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Fort Washington, PA 19034
“Whose child is this?” I asked one day “Mine”, said the parent with a tender smile And each day to do the things he should” “Mine”, said the teacher with the same tender “Whose child is this?” I asked once more “Ours” said the parent and the teacher as they And each took the hand of the little child ST. THOMAS’ NURSERY SCHOOL
Where every child is a precious gift from God and we are committed to nurturing our children socially, academically and spiritually.
The nursery school was founded in 1951 and through the years has grown from a handful of children to an enrollment of almost 100 pre-school students. Our goal is to offer quality preschool experiences to children of parishioners and the community. St. Thomas’ Nursery School offers a developmental, hands-on program designed to promote the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual development of preschool children. They are offered many varied activities and learning experiences. Our regular program hours are 9 a.m. to 12 noon. The mission of St. Thomas’ Nursery School is to offer early childhood education by providing a safe and nurturing environment for children’s social, emotional and academic development, and to offer Christian formation and pastoral support to children and parents.
• The School shall be an Episcopal school and maintain and perpetuate the highest possible standards to foster spiritual values and to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum to the greatest number of children commensurate with the resources available.
• The School shall operate a program of education consistent with its mission and in keeping with best practices in pre-school education.
• The School shall function as a ministry within the Church Corporation, with current operating expenses borne by fees, gifts, grants and donations, and other revenues.
Relationship between Church and School
The School shall function as an extension of the Church in support if it’s mission, subject to the approval of the Vestry of the Church. Control and legal responsibility for its operation shall rest with the Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry, collectively referred to herein as “the Vestry”.
School Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees of St. Thomas’ Nursery School, herein referred to as “the Board”, is a governing body of the School and focuses on the long-range and strategic needs of the School. The members of the Board of Trustees are nominated by the Board and approved by the Rector and the Vestry. The Board is charged with presenting a clear statement of the School’s mission, vision and strategic goals to the Rector and the Vestry for approval. Additionally, the Board engages proactively to support and provide guidance to the Director in the management of the School. Membership of the Board shall consist of not less than ten persons and not more than fifteen persons. All members, with the exception of ex-officio members shall be selected by the Governance committee of the Board, and elected by the Board with the approval of the Vestry. Membership shall be designated as follows: a.) The Rector (or his/her appointee) will serve ex-officio as b.) One P.O.S.T (Parents of St. Thomas’) representative will Serve ex- officio as a voting member of the Board. c.) The Director of the School, Church Business And Vestry Liaison shall serve ex-officio as non-voting members of the Board.
d.) The remaining voting members shall be a combination of active St. Thomas’ parishioners and non-parishioners familiar with the School.
Children between the ages of 2 and 5 may be eligible for enrollment.
There are no admissions tests administered. Children may be asked to
visit for an hour or two in our classrooms as we are making our
Children must have the developmental maturity to manage the
anxiety of separating from their
parents. To ensure fair and
consistent processing, applications will be accepted in the following
1. January 6-17, re-enrollment of current students to establish the number of spaces we have available to accept new children into our programs. 2. January 18-31, siblings of current students and St. Thomas Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year, as long as space is *In an effort to better minister to you as a St. Thomas’ Nursery School family and as a member of St. Thomas’ Whitemarsh, a member identifies themselves in the following ways:1. Through regular attendance in worship2. As known to the clergy3. As known to the director of parish participation and have completed a membership form4. As a known giver of financial resources Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year, as long as space is available.
Receipt of the application, registration fee and first month tuition will hold your child’s spot. A written confirmation will be sent by the Director to confirm their spot. NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY
St. Thomas’ Nursery School accepts children irrespective of race, creed, religion, and national origin. A diverse environment enriches the learning experience for children by providing exposure to unique cultures and backgrounds.
A parent, who believes they have been discriminated against, may file a complaint of discrimination with any of the following: Department of Public WelfareBureau of Equal OpportunityRoom 223, Health and Welfare BldgPO Box 2675Harrisburg, PA 17105 U S Dept of Health and Human ServicesOffice for Civil RightsSuite 372, Public Ledger Bldg.
150 South Independence Mall WestPhiladelphia, PA 19106-9111 SECURITY
The nursery school is equipped with security doors which keep
unwanted visitors out of the classroom area. These doors will be
kept closed at all times except during arrival and dismissal.
Early arrival families should ring the doorbell in the morning.
The doors will be opened at 8:55 each morning for regular
arrival families.
If you arrive after 9:15 or prior to 11:55, please ring
the doorbell and one of the staff members will open the door for you.
Fire drills are held monthly and scheduled to include all classes. All children and staff must evacuate the building using the posted evacuation plans.
Emergency Preparedness Plan
The following plan will be implemented in the event of an emergency Shelter in Place
1. Shelter of children in case of an emergency in classroom and away from the windows.
The locations of shelter in place in your classroom are designated per classroom and displayed in each classroom.
Evacuation Plan
2. Evacuate children away from the facility. Location at Haas Hall (in the side entrance of the church building at the top of the upper parking lot).
Method of Contact
3. Parents will be notified, via telephone that an 4. Parents notified, via telephone that an emergency has ended, and where to pick children up.
Accident insurance for all students and staff members is provided by St. Thomas’ Church in cases where injury occurs on church property during regular school hours.
The registration fee and the first month’s tuition are non-refundable
and required of all current and new families at the time the child is
enrolled in the program. No registration fee is required of children on
the waiting list.
The monthly tuition beginning in October is due the first school day of
each month. Checks should be made payable to ST. THOMAS’
SCHOOL and placed in the box/basket in the Director’s
office. The Director will oversee collection of all payments. Parents
may also opt to pay the tuition quarterly or annually.
Any tuition payment received after the 15th of the month must
include a $30 late fee
. All checks returned for insufficient
funds will be
charged a fee of $25.00.
If your child will not be attending St. Thomas’ Nursery School
for any reason, you must submit a letter to the director no
later than July 1.

