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Senior Executive leader with expertise building companies and managing strategic alliances. Member of board of directors of two biotech companies. Managed a joint venture between two biotechnology companies and a $200 million joint development program between a biotech and a major pharmaceutical company. Negotiated and managed a $20M European process development and manufacturing contract and one in the US. Executed development program for successful out-license of a product candidate. Demonstrated expertise in strategic planning, competitive intelligence, business development and leadership of business leaders, scientists and physicians. Successfully managed multi-disciplinary teams and executed large projects in the US and Globally. Managed R & D for Claritin, Nasonex, Asmanex and Elocon. Author of 170 publications and holder of 22 patents. Ph.D. Physiological Chemistry, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; M.A. Chemistry, Columbia University; B.S. Chemistry, Lafayette College; Advanced Management Program, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. > Organizational Development > Joint Venture/Corporate Alliance
Intellectual Property > R & D
Led the research that resulted in the marketing of Claritin, the world’s leading non-
sedating antihistamine, producing annual sales of more than $4 billion. Led the R & D resulting in the marketing of Nasonex, Asmanex and Elocon, each with annual sales of  Led the entire program of research, process development, manufacturing, clinical and
regulatory affairs for a biotech company’s first IND through Phase III trials.  Directed semi-annual reviews of business strategy objectives to determine changes
necessary to meet overall objectives. Sometimes required revising short term plans.  Opened and led the US Division of Canadian Biotechnology Company, recruiting and
hiring experienced professional staff and leading “virtual office” for process development, manufacturing, clinical and regulatory affairs as well as project management. Managed $30M peak annual Research and Development Budget.  Realizing a need for additional capital when taking over day to day operational
decisions, approached potential investors, identified and secured $15M in mezzanine  Searched and secured a US intermediary to identify and mold a new approach to
finding US investors for a Canadian public company in need of capital. Identified a colleague in NY and collaboratively secured US investment that gave the needed comfort to Canadian investors raising $19 million. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Consulting company to Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies President
 Consultant to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies with projects in Drug Development, Strategic Planning and Organizational Development  Clients include companies in Biotech, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Products. Chairman, Board of Directors, Acting Chief Executive Officer
 Guided strategic planning and corporate development STRESSGEN BIOTECHNOLOGIES VICTORIA, BC CANADA & COLLEGEVILLE, PA Development of novel therapeutic vaccines. Executive Vice President
Vice President
 Led Research, Development, Medical and Regulatory Affairs taking biomolecule from  Headed operating committee for a $20M joint venture.  Negotiated contract and managed $20M international process development and  Represented company to investment analysts, venture capitalists and individual DELTA PHARMACEUTICALS INC. (NOW ARDENT) DURHAM, NC Discovery and development of novel drugs for management of acute and chronic pain. Member, Board of Directors
 Guided strategic planning, organizational and business development and provided lead TERRAPIN TECHNOLOGIES (NOW TELIK) PALO ALTO, CA Drug discovery in oncology, diabetes and allergy. Vice President
 Identified, negotiated and secured $15M of mezzanine financing  Responsible for R & D programs for the company SCHERING PLOUGH (NOW MERCK) KENILWORTH, NJ Global Pharmaceutical Company with revenues exceeding $6B Vice President (Presidential Fellow)
Senior Director
 Led R & D for Claritin, Asmanex, Nasonex and Elocon Education

Ph.D Physiological Chemistry The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

M.A. Chemistry Columbia University
B.S. Chemistry Lafayette College
Advanced Management Program Fuqua School of Business, Duke University


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Bacteriological Quality Hussen Ali, Ketema Bacha and Tsige Ketema ORIGINAL ARTICLE Bacteriological Quality and antimicrobial susceptibility of some isolates of Well Waters Used for Drinking in Jimma Town, Southwest Ethiopia Hussen Ali, B.Ed, Ketema Bacha, PhD, Tsige Ketema, MSc ABSTRACT Well waters could be polluted with fecal materials due to inadequate protection, depth of

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Principal Life Over-The-Counter (OTC) Des Moines, IA 50392-0002 Insurance Company Drug List Guideline Flexible Spending Account The IRS defines eligible Over-The-Counter Drugs as pain relievers, antacids, cold remedies and allergy medications. In an effort to help define each of the categories we have established a list of examples. (This is not an all-inclusive list.) Th

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