Travelling is very popular in the 21st century and that is why it is so common. People all around the world travel for various reasons: One of them is tourism - especially during holidays. Others travel for scientific purposes, on business or for educational reasons. Even smuggling is not unusual. Many people like travelling because it is exciting. They can see new places, meet new people and friends, eat something unusual, visit many historical sightseeing and large European cities. On the other hand travelling has some disadvantages - it may be dangerous; we can meet bad people, we can get lost, or our money may be stolen. Occasionally, tourists are even murdered. There are many means of transport to choose from. Young people like hitchhiking or just hiking. Some people prefer going by car, by train, by bus, on a motorcycle or riding a motorbike. They can fly by air or they can use a ship. In London we can travel by a double-decker. When going abroad we must get necessary documents. First of all a valid passport and a visa to some countries. We must change money to other currency in a bank or at an exchange office. It depends on the country we are going to. When going by train I must buy tickets and when we fly we must get air tickets. Most people all around the world speak English and in Europe German. Travelling does not mean only going abroad but also seeing interesting places in our country or commuting to work or to school. Through travel agencies people have their trips, tickets and accommodations reserved. We can arrange various kinds of trips e.g. cultural trips, recreational stays. Many foreign tourists travel to our country, mainly because of the beauty of nature and to visit cultural and historical monuments and first of all to see Prague. For travelling we can use many kinds of luggage according to the kind of trip. We use a knapsack for a longer sports journey. We use a rucksack when going for a walk or to school. We use a suitcase when we go by coach. I prefer riding my bicycle because it is the cheapest and it does not spoil nature. Accommodation:
When travelling on vocation we should look for accommodation appropriate to our demands. In the first place there are hotels and motels, pensions, campsites etc. which differ in price and
comfort. Before our arrival we should make a reservation, book a room in such a hotel. We can get
bed and breakfast or full board at a daily or weekly rate. Nowadays all inclusive is very popular.
All this can be taken at the reception desk where the clerk arranges everything necessary.
Then we can enjoy our stay with the help of some hotel services - a restaurant, a bar, a coffee
shop, a travel desk, a theatre tickets office, a hairdresser's shop and beauty salon or sports facilities like a swimming pool or fitness centre. The motels are situated mostly by the roads. The guest can park his car at the door of his room. A special kind of accommodation for young people are youth hostels /mainly in Great Britain/
where it is possible to stay overnight at a low rate but only for a limited number of times/. Some
tourists prefer to rent a room on their own.


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Annual Report 2008-2009 Chair’s Report It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this year’s Annual Report. I hope it shows you the diverse services we offer anyone affected by substance misuse in Rhondda Cynon Taff, Merthyr Tydfil and Bridgend. As in previous years, we have endeavoured to use our resources carefully to ensure we maintain quality service provision. The ethos of TED

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