Registration Fee $75 (non-refundable) for one child $125 (non-refundable) for more than one child First month tuition and registration fee due at registration
Two and Three Year Olds
Blue Pre-K
Green Pre-K
Scholarship money is available for families in need of
assistance. Please contact the Director.
In-house Programs and Supplies
The $50.00 activities & supplies fee is used to provide in-house programs for the children in lieu of fieldtrips and provide paper products (mid-year) and craft supplies for the entire classroom. We are careful to schedule the programs for the benefit of all of the children. Some examples are the Insectarium traveling program, The Academy of Natural Sciences Educational Program, a virtual whale watch, Great Valley Nature Center Environmental Educational Programs, Philadelphia Orchestra and more. With the funds collected each year we are able to finance 2 educational programs for the children. POST has also begun to assist us with funding educational programs for the school.
In general as described by the by-laws the board is the governing body of the school and focuses on the long-range and strategic needs of the school. The board is actively engaged in supporting the operations of the school and providing guidance to the director in the management of the school. We also act as liaisons between the school and church and as representatives of the school in the greater community.
The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the School Board. He or she shall attend the Executive Committee and act as an ex-officio member of all committees. He or she shall assist in oversight of the mission, governance, policies, management and finances of the School and perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to him or her by the Board or the Executive Committee. A parishioner is preferred but not required. The term is for two years.
A long term commitment - 1-2 years as vice, followed by 1-2 years as chair; preferably a parishioner although this isn't a requirement; general skills in organization and business management & oversight helpful; a passion for STNS Background in finance/accounting; help with annual budgeting and support monthly reporting; work with church finance liaison to the school Bernadett Photo/computer skills helpful; responsible for supporting advertising & communications regarding school; update brochures, flyers as needed; support website as needed/able; help with open house events, etc; work directly with director & parish communications coordinator; Works with Beth and other volunteers to continue development of our new outreach initiative at Parishioner; attend both children's commission meetings (responsible for church school, youth group, etc at St. Thomas' church) & STNS board meetings to promote community and communication between the groups The role of P.O.S.T. is to raise money for the Director, teachers, and staff and help sustain special events important to school life.
Oversees the management of our informational This position is available to assist the Board in areas of need. They attend monthly meetings and Hellebush support the mission of the school.
Preparing Young Children: 2yrs-
3yrs old: This early level invites
become familiar with the songs and activities. Introduce Mat Man (taking turns, learning body parts and how to draw with Mat Man). Activities to develop within fine motor skills include stringing large beads, putting together puzzles, snips paper with scissors, coloring, roll clay/play dough, draw/copy a horizontal line, painting (both finger painting and Hands-on Letter Play: 3yrs-3 1/2
years old: This level also focuses on
continue to learn to share, enhance their fine and gross motor skills and play creatively. Letter sounds and numbers are introduced.
The Pre-K objective is to prepare Crayon Skills: Pre-K classes: Now
and formation habits. Students will learn how to make the letters before The Pre-K objective is to prepare they write. They will learn the words for capital letter parts (big line, little line, big curve, little curve). They will correct pencil grip. They begin to form capital letters correctly, and to recognize them in the right sequence. Following this, the children begin to write lower case letters and numbers. They begin to develop top-to-bottom, left-to-right awareness for reading and writing.
• Communication is important to the success and enjoyment of all the opportunities that STNS offers. Communication outlets are: o Parent Communication Wall - dry erase board calendar with two months worth of events posted and 2 lock boxes 1) Tuition and lunch bunch forms/checks 2) POST o Newsletter (monthly)o Mailboxes/Cubbies outside your child’s classroom – check o Class representative/Room Parento Director – Shari always has an open dooro Board presidento Facebook pageo Volunteer opportunities that are on parent communication o “Special days”: 1) provide a healthy snack 2) bring in a
book 3) show-n- tell item  should be around the theme of the class; on your child’s “special day” a “special person” (mom, dad, grandparent, neighbor, etc) is invited to read the book to the class (however, for Green Pre-K class
although you are always welcome in the classroom a “special person” is not necessary as that child is the “special person” on their special day. ick Children – call school 215-233-2923 anytime from
8:30am on and let teacher who answers know what child/classroom you are calling out sick from now Days - school number is 422, we follow Colonial
school district – if they are closed or delayed – STNS is also closed. An email also goes out to entire school if school o Tuition  online payment available using PayPal otherwise provide form and check in an envelope in mailbox on o Afternoon Lunch Bunch- see form attached: Lunch bunch is an opportunity for the children to eat and play together o Enrichment: is a program that provides an afternoon of exciting and challenging activities. The hope is to bring out the inner writers, mathematicians, artists, actors, chefs and scientists in your children. The focus is on language arts, math and science and creativity (cooking, acting, and art). Enrichment will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12:00p.m.-2:00p.m. The cost for enrichment is an additional $135.00/month. You can sign up month by month, but you have to attend all three days consecutively for the month. This will be discussed at small o Optional Teacher Collections run by POST at Christmas holiday (Dec) and end of school year (May) – collection is for all teachers, director, music teacher, and • REGISTRATION/ADMISSIONS PROCECSS & SUMMER CAMP Both school registration and summer camp are “First come first serve”. – Registration forms are accepted the day they are provided to you in your cubby; you will have a higher chance of your first choice by getting the form and fee in as soon as possible. 4. January 6-17, re-enrollment of current students to establish the number of spaces we have available to accept new children into our programs. 5. January 18-31, siblings of current students and St. Thomas Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year, as long as space is please) and the children parade across the auditorium stage by class beginning with the 2 year olds. Parents are invited to watch and encouraged to help change children out of their costumes after the parade. pilgrims or Native Americans
and share seasonal songs
and/or poems. They enjoy a
feast of chicken nuggets,
muffins and fruit. This event
is only for the children.

