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八十三學年度研究所碩士班入學考試 In each of the following 15 sentences, there is a word underlined. Below each sentence are four other words, marked A, B, C, and D. You are to choose the one that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence if it is substituted for the underlined word. Choose the best answer and write its corresponding letter on 1.These students are greedy for knowledge. 2.The bargain hunters swarmed into the store. 3.Law have been passed against sex discrimination. 4.The government should do something to defuse the crisis. 7.The lunch is virtually ready, I only have to finish the vegetables. 8.Something must be done to alleviate the traffic congestion. 10.By doing so, they escalated the problems. 11.Many people are beginning to call for sterner measures. 12.The teacher reprimanded the class for being noisy. 13.Price increases trigger off demands for wage increases. 14.Malaria is still rampant in some swampy regions. 15.The dark clouds suggest an impending storm. 2.Grammar: Each of the following 15 sentence is followed by 4 possible answer, of which only one is correct. Choose the correct answer and write its corresponding 1.He will never forget______the party in Taichung last week. 5.I tried ______some aspirin, but I couldn't get the cap off the bottle. 6.The three elements required in al photographic typesetting______:a master character image, a light source, and a photo-or light-sensitive material. 7.The government of the republic China______5 Yuans: the Executive, the Legislative, the Judicial, the Control, and the Examination. 8.People who want______don't drive drunkenly. 9.They decided to wait for dawn, ______his two-hour turn at watch. 11.Which of the following sentences is correct? (A)Whenever you don't know the meaning of a new word, consult with a dictionary (C)He has graduated from high school for 3 years (D)The meeting is scheduled for 10 P.M. tomorrow. 12.Which of the following sentence is not correct? (B)The Red Cross distributes food among the needy. (C)Careful writers distinguish between ludicrous, preposterous, and ridiculous. (D)We have to choose between arriving early and perhaps having to wait and arriving late 13.Which of the following sentences is not correct? (A)He acts as if he is the only person in the world. (B)Would that Mary were able to come with me. (C)Do you recommend that he take the GRE again? (D)Not for nothing does Paris claim to be the world's most beautiful city. 14.Which of the following sentences is not correct? (A)We should have an answer to our letter soon. (B)I would much appreciate if you would remove my name from your mailing list. (C)They would have remodeled the house, but they ran out money. (D)Children should be read to as often as possible. 15.Which of the following sentences is not correct? (A)The mere fact that he went surpried me. (C)There is a rumor that the foreign minister is going to resign. 3.Reading Comprehension: Read the following 3 selections closely and then choose the correct answer for each of the 15 questions that follow.(30%) Almost overcome with fear, Digit turned unnamed to face the spears and dogs of Munyarukiko and his five companions. He would have to gain time for his family to escape up the mountain slopes. It was his role, his "duty"--and although he may well have known it would mean his death, Digit stood his ground. To Munyarukiko and the other poachers, the silverback male gorilla, erect with his canines bared, was doubtless a terrifying sight, one made more terrifying by the quick demise of one of their dogs, whose frenzy at the smell of the gorillas, strong as they are, are sadly vulnerable to the weapons of their physically weaker human relatives. Digit bought the time for his family group to flee, but he took five mortal spear thrusts in 2.What did Digit do when confronted by Munyarukiko and his companions? (B) fought and managed to save his family (C) died immediately from a well-aimed bullet (D) escorted his family members to a safe place 3.Which of the following is closest to the meaning of the word "demise"? 4.This selection is most likely extracted from an article on (B)the preservation of endangered species 5.What can be inferred about Digit's fate? The ancient Hebrews regarded the body of a dead person as something unclean and not to be touched. The early American Indians talked about the evil spirits and shot arrows in the air to drive the spirits away. Many other cultures have rituals to take care of the "bad" dead person, and they all originate in this feeling of anger which still exists in all of us, though we dislike admitting it. The tradition of the tombstone may originate in this wish to keep the bad spirits deep down in the ground, and the pebbles that many mourners put on the grave are left-over symbols of the same wish. Though we call the firing of guns at military funerals a last salute, it is the same symbolic ritual as the Indian used when he shot his spears and I give these examples to emphasize that man has not basically changed. Death is frightening happening, and fear