China Print Power Group Limited
(Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) (Singapore Stock Code: B3C)
(Hong Kong Stock Code: 6828)
being a shareholder/shareholders of China Print Power Group Limited (the “Company”) hereby appoint: Proportion of Shareholdings
No. of Shares
Proportion of Shareholdings
No. of Shares
or failing him/her, the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting of the Company (the “Meeting”) as my/our proxy/proxies toattend and vote for me/us on my/our behalf at the Meeting to be held at 14/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Admiralty,Hong Kong on Tuesday, 30 April 2013 at 10:00 a.m. and at any adjournment thereof. I/We direct my/our proxy/proxies to votefor or against the Resolutions to be proposed at the Meeting as indicated hereunder. If no specific direction as to voting is given,the proxy/proxies will vote or abstain from voting at his/her/their discretion, as he/she/they will on any matter arising at theMeeting.
(Please indicate your vote “For” or “Against” with a tick [ߛ] within the box provided.) Ordinary Resolutions
Ordinary Business
Directors’ Report and Audited Financial Statements for the financialyear ended 31 December 2012 and the Auditors’ Report thereon Re-election of Mr Chan Wai Ming as an Executive Director Re-election of Mr Kwan Wing Hang as an Executive Director Re-election of Mr Lam Shek Kin as an Executive Director Approval of the sum of up to S$81,900 and HK$240,000 as Directors’fees for the financial year ending 31 December 2013 Re-appointment of BDO Limited, Certified Public Accountants, Hong
Kong and BDO LLP, Public Accountants and Certified Public
Accountants, Singapore as Joint Auditors of the Company
Special Business
Authority to allot and issue shares of the Company Authority to grant options and issue shares under the China Print PowerEmployee Share Option Scheme 2011 Total No. of Shares
Signature(s) of Shareholder(s)or Common Seal of Corporate Shareholder IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ NOTES BELOW
A shareholder of the Company entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting shall be entitled to appoint one or more proxiesto attend and vote in his/her/its stead.
Where a shareholder appoints more than one proxy, he/she/it shall specify the proportion of his/her/its shareholding(expressed as a percentage of the whole) to be represented by each proxy. If no such proportion is specified, the proxywhose name appears first shall be deemed to carry 100 per cent of the shareholding of the shareholder and the proxy whosename appears second shall be deemed to be appointed in the alternate.
A proxy need not be a shareholder of the Company.
A shareholder should insert the total number of shares registered in his/her/its name in the Register of Members of theCompany.
This Shareholder Proxy Form, duly completed, must be deposited at the Company’s Singapore share transfer agent,Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte Ltd., at 50 Raffles Place, #32-01 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623(for Singapore Shareholders), or at the office of the Company’s Hong Kong branch share registrar, Tricor Investor ServicesLimited, at 26th Floor, Tesbury Centre, 28 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong (for Hong Kong Shareholders), notless than 48 hours before the time appointed for holding the Meeting.
This Shareholder Proxy Form must be signed under the hand of the appointor(s) or of his/her/its attorney duly authorizedin writing. In the case of joint holders, all joint holders must sign this Shareholder Proxy Form. If the shareholder is acorporation, this Shareholder Proxy Form must be executed either under its common seal or under the hand of an officer,attorney or other person authorised to sign the same.
Where this Shareholder Proxy Form is signed on behalf of the appointor(s) by an attorney, the letter or power of attorneyor a duly certified copy thereof must be lodged with this Shareholder Proxy Form, failing which this Shareholder ProxyForm may be treated as invalid.
Completion and return of this Shareholder Proxy Form by a shareholder shall not prevent the shareholder from attendingand voting in person at the Meeting if the shareholder subsequently wishes to do so. In the event of attendance by suchshareholder, the Shareholder Proxy Form of such shareholder shall be deemed to be revoked.
The Company shall be entitled to reject a Shareholder Proxy Form which is incomplete, improperly completed, illegible or wherethe true intentions of the appointor(s) are not ascertainable from the instructions of the appointor(s) specified on the ShareholderProxy Form. It is the appointor(s)’ responsibility to ensure that this Shareholder Proxy Form is properly completed in all respects.
Any decision to reject a Shareholder Proxy Form on the ground that it is incomplete, improperly completed or illegible will befinal and binding and neither the Company nor Tricor Investor Services Limited accepts any responsibility for the consequencesof such a decision.

Source: http://www.powerprinting.com.hk/LTN20130326484.pdf


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