crafts and enjoy Christmas treats baked by the children in cooking class. Please watch your child’s classroom bulletin board and calendar for the day you are to attend. Not recommended for siblings.
9am – 1 hour A very special event! All families and extended families join us in the auditorium to watch the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s perform a retelling of the Christmas story. Bring your video cameras! to the night’s theme keep everyone busy.
A chance for the Dad’s to have some one-on-one time with their children. The evening includes crafts, an art show of the children’s work sandwiches and delicious treats prepared by the children. Each child’s special companion is invited to be pampered by their little host/hostess. 9:30 – 1 hour A wonderful event where the graduates receive diplomas, get recognized and sing STNS songs.
Bring your entire family and meet up at the barn for a morning of fun and games. Students, parents and teachers and extended family members gather for a cookout to celebrate the end of the school year.
• PARENT COFFEES – POST and room moms will have monthly coffees offered to parents after drop off. Watch for information.
CHURCH: The School shall function as an extension of the Church in support if it’s mission, subject to the approval of the Vestry of the Church. Control and legal responsibility for its operation shall rest with the Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry, collectively referred to herein as “the Vestry”.
The Handwriting without Tears Get Set for School Pre-K curriculum
brings our classrooms to life as your children sing, play, and color and
build their way toward a lifetime of joyful learning.
The Get Set for School™ curriculum is a proven success in preparing
Pre-K students for kindergarten.
This award-winning curriculum was developed almost 10 years ago in
response to requests for hands-on teaching materials and strategies
that would make learning fun and easy for Pre-K students. Today, Get
Set for School
features readiness & writing, language & literacy, and
numbers & math programs that incorporate the same special
ingredients to foster success:
Multisensory approach addresses different learning styles and invites active participation.
Developmental progression builds on what children have previously learned.
Friendly voice connects with teachers and students.

