Quest participant gear list


Equipment and Clothing List
Please view the equipment list on page 2 and pack everything in either a camping backpack or a large duffel bag. If you need to borrow
any equipment from Trinity please make sure that the Quest office has received your request. Do not over-pack; you will only need the
items listed on page 2. On Day 1, your instructors will ensure you have everything on the list and nothing more.
Before purchasing any major equipment items, backpacks or sleeping bags, please seek professional advice and help. You can contact
the Quest office for further information or ask your local retailer for backpack and sleeping bag fittings. Here are a few Quest favorites:
Rock and Snow, The Mountaineeother retailer include: EMS (,
REI (, LL Bean (, Campmor (, Army Surplus, WalMart, thrift stores, etc.
Clothing Guidelines:
Once wet, cotton clothing will hold moisture, will not dry, cooling your body temperature. This is not a problem if the
temperature is hot! However, temperatures on the Appalachian Trail can be cold! The danger of being cold and wet is hypothermia.
By using clothing made of synthetic (nylon, polyester/polypropylene) or wool fibers and having a system of clothing that relies on
multiple layers, body temperature and moisture can be more appropriately regulated by the addition/subtraction of garments. Quest
uses the Tri-layering system, starting with the wicking layer (synthetic shirt), and insulating layer (fleece or wool) and a waterproof layer
(Gore-tex or a coated nylon layer).

Eyeglass wearers:
We require students bring an extra pair of glasses in addition to extra contacts in case of eye irritation(s) that make wearing contacts
uncomfortable. In addition, consider bringing sunglasses that will clamp on, or fit over, your prescription glasses.

The stress of outdoor living can radically alter your menstrual cycle. Bring enough sanitary napkins or tampons for a complete cycle.

Quest Instructors will be carrying a fully stocked first aid and medical kit with over-the-counter medications to help manage symptoms
such as headaches, congestion, allergies, etc. that may arise. However, if you are prone to allergies, etc., and prefer a specific brand of
medication, we recommend you bring it. Note: medication for menstrual cramps is not provided.
All prescription medication must be listed on your medical form. If taking any medication regularly, including birth control, check with
your doctor about possible side effects from spending a week in a wilderness environment.
Do not increase or decrease medication for depression, anxiety, etc. (Prozac, Zoloft, etc.) immediately before or during Quest. The
program is stressful physically and emotionally, and the effects of significant changes in these medications could be amplified.
If you experience any reoccurring infections (ear, yeast, urinary, etc.) note it on your medical form and bring the appropriate medication.

Do Not Bring:

Cell phones, pagers, palm pilots, headphones, CD players, ipods or other electronic devices
Smellables: nail polish, makeup, hair spray, deodorant (it attracts bugs & is unhygienic when showers are unavailable), soap, shampoo

Trinity’s Quest program can provide the following personal equipment:
 Backpack, an internal frame backpack, 3500-5000 cubic inches of volume  Sleeping Bag, A synthetic, Primoloft mummy style bag (w/ hood) of 20-40°F, NO COTTON or DOWN!  Sleeping Pad, acting as a barrier between you and the ground
Personal clothing and equipment that you must bring:
 Hiking Boots, broken in, over the ankle boots designed for hiking  2 Pair Socks, calf-length wool or synthetic  Camp Shoes (optional), NO open toed or backed shoes  2 Lightweight synthetic t-shirts  2 Sports bras or tank tops with wide shoulder straps to prevent backpack strap chaffing  1 Light to mid-weight long sleeve top  1 Mid to heavyweight fleece  1 Rain Jacket  1 Wool or Fleece Hat  2 Pair of underwear, synthetic or quick drying polyester, cotton crotch for women  1 Pair of shorts, loose fitting athletic shorts  1 Light to mid-weight long underwear  1 Pair of pants, loose fitting athletic pants  1 Pair of rain pants, coated nylon  3 - 1 Litter water bottles, screw top Nalgenes work well  1 Bowl, metal or plastic  1 Cup, metal or plastic, something small  1 Spoon, metal or hard plastic, something that will not break easily  1 Headlamp or Flashlight  3 Trash Bags, heavy duty and large enough to fit over a backpack  1 Lip balm/Chapstick, SPF preferred  1 Bugspray, small spray bottles preferred  1 Sunscreen, small bottle of 30 SPF or higher  1 Toothbrush  1 Toothpaste, small tubes only!  3-4 Extra AA, AAA batteries for headlamp/flashlight  3-4 Small plastic bags for storage and cup, bowl, spoon storage (gallon size)  1 Pencil  1 Small notebook or journal in a small plastic bag for waterproofing!  Medications, anything that was indicated on your medical form  1 Pair of glasses or contacts
Things to Leave Behind (these items will be confiscated and may jeopardize your participation in the Quest Program)
 Tabacco Products  Alcohol  Drugs, other than those for medical purposes  Cell phones (If you bring one we will store and lock it in the Quest office until you return to campus)  Other electronic devices, anything with an on/off switch, portable TV’s, Laptops, I-pods, I-pads, I-phones, (watches and
10 Day Participants
Re-supply List, the following additional clothing will be brought to you in your clearly labeled duffel bag during the mid-course re-supply
 2 Pairs of Wool/Synthetic socks  2 Pair of Underwear  1 T-shirt  1 Sports Bra  3-4 Heavy duty-zip lock bags (gallon size)


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