Enough logic to get through an intro ethics class

Evaluate each of the following arguments.
1. Just as the family should never be put in the hands of the children, the government should never be put in the hands of the people. Democracy only invites mob rule. 2. Since Moby Dick was written by Shakespeare, and Moby Dick is a science fiction novel, it follows that Shakespeare wrote a science fiction novel. 3. Squirrels and rats are both rodents of similar size and appearance, and while rats cause problems in the city, squirrels cause problems in the suburbs. Since we all agree that rats should be exterminated, it’s about time we just exterminated all squirrels. 4. Every province in Canada has exactly one capital. Therefore, since there are thirty provinces in Canada, there 5. A CEO who had sex with an intern would be fired on the spot. A senior officer who slept with a recruit would be court-martialed. That’s why Bill Clinton should not have been acquitted by the Senate. 6. Since some fruits are green, and some fruits are apples, it follows that some fruits are green apples. 7. Abortion consists in killing a living person. So if you believe in capital punishment, you must also be in favor 8. The United States Congress has more members than there are days in the year. Therefore, at least two members of Congress have the same birthday. 9. If acupuncture is hocus pocus, then acupuncture cannot relieve chronic pain. But acupuncture can relieve chronic pain, and thus, it is not hocus pocus. 10. Health care plans generally cover pills like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra so men can get an erection, but they refuse to cover birth control pills. Just goes to show you that men make these decisions, and the old boys club screws women over once again. 11. Harry will never be able to pass an advanced calculus class. He has never studied anything beyond algebra, 12. Every map of the United States shows that Alabama is situated on the Pacific coast. This fact indicates that 13. People have been listening to rock and roll music for over a hundred years. Probably people will still be 14. Robert has lost consistently at blackjack every day for the past several days. Therefore, it is very likely that he 15. 90% of U.S. Congressman are lawyers. Since Bob Barr is a U.S. Congressman, it follows that he is a lawyer. 16. Most famous movie stars are millionaires. Leonardo Di Caprio is a famous movie star. So, probably Di 17. I’ve come before you to ask that you rehire Professor Johnson. I realize that Mr. Johnson does not have a Ph.D., and I am aware that he has yet to publish his first article. But Mr. Johnson is over forty now, and he has a wife and two high-school aged children to support. It will be very difficult for him to find another job at his age, I’m sure you will agree. 18. We have a simple choice. Saving Social Security is sure as hell a lot more important than giving people a tax cut. So write your representative now and let him or her know how you feel. 19. Look, maybe you think it’s a good idea to legalize tribal casinos, but I don’t. Letting every last group of people in the country open a casino is a ridiculous idea, bound to cause trouble. 20. Horace, you’re new to this town, and I want to warn you about the local newspaper. It’s in cahoots with all them left-wing environmental nutcakes that are wrecking the economy around here. You can’t believe a thing you read in it. 21. Would you rather watch Rosie O’Donnell or Oprah Winfrey? 22. The Ayatollah speaks truly because he is not a man who would ever lie. 23. If sodium is put into water, it will explode. That sample must not be sodium, because when I put it in water, it 24. People who kill are bad. They deserve to be punished, but not murdered. By killing the murderer, it won’t bring back the victim, or even killing people who rape won’t change the fact that they raped. Therefore, the death penalty should be abolished, because it does no good. 25. Abortion is murder. After a few weeks of conception the fetus has a heartbeat and brain, like all humans. Killing a defenseless human is considered murder. The fetus cannot defend itself.

Source: http://www.monge.net/phil144mm/coursedocs/25arguments.pdf

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