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Meet the Buyers – Multi Sector 28th November 2013
A Meet the Buyers event offers companies and specialist contractors, subcontractors and suppliers an
exclusive opportunity to present to buyers they may not otherwise have access to. You can match
your company’s supply offering to buyers’ current procurement needs so the procurement teams you
meet will be looking for the goods or services your organisation provides. The next Multi Sector Meet
the Buyers takes place 28th November 2013

It’s not easy to gain 1 to 1 meetings with major buyers. At this event you will have access to
over 20 buyers who are actively looking for local suppliers to add to their supply chains.
We will be confirming additional buyers in the run up to the event – find out which buyers have
already confirmed by clicking the “Meet the Buyers” tab link at –

Benefits of attending:
• A sales utopia - meet 8-10 buyers who need your products / services in Croydon
• Meet decision makers - Pre-arranged face-to-face sales appointments with people who
have buying power
• Significantly increase your chance of winning new business – You chose which buyers to
meet based on their procurement needs and your offering
Save time and money on cold calling and marketing, meet all in one day under one roof
• Additional sales opportunities - Network with around 70 businesses working in Croydon

How it works
• Either you or a representative can attend a pre-Meet the Buyers training workshop – Find
out in advance about some of the current projects and opportunities attending buyers are working on and gain an insight so you know how to focus your pitch on the day. • Next you can request meetings with relevant buyers from the buyers catalogue which
highlights their purchasing requirements • Prior to the event you are sent your appointment diary. We will endeavour to schedule as many meetings as possible. Further meetings can be arranged on the day.
• At the event buyers will be seated in buyer’s booths. Each meeting lasts 10 minutes.
You will be surprised how even 10 minutes can be enough time to get that vital first introduction, stimulate interest in your product or service and agree a course of action. • You can also use the networking board to highlight your goods or services to other
attendees. We have found a significant amount of business can be generated through networking and introductions made between SME attendees. All activities on the Built to Compete 2 programme are free of charge – and have been funded by
Croydon Council and the European Regional Development Fund.
To reserve a place at the event please follow the link below:

Alternatively contact Angela Sobers - 020 7697 1988 / [email protected]
To qualify for the Built to Compete 2 programme you must own or work for a small or medium sized
enterprise (SME)* based in the London Borough of Croydon.

Event Details: Date: 28th November 2013, Timings: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Venue: Fairfield Halls

Procurement Professionals
If you would like further information regarding participating as a buyer - please contact:
Allegra Monico, Project Manager [email protected]
or call 020 7697 1973

*SME = less than 250 employees and or an annual turnover of less than 45 Million Euros. An SME
cannot be more than 25% owned by a company outside these parameters.



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