Age appropriate student learning goals will be available in each
classroom and will be distributed at the beginning of the year to each
Enrichment in Blue and Green Pre-K
We will begin the enrichment program Tuesday, October 1, 2013 for
Green Pre-K and January 7, 2014 for Blue Pre-K. This will be offered
three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The
Board suggested that we offer the extended day as a fall and spring
session. The fall session will be October thru December. The spring
session will be from January -May. This can be paid monthly or by
session, not day to day.
There are two options if you choose to participate in the enrichment program: • The first option is to have your child stay in their classroom from 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. Your child will eat lunch and receive enrichment on the monthly units along with Handwriting Without Tears incorporated into the program. This will be 135.00 a month, plus tuition, for 24 hours of enrichment. This breaks down to $5.63 an hour for enrichment.
• For some of you who need your child to stay until 3:00p.m., your child can stay from 12:00p.m.-3:00p.m., where your child will receive the enrichment until 2:00 p.m. Then will join the lunch bunch children from 2:00p.m.-3:00p.m. for indoor/outdoor activities, socialization and the famous Popsicles! You will add the hour of lunch bunch, which is an hourly rate based on how many hours you use for the month.
Lunch Bunch Criteria
Young Lunch Bunch
• 2- young 3 year old children that are NOT potty trained • Can attend from 12:00 p.m. up to 2:00 p.m. in our 2 year old Older Lunch Bunch
• 3 – 5 year old children in our 3 year old and Pre-K classes that ARE potty trained and 3 years old by September 15.
• Can attend from 12:00 p.m. up to 3:00 p.m. in our Blue Pre-K Parents are required to complete the contract form monthly
and return it to the director with payment before the first
week of the month
. Each time period has a maximum number of
children as follows:
♦ 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.: 8 children total and no more than 6 three year ♦ The early drop-off is not an option for two year olds.
♦ 12:00 – 3:00 p.m.: A maximum of 30 children – a third teacher is required when we have more than 20 children.
The children are required to bring their own lunch and drink.
Glass containers are not allowed. On pizza days, please
remember to send a drink in with your child.
When packing lunch
for your child, please keep in mind how much your child usually eats at
home. Please use a cold-pack to keep the lunch cool, as we do not
have facilities to refrigerate lunches. Candy is not allowed in
lunches. The teachers will require your child to eat at least half of
their sandwich or whatever the main food item is in their lunch before
eating dessert items or chips. After lunch, the children have rest or
quiet period to prepare for the remainder of the afternoon’s planned
creative activities, both indoors and out.
** Peanut free table is available. If your child has allergies
alert the teacher.
We realize emergencies do happen; therefore, it is imperative
that you call the school as soon as you know you may be late.
If you are late arriving for dismissal without having called the school
you will be assessed a fine of $1.00/minute. This notice will serve
as your only warning.
A parent arriving late consistently will lose the privilege of
using the extended hours program for one month.

The parking lot is often crowded at the beginning and end of the school day. Please use extreme care when entering or leaving the building and the parking lot. ♦ Drive slowly and carefully on Church property. The speed
limit is 5 mph on church property.
Hold your child’s hand while traversing the parking lot – do
not let your child run ahead of you.
Remain alert at all times.
Do not leave children unattended in your car.
To ensure your child’s safety, it is required that all children be brought to the classroom and picked up from the classroom. The teacher must be aware of the child’s presence before the parent or carpool driver leaves.
St. Thomas’ Nursery School has been assigned a school number in the event of an emergency school closing. There are six places to access school-closing information: ♦ The school answering machine message will announce a school closing(always check this before leaving your house)
x Philadelphia – School name will appear under Montgomery County as St. Thomas’ Nursery School, Whitemarsh ♦ On-line at♦ On the telephone by dialing 1-900-737-1060 (95 cents per call) SCHOOL NUMBER for KYW - 422
Our policy is to open the school as long as traveling to and from school
is safe, the facilities are running safely and accurately, and we do not
anticipate problems with dismissal. Please, whenever the weather
is questionable, check one of the six options listed above.

