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exhausting her. We also worked with softly joining the group class altogether. It was a joy stretching out the muscles and joints, opening to see her have the confi dence to leave her the Gates of the body to allow Qi to circulate home for a physical class, to partner up and According to Dr. LaFerla “Most people are exposed to HSV-1, interact normally with the other students and but do not develop Alzheimer’s, however, recent studies show and rubbing channels and joints, again to then to leave the class with a smile on her face.
that people genetically disposed to Alzheimer’s are more likely stimulate her Qi and allow it to circulate and to develop the disease if they are exposed to herpes. “(3) nourish her body, while draining Damp. We I haven’t seen N. for several months now, In December 2008, Professor Ruth Itzhaki and her team at always spent some time just working with and to my knowledge she is doing well and Manchester University’s Faculty of Life Sciences published in Founded in 1997, Mycology Research
deep, abdominal breathing, which stimulates Conny Duxbury
the Journal of Pathology that the HSV-1 DNA is located very Laboratories Ltd (MRL) has as a principal
all the internal organs, particularly the However, I hope she remembers this episode specifi cally in amyloid plaques: 90% of plaques in Alzheimer’s focus both the marketing and the clinical
digestion. Finally, we usually fi nished off in her life and learns from it – where her limits adipiscing elit. Donec laoreet imperdiet disease sufferers´ brains contain HSV-1 DNA, and most of the development of mushroom nutrition. Using
our sessions with some freeform, playful are, how far she can push herself, and when viral DNA is located within amyloid plaques. proprietary technology to cultivate and process
exercises, which N found very benefi cial – as ac nulla vitae risus sagittis adipiscing. The team had previously shown that that HSV-1 infection biomass mushroom powder in California, all
a previous athlete and actress, she explained sessions we did together didn’t only help of nerve-type cells induces deposition of the main component, MRL products meet both Kosher and USDA/
that she enjoyed immensely feeling her body her to recover from ME: from her feedback, porttitor sodales elit, ut adipiscing sem ß amyloid, of amyloid plaques. Together these fi ndings EU/Japanese Organic standards. Prior to tablet
open and move in different ways. This was strongly implicate HSV-1 as a major factor in the formation of production to HACCP food grade standards,
also an important realisation for her: that her awareness in her about her body, and made risus vehicula quis ultrices magna dictum. amyloid deposits and plaques, abnormalities thought by many the biomass powders are tested by a third
body was still able to move around to music, in the fi eld to be major contributors of Alzheimer’s disease. party (Cytogenex) for both species consistency
and that being inside her body could still be a for the various aspects of her health. She This fi nding is a reconfi rmation of Dr. LaFerla’s previous work (via PCR DNA analysis) and for microbial
The University of Manchester’s data strongly suggest that contamination.
regularly look after herself. I hope she takes HSV-1 has a major role in Alzheimer’s disease and point to When we started working together, I knew these realisations forwards with her, and that the usage of antiviral agents for treating the disease. In fact www.mycologyresearch.com
this wouldn’t be a quick fi x, but would they can help her to lead a fulfi lling life.• in preliminary experiments they have shown that acyclovir take time. Fortunately, with the help of her reduces the amyloid disposition and also reduces certain other ongoing acupuncture sessions, N made very features of the disease which they have found are caused by fast progress. Within a few weeks, she was 1. Leggett, D. (1999) Recipes for self-healing. Meridian Press: HSV-1 infection. Further research is ongoing on the potential able to do a full session without lying down. 2. Maciocia, G. (1994) The practice of Chinese Medicine. use of acyclovir as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of We gradually added more standing exercises, then did the whole class standing up. The 3. Van Geelen, S.M., Sinnema, G., Hermans, H.J., Kuis, For those patients who are not able to tolerate the side- W. (2007) Personality and chronic fatigue syndrome: next step was for her to join a group class methodological and conceptual issues. Clinical effects of acyclovir treatment, the evidence that Coriolus outside of her home, which she did – at fi rst Psychological Review, 2007 Dec; 27 (8):885-903.
versicolor supplementation reduces viral loads in both Chronic alternating with our weekly sessions and then Fatigue Syndrome patients and in HPV (LSIL) patients may have applications in neurodegenerative diseases in which viral infection plays a role. If so, then the following protocol may be worth further study.
Proposed Mushroom Nutrition Protocol in
Alzheimer Patients with high HSV-1 Viral load

A. Patient Selection:
1. Patients with genetic precondition (based on family 2. Patients with high HSV-1 viral load. (Need to defi ne).
3. Cognitive testing to determine a baseline.
4. Determine number of “senior moments” per week.
B. Coriolus versicolor Supplementation
Six tablets (500 mg) per day, or 3g per day (3 in the morning before breakfast and 3 tablets in the evening before dinner). 1. MA Wozniak, AP Mee and RF Itzhaki Herpes simplex virus type I DNA is Success Criteria after 180 days: Testing for
located within Alzheimer’s disease amyloid plaques. The Journal of Pathology, Volume 217, Issue 1, Pages 131-138 DOI:10.1002/path 2449.
In 2000, researchers led by Dr. Frank M. LaFerla at the department of Neurobiology and Behaviour at the University 1. Signifi cant changes in cognitive state from day 0 to day 120.
2. New Evidence Found Linking Herpes and Alzheimer’s. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 12, 2000 from http://www.sciencedaily.com/ majority of the population acquires Herpes of California, Irvine, demonstrated that a synthetic protein 2. Signifi cant changes in HSV-1 viral load.
releases/2000/05/000512083302.htm 3. University of Manchester (2008, December 7). Cold Sore Virus Linked that resembles the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) mimics the structure and function of a protein called ß-amyloid, a toxic 3. Signifi cant changes in “well-being” i.e. rate of change in To Alzheimer’s Disease: New Treatment, Or Even Vaccine Possible. Science Daily Retrieved January 7, 2009, from http://www.sciencedaily.com/ agent that accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer patients.(1).
“senior moments experienced in a week”. Genetic sequencing revealed that two-thirds a portion of the 4. Clinical Trial Results Show Proof-of Concept for Use of Coriolus versicolor as viral protein is identical to the beta-amyloid protein. The Cost per day of Supplementation
Immunonutrition in HPV Patients with Cervical Lesions (LSIL) . Medical News herpes, is transmitted by sexual contact. researchers showed that, like ß-amyloid, it could kill brain The estimated cost per day for Coriolus versicolor Daily Retrieved April 25 2008, from http:// www.medicalnewstoday.com/ . 5. Jean A. Monro, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. J Integrative neurons, a key feature in the development of Alzheimer’s. supplementation under this protocol would be £35.20 per By William Ahern
Moreover, in laboratory experiments, the viral protein formed 6. Jean A. Monro Treatment of Cancer with Mushroom Products. Arch Env Health 2003;58:533-537 abnormal twisted fi bres like those found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients-the defi nitive hallmark of the disease.(2), 14 dragon’s tale
dragon’s tale 15

Source: http://www.mrlusa.com/pdf/articles/Proposed_Protocol_for_the_Use_of_Coriolus_versicolor_supplementation_in_Alzheimers_Disease.pdf

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