JSC Bank of Georgia I Banking | Finance | ARIS BANK’S PROCESSES ARE 40 PERCENT FASTER—THANKS TO ARIS Challenge With tough competition and tighter integration of the Georgian economy into the world market, JSC Bank of Georgia needs to be able to quickly respond to changes in business needs. The bank aims to decrease time-to-market of new products and, importantly, devise new business processes as well as improve the existing ones.
in Georgia with more than a third of the market share in Georgia based on total JSC Bank of Georgia chose ARIS to create an enterprise-wide world-class process architecture and establish a Business Process Management (BPM) methodology based on best practices. The bank first identified existing processes and devel- oped an overall process landscape. The processes were mapped using ARIS. The selected core processes were analyzed for full re-engineering. Using ARIS, the and insurance services to its clients. As bank is able to understand better the connections between its mission, strategy, goals and processes and also realize significant operational efficiencies.
imately 1 million client accounts through one of the largest distribution networks in Georgia, a full-service remote banking • 48 percent increase in time and cost efficiency for core processes to be of Georgia’s U.K.–incorporated holding • New products introduced faster and with less risk listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE: BGEO LN). For more • Faster implementation and changes to IT systems • Shorter learning curve for employees, who use process maps to understand • Greater efficiency due to standardized processes Get There Faster.
“As a result of the redesign, the bank achieved simulated efficiency gain of 48 percent in time and
cost efficiency for processes.”
Ilia Revia, Sr. Manager, Strategic Projects I Nino Meskhi, Head of BPM Center I JSC Bank of Georgia Next, the bank embarked on a detailed as-is process understanding phase. This involved interviewing The Georgian banking industry is dynamic, develop- process owners and other process participants as ing and highly competitive. A growing and diverse well as reviewing existing regulations, procedures, ARIS Business designer is a collaborative customer base, tighter integration into the world process design tool that’s easy to access market, the need to meet regulatory requirements and volatility caused by the global financial crisis demand that banks increase their agility.
ARIS Business Architect offers additional Bank of Georgia established a common process features for creating, analyzing, managing JSC Bank of Georgia turned to ARIS to do just that.
and procedure design methodology and accepted terms and definitions of employee positions and The methods for building information system re- roles. The Business Process Modeling Center was quirements at the bank were no longer adequate given a task to map and support any changes to to support the growth. The weaknesses of the existing system included the inability to fully doc- ument business practices as well as no visibility of The BPM center’s strategy is to document all the properly documented cross-departmental links and core business processes in addition to satisfying ongoing information systems project requirements. As a result, the bank’s staff now has access to 650 transparent, and employees can easily see their All of this led to the bank’s taking on an enterprise- ARIS models that describe the products, core pro- process roles and responsibilities. In addition, wide process improvement program. Using ARIS, cesses and IT systems as well as organizational business departments are able to evaluate more the bank created standardized and easily manage- alternatives for building their own business pro- able process documentation to meet its program cesses, which can be measured in terms of cost, schedule, increase process quality, and reduce costs Process maps gathered by the BPM center are and risks. ARIS enabled the bank to analyze and delivered to the IT department’s business analysts. improve existing processes before automating This significantly expedites the requirements defi- nition phases for the bank’s critical information Take the next step to get there – faster. “Using ARIS Design Platform’s capabilities, the bank Software AG is the global leader in Business Process simplified integration and acquired an ability to re- Excellence. Our 40 years of innovation include the use business process information, simultaneously invention of the first high-performance transactional increasing speed while modeling new processes As a result of the program, IT systems can be im- database, Adabas; the first business process analysis platform, ARIS; the first B2B server and SOA-based and gaining a better understanding of the connec- plemented faster and with less risk. New products integration platform, webMethods; and pioneering tions between the bank’s mission, strategy, goals can get to market faster since changes to infor- big data technology with Terracotta.
and the business processes,” explained Ilia Revia, mation systems can happen faster than before.
We offer our customers a variety of end-to-end senior manager for strategic projects, and Nino solutions that deliver low total cost of ownership and high ease-of-use. Our industry-leading brands, Also, the bank can easily handle changes to orga- ARIS, webMethods, Adabas, Natural, CentraSite, nizational charts, systems, process manuals and Terracotta and IDS Scheer Consulting, represent a product definitions to reduce the time it takes to unique portfolio encompassing: process strategy, design, integration and control; SOA-based integra- update documents or procedures with changes. tion and data management; efficient management The bank started with a company-wide exercise of New procedures are also developed faster.
of big data; process-driven SAP implementation; and strategic process consulting and services.
identifying the existing business processes. The clearly articulated process landscape provided a The employees benefit in many ways. Via e-learning, framework for establishing the scope of the entire they use process maps to train on new products 2012 Software AG. All rights reserved. Software AG and all Software AG or process changes. A portal makes processes products are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Software AG. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trade-marks of their respective owners.


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