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Media Contact:
Ceci Conway | 502.568.5555 | [email protected] Vibrant Nation free report reveals expert solutions for thinning hair and
female hair loss treatments for women over 50
Free download report gives facts about thinning hair products, biotin and
hair loss, female hair loss products, and female hair restoration

December 10, 2010 (Louisville, KY)
- Did you know that female hair thinning
after menopause is actually normal? At a certain point, age influences your hair
the same way it changes your skin and body. Every case of female hair thinning
in women 50+ is highly individual, and it can occur in every texture from fine to
thick, curly to straight. When thinning becomes excessive and your scalp
becomes visible, you need a female hair loss remedy or thinning hair products
that work! has teamed up with top beauty and fashion editor Lois Joy
Johnson to bring you Expert Solutions for Thinning Hair and Female Hair
Loss Treatments for Women Over 50
– a free and reliable source of
information to help you discover solutions for thinning hair for women and female
pattern baldness. This free publication provides the accurate and trustworthy
information about female hair loss, including professional color, styling and cut
secrets for thin or fine hair, the truth about biotin and hair loss, what the experts
think about Rogaine for women, and the pre-requisites for having a hair
Former Beauty and Fashion Director of MORE magazine and Ladies' Home
Journal, Lois Joy Johnson is a top beauty and fashion editor, writer and author
and a leading expert on the looks and lifestyles of women 50+. She is a popular
media pro who appears on TV as a frequent contributor to The Today Show, The
Early Show, Extra and CNN. Her new beauty book called The Makeup Wakeup
by Running Press will be out May 2011.
Vibrant Nation is dedicated to helping women over 50 connect with like-minded
and similar lifestage women. In addition to eBooks, Vibrant Nation publishes
conversations and weblogs about a variety of topics, from work & money, to
fashion & beauty, from love & sex, to family & relationships. is
the reliable online source for information, inspiration and peer support for 50
million women over 50.
According to Ms. Johnson, Vibrant Nation’s contributing editor, “Who doesn’t
want fabulous hair at every age? Every day, more members and contributors
discuss thinning hair and hair loss as issues that are important to them and look
to their peers for inspiration and support, so we produced this free report
addressing female hair loss products, a female hair loss remedy, and female hair
restoration solutions.”
Download your complimentary copy of Vibrant Nation’s Expert Solutions for
Thinning Hair and Female Hair Loss Treatments for Women Over 50
Get the facts about
thinning hair products, biotin and hair loss, female hair loss products, and female
hair restoration from a source you can trust. Discover why thousands of women
have become enthusiastic online visitors to
About is the leading online community devoted exclusively to the influential and fast-growing demographic of smart, successful women over 50. is the place where they can connect with other women at their life stage and discuss the issues they are passionate about.


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