SICK CHILDREN (Please read very carefully)
Every effort is made to keep the children healthy. Your child is not
allowed to attend school if he/she has any of the following

A temperature of more than 99 degrees in the last 24 hours
(child MUST be fever free for 24 hours before returning to
Green or yellow nasal discharge
Intestinal disturbance accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting
Any undiagnosed rash on cheeks, arms, legs, chest, or back
Persistent cough
Sore or discharging eyes or ears
Complaints of a sore or irritated throat
Child must have NO vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before
returning to school
We have a zero tolerance policy for sick children.
If a child develops any of these symptoms while at school, he/she will
be isolated from the other children. Parents will be called and must
take the child home as soon as possible. Please be diligent in
keeping your child home if there are any questions about
his/her health.

If your child has been exposed to any contagious disease, such
as whooping cough, German or regular measles, mumps,
chicken pox, diphtheria, scarlet fever, walking pneumonia or
strep, it should be reported to the staff as soon
as possible.
Children with any food allergy are required to provide their
own snack each day.

The school provides snacks of water and crackers/pretzels.
Parents are encouraged to bring special snacks on their child’s
special day. Some healthy snack suggestions are grapes or
other seasonal fruit, cheese and crackers, mini-bagels with
cream cheese, assorted vegetables with dip, graham crackers,
pretzels (hard and soft), yogurt, jello and pudding. Special
snacks, such as cupcakes, brownies and ice cream are allowed
for birthdays or other special celebrations, please advise your
child’s teacher when bringing this type of snack. No candy is
allowed, either as a snack or with lunch.
Please be mindful of
known food allergies when providing a snack for the entire
We incorporated in the fall of 2009 a policy of providing
water instead of juice for the children at St Thomas
Nursery School. This is based on trying to promote
healthier choices for the children. As parents, you may
still provide juice on your child’s special day. Thank you
for helping us encourage healthy choices for the children.

Food Allergies:
This is a new Policy in our St. Thomas’ Nursery School

Any child with a food allergy requiring Benadryl or an Epi-pen,
must have a written permission from the parent giving any
staff member permission to administer the medication as well
as written instructions from the child’s physician.

Parents are required to bring in an appropriate snack for their
child to have during snack time.

If a classroom has a child with a Peanut Allergy, that classroom
will strive to become a “Peanut Free” classroom. Any child
bringing in a lunch or snack with Peanuts, will sit at a separate
“Peanut allowed” table.

The medical record form given to you is to be filled out by you
and your family doctor and returned to us before your child
enters the program. Please be sure that all immunizations are

All children having a known allergy which will cause an
anaphylactic reaction must wear an allergy bracelet while at
St. Thomas’ Nursery School staff will not administer
medication, with the exception of medications for severe
allergies. Since the children are in school for only three hours,
medication should be scheduled outside of school hours.

All medicines must be labeled with child’s name and will be
kept in the red medical alert bag in each classroom. All
medicines must have a current prescription attached.

Children with asthma needing an inhaler, must have written
permission from the parent for any staff member to administer
the medication as well as written instructions from the child’s

