to take selenomethione 50 mcg once daily, vita- Orthomolecular medicine is slowly pen- min C, 1 gram twice daily, vitamin E 200 mg etrating into world medicine. This is not twice daily, a B complex preparation con- surprising as schizophrenia is a biological taining thiamine 250 mg, pyridoxine 250 mg, disease which knows no borders and which nicotinamide 50 mg and vitamin B12 300 mcg will respond to the best treatment no mat- ter where it is given. For some time I have twice daily, zinc 30 mg twice daily, B com- been corresponding with Dr. Munsterhjelm- plex injections intramuscularly twice weekly Ahumada. When I heard about the results and hydroxycobalamin 1 mg intramuscularly she was getting I asked her to send me a case history and this she agreed to do. I In February, 2001, I added calcium 500 mg edited this somewhat but have left the fla- and nicotinamide 500 mg three times daily and gradually increased it to 1000 mg three cialist in general medicine at Ekenas Health proved steadily. The depression eased, she Center, Finland. She has been practising orthomolecular medicine since 1994. she still suffered involuntary movements I added manganese 10 mg daily. During Feb-ruary, 2002, she reported that she never had felt better in her entire life. The depression was gone, she was mentally strong and op- since 1994 for depression complained that timistic. She was free of her involuntary movements and was flexible and relaxed.
mid-1990s and she began to shows signs of paranoia. Over the next three years these and clearly remembered her psychotic con- dition. She viewed her life history in a calm about her future. Her relationship to her two saw visions. She had been diagnosed clearly her relationship to her mother was improv- admitted to a psychiatric clinic for six week ing, as was her relationship to her ex-hus- and then released into open care on medi- band. She told both her psychiatrist and her that it is the orthomolecular therapy that led 2000, for possible estrogen therapy. She was her deep depression and she suffered fromthe side effects of the medication. She wastense, stiff and so agitated she could not sit still. I started her on estradiol 2 mg and Fenfluramine predisposes to vegetations on the heart valves and other serious cardiac visit. At the end of January, 2001, she began guinea pigs and in man, that this drug does not cause weight loss unless and until it tested for their effect on vitamin C metabo- has caused vitamin C depletion. This is of lism before approval; so should all other pertinence because Rinehart and Mettier,2 could produce degenerative and prolifera- tive lesions of the heart valves, endocar- resembling those of rheumatic carditis, by infecting vitamin C-deficient animals withbeta-hemolytic Streptocci or B aertryckebut rarely by infection of animals on the same diet supplemented with orange juice.
1. Wilson CWM. Clinical pharmacological aspects of ascorbic acid. Ann NY Acad Sci, 1975; 258: 2. Rinehart JF and Mettier SR. The heart valves and Ephedra are being suggested on television muscle in experimental scurvy with superim- for weight control. All new drugs should be posed infection. Am J Pathol, 1934; 10: 61-79.

Source: http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/2003/pdf/2003-v18n01-p047.pdf


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