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Utility Profile: Commonwealth Edison (Exelon)
Smart Grid Program Overview
Successful, state-mandated AMI pilot provided results to justify total-footprint deployment based on operational savings alone; AMI-enabled pilot testing TOU, CPP, PTR, and RTP Utility Type: IOU
DR: Pricing,
with varying technologies; RTP offer available to all customers Multiple Rates
Size: 3,800,000 customers
has very low enrollment but high satisfaction among DR: Pricing, RTP
State(s): Illinois
Program Results
Customer Engagement
Research: Quantitative impact assessments of all individual programs
 RTP program has had high satisfaction but low  Segmentation: RTP targets high education, high bills, and high income
Messaging: RTP pilot: “It's time to get real with ComEd Residential Real-
Program Details
Time Pricing. Get more control over your bills, and help the environment”  Pilot with multiple rates promotes a range of expected bill savings AMI – pilot completed, planning footprint deployment
 During AMI pilot, did not message online portal until AMI was deployed  Performance: ~8 yr payback for footprint-wide plan  Tactics: Sent AMI letter 2-3 weeks before and automated call 1 week
DR: Pricing, Multiple Rates – TOU, CPP, PTR, and
before installation; meter installer knocked on door and left door hanger RTP available to AMI pilot participants during pilot, rates tested with in-home displays or online portal  Investigate irregular smart meters and resolve problems proactively  Performance: ~10% eligible participants enrolled;  RTP pilot and DLC promoted largely with direct mail and bill inserts 20% CPP peak load reduction,14% PTR peak  Non-pilot RTP acquisition offers of $100, free thermostat, Prius raffle reduction; 30% peak reductions if actively engaged  Partners: AMI call center run by the Center for Neighborhood Technology
Reaction: 20% participants activated their display  Results: Non-pilot RTP direct mail response rate 0.27% vs. 2% for Ameren
DR: Pricing, RTP – RTP offer, unrelated to AMI pilot
(IL) program, which messaged saving money; 0.15% direct mail response rate to free thermostat offer vs. 1.01% for $100 acquisition offer Performance: 0.3% enrolled, ~12% peak reduction  Of customers on non-pilot RTP who had higher bills on their new rate,  Reaction: ~80% found program “easy”; 5-7% 60% wanted more information before opting-out of RTP reduced peak >35%; 88% helped by online portal; 90% customer satisfaction  Few responses to multi-rate pricing pilot’s direct mail, automated calls In multi-rate pricing pilot, 20% participants unaware of pilot; 25% did not DR: DLC – AC cycling, 50% or 100% ($20 or $40/yr)
understand pilot, 40% did not pay attention, and 5-8% were active  Performance: 2% participation, but exceeded 2010  Tactics: DLC participants find mail, phone, and web enrollment “easy”
Reaction: 78% satisfaction; 49% of those on 50%-  Enroll ~20 customers per year in non-pilot RTP at community events cycling plan do not recall receiving incentive  Partners: EE competition has leveraged mayors, chambers of commerce

Source: http://smartgridcc.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/SGCC-Excellence-in-Customer-Engagement-ComEd.pdf

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