In case of a medical emergency, a staff member will call 911 and parents will be notified immediately. If contact cannot be made with the parents, we will call the back-up person listed on the emergency permission slip.
Discipline, the profound ordering of a person’s life, is a profound
emotional need in all children. Without discipline, children are
uncomfortable, helpless at the hands of their impulses, and not able to
make sense of their environment. We understand discipline to be the
helpful guidance, encouragement and support that adults use to
influence children as they learn and grow. It is not so much
enforcement of rules as it is a matter of spirit that rests upon the
relationship between the teacher and the child. Teachers will set
appropriate and consistent limits, model acceptable behavior, redirect
children, reinforce positively, and teach negotiating and problem
solving skills. Children will be encouraged to use words to settle their
disputes. A time-out will occasionally be used to give a child the space
to re-establish his/her emotional equilibrium and composure. If
necessary, a child will be removed from the classroom and taken to the
Director’s office if he/she is not responding to any of the other
techniques or the safety of the other children is threatened by a child’s
behavior. Spanking, hitting or shaming children, withholding
food, or coercion of any kind is never permitted.
Biting occasionally may surface as a problem in the classroom. WE
When the incident occurs the “biter” is
placed in a safe time-out place and told “biting hurts and I will not
allow you to hurt others”. The parents are informed about their child’s
behavior and are asked to talk to their child about the biting. At the
time of the second incident, the “biter” is sent to the Director’s office
for a time to discuss biting as an unacceptable behavior. When the
biting occurs for the third time, the parents are called and the child
must go home for the day. A child may be asked to leave the
nursery school if the biting continues. Here at St. Thomas’
Nursery School, we will work together with the parents to help the child handle his/her frustrations in an acceptable manner.
Behavior Issues:
At any time the Director, with support of the Board and Vestry, can ask a child to leave St. Thomas Nursery School due to behavior issues.
St. Thomas’ Nursery School complies with the Child Protective Service Act 124 enacted in 1976. The purpose of this Act is to protect children from abuse, to ensure their opportunity for healthy growth and development and, whenever possible, to preserve and stabilize family life. Our staff has been trained to identify signs of possible abuse or neglect. When we see those signs, we are required to report suspected abuse or neglect via telephone to Childline, which is followed up within 48 hours by a written report (CY-47) to the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth. We cooperate with the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth not only because it is required, but also because we understand that caring for children is a shared responsibility. We are committed to the safety and well being of each child. We solicit the cooperation of all parents in this endeavor.
St. Thomas’ Nursery School regular hours are 9 a.m. to 12 noon.
Children should not arrive before 8:55 a.m. unless they have
registered for the early drop-off option on the monthly
contract for extended hours.
Daily schedules for classes are
posted in individual classrooms.
Each class has a daily scheduled playground time. Each class meets with a music specialist and a cooking teacher once a week.
Children will only be released to their parents or persons designated by the parents in writing as having permission to pick up a child. Parents may designate, on forms provided, a person who may pick-up their child or may send a note with the child. In either case, the person’s driver’s license may be checked to verify their identity. The safety of the child will always be foremost when releasing children to authorized persons. Please let us know if there is a special circumstance of which we need to be aware. If a parent or escort should be an hour or more late in picking up a child, without having previously contacted the school (215-233-2923)or church office (215-233-3970 ext. 145), the police will be notified.
Parents are expected to bring and pick up their children PROMPTLY at
the appointed time. Should a parent know in advance that he/she
cannot be on time, another person should be designated in writing to
pick up the child. In an emergency, a phone call will suffice. A late
fee of $1 per minute will be charged for late pick-ups.

Please contact the school office (215-233-2923) or church office (215-233-3970 ext. 145) if you are going to be late. If a parent or escort should be an hour or more late in picking up a child, without having previously contacted the school or church office, the police will be notified.
Because accidents happen, we ask that you provide an extra set of clothes to be kept in the child’s cubby. Please include outer clothes, underwear and socks, which are labeled with the child’s name and placed in a plastic bag. We also ask that the clothing be kept seasonal.
Children are encouraged to bring personal articles to share with the
class with the approval of the teacher. Books, records, tapes or
nature’s treasures are usually a safe choice. Only on your child’s
special day should an item from home be brought into school.
We do not allow children to bring toy guns or toy weapons to
While we exercise care with children’s possessions, accidents
can happen. We ask that you do not send items of sentimental or
monetary value.

Toys from home are not allowed at school. Please encourage
your child/children to leave toys at home.
Bringing toys from
home can cause many problems in the classroom. Rest assured, there
are plenty of toys in each classroom for the children.
Some children feel more comfortable if they bring a special blanket or
stuffed animal to school with them. If your child chooses to do this, the
special item MUST be left in their cubby.
Please do not remove your child from the playground by lifting
them over the fence while school is in session. The teachers will gladly
meet you inside for dismissal.
All birthday invitations must be sent by mail. Placing the
invitations in the cubbies is not allowed.

