White Canvas 340 g
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In general, we advise against the use of an automatic printer cutting function when using canvas materials. Due to the mate- rial properties, cutting should be performed manually. To avoid fingerprints, we advise you to wear cotton gloves. Only remove the white canvas 340 g from its original packaging Product Description:
before printing. Store in a cool dry place in the supplied packaging This white acid-free canvas material coated on one side consists of 100% cotton fabric with a strongly textured surface. The fabric backing remains in neutral colour. The microporous elastic surface Printer Compatibility:
of this canvas is ideal for use on stretcher frames. The surface EPSON Stylus Pro Serie 7600 / 7800 / 7880 / 7890 / 7900 / 9600 / structure of this canvas remains visible after printing. 9800 / 9880 / 9890 / 9900Canon image Prograf Serie 8000 / 9000 / 6100 / 8100 / 9100 / Product Properties:
Matt white surface that produces high levels of colour differentia- Further printer recommendations on demand.
tion and brilliant colour reproduction true to the original. Textile surface structure. Easy to size and perfect for stretching on frames. Recommended Storage Conditions:
The canvas is acid-free and this makes it extremely age-resistant with high and long-lasting colour stability.
Technical Specifications:
· Classic reproductions, photorealistic pictures, · Theatre sets and indoor showcases, decoration Applications Notes:
Mechanical abrasion of the ink is preventable by applying a protective coating to optimise surface protection. We advise the application of a protective coating before stretching the white canvas on a frame. The print must be dry before applying the www.tetenal.com/inkjet
Transparent protective varnish from Tetenal -
perfect finishes for high quality Canvas prints.
Stylish canvas prints are becoming increasingly popular as more and more consumers use them as decorative centrepieces in their homes. To ensure that high quality canvas prints can be enjoyed for longer, the material should be protected from mecha-nical damage, weathering, UV light and moisture. Protenal, the new transparent protective varnish from Tetenal, does exactly this. The special varnish is odourless,
contains no solvents and can be diluted with water.
This has the advantage that you can work safely and easily
without the need for any special ventilation.
Depending on the size of the prints, Protenal is applied using a brush, varnish roller or spray gun. Once dry, the prints are perfectly protected and are even waterproof, making them ideally suited for outdoor application. Protenal is available in the matt and silk gloss. Stocking up on canvas media for different surfaces is now a thing
of the past. Protenal creates a glossy finish even on matt surfaces – and vice-versa. This offers the advantage of
greater flexibility with lower costs.
The protective lacquer is extremely economical: the 1-litre bottle of concentrate is diluted with 25% water and is
enough to treat (with a double coating) approx. 18 m² of Ink Jet canvas material.
Protenal M Matt Art. No. 105211
Protenal S Silk Gloss Art. No. 105212

Source: http://www.tetenal.fr/imaging_shop/images/00001861.pdf

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