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September 2010 Meeting News New Members Lou was attending for the first time with his wife, Debra. Lou had several vertebrae collapse and after multiple tests was diagnosed with MM in March 2010. He is currently being treated with Velcade, Revlimid, and Dex (VRD) along with Zometa. He is preparing to start the transplant process in October at Northside BMT. Business & Other Informat


CASE REPORTTHE USE OF ACUPUNCTURE IN TREATMENT OF RADIAL NERVE PARALYSIS IN THE DOGCarol CaveCarol Cave B.V.Sc. Pomona Veterinary Surgery, 26 Pound Road, Pomona.4568. ABSTRACTA two year old Kelpie Cross was presented to the Pomona Veterinary Surgery within one hour of being hit by a car. After western medicine treatment for shock, pain and wounds, treatment for radial paralysis and persistant pain

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