved to a hospital that could more spe- cifically treat their sickness? My family doctor and my allergist assured me that, had I gone into anaphylactic shock at home or on my way to the hospital, I would have died. The fact that the hospital is so close, and is staffed with such competent people saved my life.
My family, including three-year old-son and eight- year-old daughter, thanks you. We will never underesti- mate the importance of the Ellenville Hospital, nor will we stand by idly if Ellenville Hospital needs our help.
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