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Tender for Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Servers/SAN and other Hardware Components for Data Centre The Disk to Disk backup is not required at this point of time and is removed.
We request you to kindly change it to: " AECC,memory mirroring and memory Memory Fault Tolerance for the Memory Fault Tolerance for the Memory DIMMs" DIMMs" which can be Memory lockstep mode/Chip Kill/Any other equivalent technology Request you to kindly remove this line as it will This line is removed.
This should be read as "Dual Port Fiber channel Mezzanine/PCIe or equivalent card to connect to shared storage".
Request to be replaced as “Cache shall be This should be read as " Cache shall be controllers using dedicated PCI-e bus mirrored across both controllers” As usage of whatever paths is irrelevant as long as performance criteria are met.
Request that this clause be deleted as it is This line is modified as "The storage array between primary and snapshot/clone Or To be changed to “ Storage array should volume.
support the creation of point in time copies as well as full clones. It should be capable of at least 4 point in time copies per volume.” TRU64 Unix has already been declared End of including TRU64 UNIX, HP-UX, Linux, sales in 2007. We support the operating Open VMS, Netware and Windows systems which are supported by the respective OEM’s, Hence request to remove Tru64 Support.
No of licenses should be for required no of This is modified as " Number of licenses unlimited or at-least 100 licenses for servers. Request to replace with “The Solution required is 20 for Bare Metal restore for Bare Metal restore for windows shall provide with Bare metal Licenses for all This should be read as "Should have a interconnects of Ethernet,FC fabrics." Same enclosure should support Intel It is understood for any of the support and not Technical requirement no change. Xeon/AMD Opteron/RISC/EPIC based all. As in this case Intel Support will predominant and Proprietary support like RISC, or better solution.
Chassis on Page Same enclosure should support server, storage and expansion blades storage as entirely separate unit , there is no point of having support for Storage in same Ethernet Switch on 2 No.s 10G Ethernet Switching Modules to be provided in redundant Gigabit(10/100/1000) Switches and Redundant However bidder may propose equivalent configuration for Connecting to all the 10G Switches.
blade servers to external Switch. Configuration should help minimize the Ethernet Cables Power Modules on The enclosure should be populated Power Supply should be N+N Redundancy and Technical requirement no change. fully with suitable power supplies for Not N+1 to achieve complete redundancy.
should support N+N or N+1 redundancy configuration, where N is greater than 1.
Ethernet Switch on Server to provide two 10G network 1) Please include dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports Technical requirement no change. also along with 10Gb Ethernet Card. This will As per our understanding E-District DATA centre will be located in the BHOPAL and Remote districts will be connecting to the data centre either by Leased line or ISDN BRI.The core router at DATA centre should be asked with ISDN PRI port to support Remote district dialing in through ISDN BRI.Request you change the port asked to ISDN PRI instead of ISDN BRI AS per the tender the interface required for the Since router is removed, this point is core routers is channelized STM which support irrelevant.
155 Mbps ,but the performance of the router asked is .2 MPPs which won't be sufficient to support the higher interface speed asked .
Kindly increase the Router performance to minimum of 1 Mpps Please clarificy the interface requirement for the Since router is removed, this point is Core Router Switch for DATA centre interface 24 As per the tender the port asked for the blade 10G port is for SAN switch connectivity.
server are 10 G capability .Does the Switch should support 10 G port to the connect the TX for connecting 1 Gbps LAN port of the Server .Kindly clarify the required port for the Additional slots are for future expansion Accordingly theNo. of Chassis to be quote with interoperability II" and "Blade Type III".
This should be read as " The storage 130000 IOPS" and "Offered Array should have usable 5 TB capacities with RAID 5 protection on 146 GB FC drives and should be scalable to at-least minimum of 90 numbers of Drives." We are planning to start our operation in If the vendor does not have an office in Bhopal. We do not have a full-Fledged set up there and we are operating through Associates. within One month of receiving work order.
However we confirm that in case we get this order, we shall immediately have an office space with the local VAT registration and a supportteam. In View of above, we request you to kindly wave the clause No. 4 point (i).
This should be read as "Payment for 90% supplied shall be released against proof of of the value of Hardware supplied shall be of consignment on submission of bills in triplicate. Balance 10% shall be released on of consignment on submission of bills successful installation. The payment for facility the Hardware supplied shall be released in triplicate. Balance 20% shall be Quarterly Installments after completion of each for facility management shall be released We recommend that a support for at least 8000 MAC addresses is requested in the switch have capacity to store more mac address This way we can avoid broadcast of packet in all the ports when the mac-table gets filled with the less the Mac table due to less mac address support We recommend the switch should support more VLANs and VLAN ids for more scalable and easy We recommend this from a high availability perspective, at each of your remote locations.
We recommend this as this reduces the overhead of Technical requirement no change. creating / modifying / deleting VLANs in all the switches and in turn eliminating the configuration Unidirectional Links and disabling them to avoid problems such as spanning-tree loops. We also recommend Spanning-tree root guard feature to prevent other edge switches in the network to become the root bridge.
We recommend that the switch should support LLDP Technical requirement no change. and LLDP-MED including client location information. However bidder may propose equivalent Should exchange link and device information in multivendor networks and have capability of identifying neighboring network devices on the network snooping for IPv4 and MLD v1 and v2 Snooping for However bidder may propose equivalent IPv6 provide fast client joins and leaves of multicast or better solution.
streams and limits bandwidth-intensive video traffic to only the requestors.
We recommend that the switch supports DHCP server enabling a convenient deployment option for the assignment of IP addresses in networks that do or better solution.
We recommend that the switch should support rollback to replace current configuration configuration rollback to replace current configuration with any saved configuration file.
We recommend that the switch shouldIEEE 802.1x Technical requirement no change. to allow dynamic, port-based security, providing administrators to ensure consistent mapping of IP to DHCP snooping to allow administrators to MAC addresses. This can be used to prevent attacks that attempt to poison the DHCP binding database, and to rate limit the amount of DHCP traffic that enters a switch port.
We recommend that the switch should support o Time-domain reflectometer (TDR) to diagnose and We recommend the switch should supported The Loop guard and bridge protocol data unit (BPDU) guard which provide Spanning Tree Protocol loop avoidance if unauthorized switch connected to port on the switch We recommend the switch should support Layer 2 Technical requirement no change. traceroute feature which allows the switch to identify the physical path that a packet takes from a or better solution.
source device to a destination device, This will help us during the time of troubleshooting We recommend the switch should support to prevent unauthorized edge devices not in the network administrator's control from becoming Installation and maintenance of E-District Application software is removed. All other Installation and maintenance of E-District mentioned in the clause shall remain same. This should be read as "In order to take care of the concerns outlined above, the the value of project, valid up to a period Performance Security can be in the form of Bank Guarantee or FDR Pledged in favour of MPSEDC Ltd., Bhopal." NOTE: Modified Price Bid Format (Annexure 8) is given below. The Tenderer should submit his Price Bid in the modified Price Bid Format Annexure 8 – Details of Financial Rate The quantity of hardware may be changed as per requirement. Payment shall be made as per actual quantity installed. Charges for facility management shall Monitor 19” LCD for blade server console PVC Pipe/ Casing Capping/ GI Pipe (as required) IO, Patch Cord, Mounting Cords (as required) Additional RAM for the server specified In the tender in 4 GB Additional 146GB @ 15k rpm SAS hot pluggable HDD for the Additional processor for the server specified In the tender Facility Management Services charges as per details specified in scope of work as a percentage of total Hardware cost per quarter.



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