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Resist Diseases1

The scientist found that the key of hundred diseases are from free radicals. In the
bodily, cells are attacked by the free radical over 70,000 times everyday. Cells lose its
normal function by oxidization and cause other diseases. Tongkat Ali contains anti-
oxidant properties, a kind of anti-oxidant enzyme that has the ability to inhibit the
chain reaction of free radicals that are harmful to the body, thus Tongkat Ali inhibits
aging process.
Build Strong Blood2
Testosterone stimulates metabolism, promotes lipolysis (burning of fat) increase the
formation of red blood cell Tongkat Ali inhibits sex hormone binding globulin
(SHBG), provide more free testosterone remains in the blood helping to reduce body
fat and risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.
Enhance Libido and Sexual Function3
Tongkat Ali is a national treasure, the object of a sexual potency craze. Testosterone
is the most important of the male sex hormones. Increasing testosterone is the key
factor in increasing sex drive. Glycoproteins are proven to be the sex-promoting
ingredients in Tongkat Ali.
Anti-ulcer Activities4
In the past 10 years research,Pasakbumin A (eurycomanone) and pasakbumin B
exhibited potent antiulcer activity. The quassinoid 14,15 beta-dihydroxyklaineanone
from eurycoma longifolia inhibited tumor promoter-induced Epstein-Barr virus
Enhancing Immune5
The immune system is the bodily defense network, can distinguish and eliminate the
virus. Tongkat Ali has high molecular weight polysaccharide and glycoprotein that
can enhance and balance the immune cell activity, prevents the bacterium and virus's
Restoring Youth6
Tongkat Ali contains high level of Superoxide Dimutase, a kind of anti-oxidant
enzyme that has the ability to inhibit the chain reaction of free radicals that are
harmful to the body thus Tongkat Ali inhibits aging process.
Nourishing Kidney7
The bitter taste in Chinese medicine has the function of Clear. Clear is the
refrigeration and has an advantage on health. Tongkat Ali has bitter taste
(Simaroubaceae) and enters both spleen and kidney. There has an enormous
advantage to kidney and eliminates kidney’s wet and muddy, enables the flow of
kidney water. It is advantageous to the kidney on platoon poison.
Improve Fertility8
The testosterone level was found to increase in the presence of Tongkat Ali.
Testosterone on their own by sending signal to the hypothalamus and the pituitary
glands, and not by supplying exogenous testosterone. Testosterone serves the
important function for protein biosynthesis in accelerating muscle build-up; speeds up
regeneration and recovery time after illness.
Protecting DNA molecule9
DNA is the bodily important element. It maintains the cell healthily to grow. Various
chemical properties, pollutant and free radical will cause the destruction of DNA.
Tongkat Ali‘s polysaccharide molecular may help to restore and to repair the damage
Blood Circulation Improvement10
Tongkat Ali is traditionally used as a general tonic to treat high blood pressure.
Alleviate Anxiety and Stress11
Diazepam works by acting on receptors in the brain and helps keep the nerve activity
in the brain in balance, and is involved in reducing anxiety and relaxing muscles.
Inhibit Lipid Peroxidation12
Cholesterol and other blood fats form the lipid peroxidation in the bodily blood vessel
and stroke etc. Tongkat Ali extracts increase enzyme content level in blood, inhibit the
production of lipid peroxide.
Anti Cytotoxic13
Alkaloids and Quassinoids from Eurycoma Longifolia, have examined cytotoxic
activity against cancer cells.


New cytostatic quassinoids and cytotoxic tirucallane-type triterpenes, niloticin
showed potent cytotoxic activity against P388 and KB cells and studies done by
Tokyo University, found anti-cancer properties by isolating anti-leukaemic activities
of compounds from the plant.
Anti-marial Parasite15
The roots of Tongkat Ali have a group of plant chemicals called quassinoid alkaloids
and peptides that have the properties to kill malarial parasite.
Tumor promoter-induced Epstein-Barr virus activation was also reported to be
inhibited by 14, 15 beta- dihydroxyklaineanone (IC50=5M)

Antiallergic activity17
In 1995, from antiallergic studies, several quassinoids including eurycomanone,
eurycomalactone have found.
Malaysian ginseng18
Tongkat Ali is highly valued among Malaysians as valued of the Ginseng. South
Korean researcher discovered Tongkat Ali’s health effect is stronger than the North
Korean ginseng
In recent research, Tongkat Ali properties shown anti-hyperglycaemic activities.

Increase Your Energy & Strength20
Energy in our body is stored in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) high energy
molecules that are used to perform energetic activities. Research from Tongkat Ali’s
extract has the ability to boost the production of ATP by 60% through oxidative
phosphorylation.Tongkat Ali can consume to boost energy levels, overcome fatigue.
1 *Tongkat Ali contain several phytochemicals supporting healthy testosterone levels anti-oxidant properties, a high level of SOD ( Superoxide Dismutase ), an anti-oxidant enzyme-by the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia ( FRIM ) 2 *compiled by Dr.Johari Md.Saad,Ph.D,University of Malaysia 2003-Total Health 3 *Tongkat Ali is combined with Tribulus terrestris, Lunasia amara, Pimpinela sp., and other plant constituents Wardoyo et al., 1999 *Evaluation of the potency activity of aphrodisiac in Eurycoma longifolia Jack - H. *Bedir E, Abou-Gazar H, Ngwendson JN, Khan IA. Eurycomaoside: a new quassinoid-type glycoside from the roots of Eurycoma longifolia . Chem Pharm Bull . 2003;51:1301-1303 *“Agents identified as glycoproteins appear to be the sex-promoting ingredients in the plant”- Dr. Johari Saad –professor at the University of Malaysia 2003-Total Health vol 26 *Ang HH, Chan KL, Gan EK, Yuen KH. Enhancement of sexual motivation in sexually naïve male mice by Eurycoma longifolia. International Journal of Pharmacognosy. 1997;35(2):144-146. 4 *New antiulcer quassinoids from Eurycoma longifolia - Tada H, Yasuda F, Otani
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5 *compiled by Dr.Johari Md.Saad,Ph.D,University of Malaysia 2003-Total Health vol 26 with high molecular weight polysaccharide, glycoprotein and mucopolysacharides in Tongkat Ali 6 *Tongkat Ali contain several phytochemicals supporting healthy testosterone levels anti-oxidant properties, a high level of SOD ( Superoxide Dismutase ), an anti-oxidant enzyme-by the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia ( FRIM ) 7 *中国中医科学研究院专家尹志超对东革阿里的研究** *Quassinoids from Eurycoma longifolia as plant growth inhibitors Phytochemistry, Volume 58, Issue 6, November 2001, Pages 959-962 Suratwadee Jiwajinda, Vilai Santisopasri, Akira Murakami, Nobuhiro Hirai and Hajime Ohigashi 8 *Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 21(2) 1998 153-155;Archives of Pharmacal Research (Seoul), 20 (6) 1997 656-658; International Journal of Pharmacognosy, 35(2) 1997 144-146;Experiental Animals (Tokyo), 46(4), 1997.287-290 *Ang HH, Sim MK. Eurycoma longifolia Jack and orientation activities in sexually experienced male rats. Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin. 1998;21(2):153-155. *Ang HH, Cheang HS. Effects of Eurycoma longifolia jack on laevator ani muscle in both uncastrated and testosterone-stimulated castrated intact male rats. Arch Pharm Res . 2001;24:437-440. 9 *compiled by Dr.Johari Md.Saad,Ph.D,University of Malaysia 2003-Total Health vol 26 with high molecular weight polysaccharide, glycoprotein and mucopolysacharides in Tongkat Ali
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