Evoke! 2.013 - rules and regulations

Organized by SN Infocomm Club
Rules and Regulations
1. This competition is open to all secondary 1 to 4 students and the Alumnae of SNGS.
2. The theme of the competition is ‘家欢恩献’
3. Each person is only allowed to enter 3 pictures in total for all the categories in the
4. Images are allowed to be digitally enhanced using simple filters (eg. Instagram filters, Little
Photo, or any other relevant mobile photo editing software), but it must not distort the reality of
the images.
5. Entries should not contain inappropriate content (vulgarities, obscene gestures, racist
comments etc.) that would, in one way or another, tarnish the school’s reputation.
6. Entries should not infringe upon copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, or any other
intellectual property rights of any third person or entity, or violate any person’s rights of
privacy or publicity.
7. Any form of watermarks is not allowed on photographs that are to be submitted.
8. Works shall be original and unpublished. The student must be the original author and sole
owner of the photo entries.
9. The closing date for the submission of entries is 14th September 2013, Saturday. Any
entries submitted after the closing date wil not be accepted.
10. Submission of entries signifies the acceptance of the rules and regulations of this
competition. Non Compliance to rules and regulations wil result in disqualification.
11. All entries submitted wil belong to SN Infocomm Club even after the competition which
reserves the exhibition and publication right to use the submission in all media without further
permission from any party or participants.
12. If you have any questions, please direct your question to: [email protected]
Remember! The deadline is 14th September 2013, Saturday!
Organized by SN Infocomm Club

Submission of Entries

A. DSLR/Compact camera B. Mobile category (a) Twitter (Twitter account: evoking_sngs. Tag #evoke2013 ) (b) Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Evoke2.013) (c) Instagram (Instagram account: evoking_sngs. Tag #evoke2013) (d) Email (Pictures must be submitted in .jpg format) (a) Pictures must be associated with the theme ‘家欢恩献’ (b) Photos can be taken with mobile cameras, compact cameras or (c) Dimensions of submitted pictures: at least 1600 x 1200 pixels.
Pictures smaller than the specified dimensions will be disqualified. (d) A caption is to be included (not more than 80 words). (e) Submit your entry in the form of: Category_Name_Class (f) For Old Girls, submit your entry in the form of: Category_Name (g) If you wish to submit more than one photo, submit your second/third photo in the form of: Category_Name_Class_Photo number Eg. . A_Cheryl_Tan_Mui_Khim_3Justice_2 OG_Cheryl_Tan_Mui_Khim_3

Source: http://www.sngsalumnae.org.sg/broadcast/UserFiles/File/Evoke!%202.013%20-%20Rules%20and%20Regulations.pdf


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