Minnesota crime prevention association

February 23, 2012
Plymouth PD

Board Members: Terry Dehmer, Nichole Korth, Ann Marie Buck, Lee Glamm, Jennifer
Schaefer, John Eastham, Maryan Saad, Angela Haseman, Becky Boie, Jill Ondry
Absent: Sarah Mahmud, Kim Kiley, Heidi Miller
Meeting was called to order by President Schaefer at 10:15 a.m.
Amy Nash, BCA intern introduced.
Motion to approve January Board minutes
Motion – Anne Marie
Second – John
All approved
Balance $30,653.64 as of 02/23/12. Conference book closed, all balances paid.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s report
Motion – Jennifer
Second – Lee
All approved
Thank you from Kathy Ailts.
Notice from Secretary of State regarding Annual Report. Have not needed to submit in past.

2011 Annual Report completed and reviewed.
Motion to Approve 2011 Annual Report and place on website- MaryAn
Second- Angela
All Approved
Taxes/Audit. Discussion of need for tax preparation and full audit. Costs are approximately $500
for an audit and review of the books. This was last done in 2008. May completion.
Motion to spend up to $500 to do taxes and audit – Ann Marie
Second – Becky
All approved
MCPA letter head. Motion to order 2,500 letter head and 2,500 envelopes from Allegra Print and
Imaging, $260 for letter head and $210 for envelopes plus a $60 set-up fee. Total cost: $530—
All Approved.
All Board Member signatures on file
All Board Members signed MCPA Nonprofit status Legal Obligation
New member packets handed out to new board members
Chief’s Conference.
- Certificate for free membership and conference registration created and reviewed. This certificate will be given to conference as a giveaway. Angela will correct mistakes. - Motion for $25 discount for those attendees signing up at conference approved--Ann
International Conference. Angela has been invited to present TAP at the International Crime Free
conference to the whole conference. ICFA has waived registration fee for Angela.
Motion to pay for travel and hotel for Angela to attend the International Crime Free Conference
in Wichita Falls, Texas--Becky
All approved
NCPC Membership for 2012 discussed.
Storage unit in Ramsey County does have 24 hour access, if needed.


Education/ Training
Conference 2012:
Themes discussed. “Everyday Heroes” was decided on as the 2012 theme.
Explorer Competition:
March 31-April 1, 2012 0800-1630 hours-training at SCALE facility in Jordan.
Competition prep for State Conference in Rochester. Assistance needed.
CPTED in 2013. Becky will contact Art Hushen about available dates.
Membership Drive:
90 paid members to date.
Membership brochure being updated. Discussion regarding business membership.
Motion to accept policy and procedure changes regarding the business membership
limited to 3 persons per membership--Nichole
All approved
New member pins do exist. We will continue this practice this year and try to get pins to
current members who may not yet have pins.
Business Membership Committee:
(See above)
Trading Cards:
Moving forward. Topics will include: “See something, say something”, prescription
drugs, poisoning, concussion safety, booster seats, protect and respect property

Conference Registration will be posted soon.
Crime Bytes Newsletter:
New Board Member bios will be included in the next newsletter. AAA will have music cards/ear bud holders available. Article about this will be in the newsletter. Request for additional topics.

MCPA Programs:

Night to Unite/NNO:
Inventory completed and new items ordered for the store to have same inventory as last
Discussion about NTU and registration-perhaps a discount for those who register at the
store, a free item, or a short survey prior to entering the store. We need to track
participation numbers for our funding sources. Right now, we will email members to
request registration and place an article on in Crime Bytes. The NTU/NNO subcommittee will have to meet to discuss further. Maryan will be gone during June 2012. Another person will need to take over her responsibilities. We will be reaching out to others to assist. Crime Free Programs:
Upcoming Trainings:
Brooklyn Park-Day 1 Terry Dehmer 763-493-8277 Coon Rapids-Day 1 Bill Michael 763-767-6402 Coon Rapids-Day 1 Bill Michael 763-767-6402 Note: St. Cloud, Sartell, Robbinsdale are all doing 4 hour classes, not CFMH. Grants & Partnerships:

OJP grant, end 2/29/12 at 4 pm. Community crime prevention grant. Possible grant for CPTED training. Meeting Evaluation Meeting adjourned at 11:42 a.m Next Meetings:

March 29 – Board and Membership Packets, Board photo - New Hope PD 1000-1400
April 26 – Board - Hopkins PD 1000-1200
May 24 – Board and Conference Planning - Eagan PD 1000-1400
June 28 – Board – AAA Burnsville 1000-1200 July- No Meeting August 23 – Board and Conference Planning - BCA 1000-1400 September 25 – Board and Conference - Brooklyn Center PD 1000-1400 Oct- Annual Conference, TBD at Conference Planning November - No Meeting December 13 – Board Meeting and Retreat - Ramsey County Patrol Station 1000-1600 Respectively submitted, Angela Haseman

Source: http://www.mncpa.net/vertical/sites/%7B4E999F07-F513-48FC-B008-C22FFEE14E29%7D/uploads/Feb_2012_Meeting_Notes.pdf

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