Parent volunteering directly with our students and Substitute
Teachers: All volunteers and substitutes should obtain
criminal background and child abuse clearances and provide
copies to the school office. They are also required to view the
sexual misconduct information from the Episcopal Diocese of

The teachers are eager to keep parents informed concerning their child’s development and growth. Some examples of teacher communication include: ♦ Newsletters♦ Individual updates, notes and remarks for each child ♦ Conferences upon request♦ Notices posted outside the classroom on the bulletin boards The following are some suggestions of ways that parents can help facilitate communication as well: ♦ Please read carefully the notes and newsletters that come home
♦ If you have a concern about your child’s development, please ask for a conference immediately. Teachers are happy to discuss your
child’s growth and progress.
♦ Please ask questions and voice concerns promptly. Teachers would prefer that you schedule an appointment when there is time and privacy to talk as needed.
Please do not talk about your child in front of him/her.
Children are sensitive about being discussed as if they are not there.
School Calendar 2013-2014
Tuition is due your child’s first school day of each month, beginning in
5- New Family Orientation 7:00p.m. MacColl
Auditorium- Parents only
5&6- Small Group Meetings 9-12
9– First Day of School

3- Back to School Night 6-8pm MacColl Auditorium
14 – Columbus Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
22, 23- Picture Days for 3,s, 4’s &5’s
25– Teacher In-service – SCHOOL CLOSED
30,31 – Halloween Parades MacColl Auditorium
25 & 26 – Thanksgiving Feast
27, 28, 29 – Thanksgiving Vacation – SCHOOL
9-13 Parent/Child Christmas Workshops
20 Christmas Pageant – 11am. MacCollAuditorium
23 – January 3 Christmas Vacation SCHOOL
6 – School Reopens
6 – 17 Pre- Registration for current families
18- Open Registration
14-17Presidents’ Weekend – SCHOOL
6 – Teacher In-serviceSCHOOL CLOSED
27- Dad’s Night
11- Family Fun Nigh MacColl Auditorium 6-8pm
14- 21 Spring Break- SCHOOL CLOSED
22- School Reopens
22, 23 Pictures 2’& graduates
14 – Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (Haas Hall, 12)
22- Pre-K Graduation MacColl Auditorium (9:30-10)
23Family Picnic at the Barn– 10 to 12 noon
26 – Memorial Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
27 – St. Thomas’ Camp on the Hill begins
School Events
St. Thomas’ Nursery School
*School pictures
Pictures are taken of each child in the 3, 4 and 5 year old classes…
individual as well as class group. Pictures of Two Year Olds will be
taken in the spring…date to be announced for the Two Year Old
Halloween Parades
Students come to school in their costumes (no masks, please) and at
approximately 9:15 a.m. the children will parade across the stage in
the auditorium upstairs by class beginning with the Two Year Olds and
say a special poem or two. Parents are invited to watch the children
and help change them out of their costumes after the parade.
Thanksgiving Feasts-
The children gather together in the auditorium dressed as pilgrims or
Native Americans and share seasonal songs and/or poems. They enjoy
a feast of chicken nuggets, muffins and fruit. This event is only for
the children.

*Parent/Child Christmas Craft Workshops
Parents join their children at 9 am to create special Christmas crafts
and enjoy Christmas treats baked by the children in cooking class.
Please watch your child’s classroom bulletin board and calendar for the
day you are to attend. Not recommended for siblings….babysitting
may be provided.
*Christmas Pageant
A very special event! All families and extended families join us in the
auditorium to watch the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s perform a retelling of the
Christmas story. Bring your video cameras!
*Family Fun Night
An event for the entire family! Crafts and/or activities related to the
night’s theme keep everyone busy.
Dad’s Night
A chance for the Dad’s to have some 0ne-on-one time with their
children. The evening includes crafts, an art show of the children’s
work and refreshments. Not recommended for siblings not attending
the school.
May Day Tea Parties
A lovely time to share tea sandwiches and delicious treats prepared by
the children. Each child’s special companion is invited to be pampered
by their little host/hostess. Please watch your child’s classroom bulletin
board and calendar for the day you are to attend. Not recommended
for siblings….babysitting may be provided.
End of Year Picnic
Bring your entire family and meet up at the barn for a morning of fun
and games. Students, parents and teachers and extended family
members gather for a cookout to celebrate the end of the school year.
Camp on the Hill
Join us for a fun time at St. Thomas’ Nursery School summer camp.
From 9 to 1 each day for several weeks during the summer there are
many fun activities planned around weekly themes. Sign up for days
that suit your child’s needs.
edia Permission :
Throughout the year staff may be taking pictures of the children
attending school events of the Nursery School or during classroom
activities. If you are not willing to allow your daughter/son’s photo to
be used for promotion of the nursery school please let the Director
know at the beginning of the school year.
*These events will need volunteers to help. Sign-up sheets will
be posted or distributed detailing areas in which help is
needed. Parent volunteers make these events successful.
Please sign up when you can. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Updated 9-2-13


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