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HK Sexual Health Centre
HK Sexual Health Centre
HK Sexual Health Centre
What are the signs and symptoms?
How do you test for Gonorrhoea?
from the urethra in men and the cervix in What is Gonorrhoea?
throat Gonorrhoea, do not have any signs or throat and anus. It can also be tested using a Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which can infect the first pass urine sample. The tests can usually mucous membranes of the urethra, cervix, • Thick, yellow or white discharge from the How is it transmitted?
How is Gonorrhoea treated?
Gonorrhoea is readily spread by anal, vaginal • Redness around the opening of the penis. Gonorrhoea can be treated very effectively with oral antibiotics such as azithromycin. How long until symptoms develop?
doses of azithromycin and an injection of How long does it take the symptoms to go
away after treatment?
The symptoms will usually start to ease in a day or so. If you are still having symptom • Pelvic pain, especially during intercourse. after a week, you should return for a review. If left untreated, Gonorrhoea can spread to When is it safe to have sex again?
To give the antibiotics time to work, you should use condoms or not have sex for one HK Sexual Health Centre
Do I need further tests after I’ve been
re-infected with Gonorrhoea, we suggest you have a repeat test 1 week after completing Should my sexual partners also be
Yes. If you are treated for Gonorrhoea but a sexual partner is not, you could get infected HK Sexual Health Centre
again. It is extremely important to tell all your recent sexual partners that you have them to be tested and treated. If you have difficulty telling your partners, we have letters you can send to them, or trained staff How do I avoid getting infected again?
Sexual Health Centre
This fact sheet is designed to provide you with information on
Gonorrhoea. It is not intended to replace the need for a consultation with
your doctor. All clients are strongly advised to check with their doctor
about any specific questions or concerns they may have. Every effort has
been taken to ensure that the information in this pamphlet is correct at
the time of printing, June 2007.



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