of death is a universal fear even if we think we have mastered it on many levels. What had changed is out way of coping and dealing with death and dying and our dying patients. We would think hat our great emancipation, out knowledge of science and of man, has given us better ways and means to prepare ourselves and our families for this inevitable happening. Instead the days are gone when a man was allowed to die in peace and dignity in his own home. The more we are making advancements in science, the more we seem to fear and deny the reality of death. How is this We use cuphemisms; we make the dead look as if they were asleep, we ship the children off to protect them from the anxiety and turmoil the house if the patient is fortunate enough to die at home; we have and controversial discussions about whether patients should be told the truth--a question that rarely arises when the dying person istended by the family physician who has known him from delivery I think there are many reasons for this flight away from facing death calmly. One of the most important facts is that dying nowadays is more gruesome in many ways, namely, more lonely, mechanical, and dehumanized; at times it is even difficult to (A)keep the had spirits deep down in the ground 7.According to the writer, which of the following is correct? (A)The firing of guns at military funerals is a sign of last salute to the dead. (B)The firing of the guns at military funerals is to drive the spirits away. (C)The early American Indians regarded the body of a dead person as something (D)The ancient Hebrews shot arrows in the air to drive the spirits away. 8.According the writer, which of the following is not correct? (A)The advancement we made in medical science has given us better means to (B)Funeral rituals originated from man's fear of death. (C)Family physicians used to have open discussion with the dying patients about (D)Our advancement in science has not decreased the degree of fear we have 9.We can infer that modern people face death in one of the following ways: (A)Children are allowed to visit their dying relatives in the hospitals. (B)We talk about death in front of the dying person. (C)Most dying people are put in the hospitals. (D)A critically ill patient is informed of the truth of his condition. (B)criticize the modern way of treating the dying person. (D)proclaim that man's fear of death originated from early cultures. Psychodynaic theorists emphasize that when threat becomes especially serious it may lead to intense and widespread inhibitions. In the psychodynamic view, such defensive inhibition is desperate and primitive. It is a massive, generalized discriminative response to the specific danger. This denial defense is called forth when the person can neither escape not attack the threat. If the panic is sufficient, alternative may be to deny it. Outright denial may be possible for the young child because he is not yet upset by violating the demands of reality testing. When the child become cognitively too mature to deny objective facts in the interests of defense, denial becomes a less plausible alternative and he may resort to repression. Repression was one of the initial concepts in Freud's theory and became one of its Material in the unconscious that is relatively inaccessible to conscious awareness is said to be in a state of repression. The ego may become aware that the expression instinctual demand would be dangerous, and the demand must therefore be Freud believed that the mechanisms of denial and repression were the most defenses and played a part in other defenses. Indeed he thought that other defenses started with a massive inhibition of an impulse, which was followed by various elaborations. In projection the person's own unacceptable impulses are inhibited anxiety is attributer to another person. Replacement in consciousness of an impulse by its opposite is another defense, it is termed reaction formation. is the third kind of defense mechanism. It is the tendency to transform emotional conflicts into abstract, quasi-intellectual terms. 11.What does inhibitions mean in this selection? 12.Which of the following statements about repression is not supported by the (A)Repression is a defense mechanism of the ego. (B)It is a type of denial: the ejection from consciousness. (C)It is a discriminative reaction to the specific danger. (D)It is the suppression of a dangerous instinctual demand. 14.Which of the following is not a defense mechanism discussed in the selection? 15.Base on the selection, which defense mechanism does the following situation illustrate? A man who has unconscious, deeply hostle impulses toward his wife invents elaborate excuses, such as"pressures at the office", "a hectic schedule" to disrupt their relationship without admitting his true feelings. What is the one most important quality that you think a student must have in order life in college? Write one paragraph of no more than 150 words arguing why you important. You will be graded according to the following criteria: Content 3%;


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