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Practice Limited to Equine Medicine and Surgery A SAMPLE ROTATIONAL DE-WORMING PROGRAM
December 1 It is recommended that either ivermectin (Zimectrin, Equimectrin, Rotectin 1, etc.)or
moxidectin (Quest) be used at this time to kill migrating bot larvae before they reach
the stomach. The benefits of using Quest vs. ivermectin products are minimal at this
deworming. There is no reason that praziquantel + ivermectin (Equimax, Zimectrin
or praziquantel + moxidectin (Quest Plus) cannot be used for additional
advantage in controlling tapeworms.
February 1
Use of Anthelcide or fenbendazole (Panacur or Safeguard) is a good choice for
most clients at this time of year. During the cold months the parasite infective load on
pastures is generally low, and therefore the use of a less potent, but still effective
dewormer is indicated.
This is the most important de-worming treatment of the year, because as the spring
and summer go on, the parasite infective load on pastures goes up no matter what de-
worming program is used. The goal here is to use the product that will keep the
parasite burden as low as possible for as long as possible. The use of moxidectin
(Quest) has been shown to be more effective in this regard than any other dewormer.
Ivermectin products (Zimectrin, Equimectrin, Rotectin 1, etc.) are also a good
choice at this time. Praziquantel + ivermectin (Equimax, Zimectrin Gold) or
praziquantel + moxidectin (Quest Plus) can be used for the additional purpose of
controlling tapeworms.
Traditionally, we have recommended that a double or triple dose of pyrantel
(Strongid, Rotectin 2 etc.) paste be used to control tapeworms at this treatment.
Use of one of the products containing praziquantel (Equimax, Zimectrin Gold, Quest
at the April deworming should make this unnecessary. Pyrantel (Strongid,
Rotectin 2, etc.)
, at either a single or double dose, is still a good choice for use at this
Use of either ivermectin (Zimectrin, Equimectrin, Rotectin 1, etc) or fenbendazole
(Panacur or Safeguard) is OK here. We tend to recommend use of ivermectin
(Zimectrin, Equimectrin, Rotectin 1, etc) on farms where pastures are very heavily
grazed, or densly populated, or on individuals who tend to be hard keepers.
October 1
Use of pyrantel (Strongid, Rotectin 2, etc.) is a good choice here. There is no
particular reason that this dewormer must be used here, but it fits into the rotational
plan well at this time of year.
There has recently been a renewed interest in performing fecal examinations on all
horses, and de-worming only as needed on the basis of the parasite burden present.
There is nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, there are several legitimate argu-
ments to be made in its favor. Among the more convincing of these is the assertion that
the use of de-wormers helps only on an ‘as needed basis’ helps avoid the development of
drug-resistant parasites. We are happy to assist our clients if they want to use this pro-
gram. For the majority of horse owners, however, we feel that the above rotational pro-
gram is less expensive and more than sufficient.

Source: http://walnutgrovevet.com/pdf/deworming.pdf


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