Curriculum vitae

Tjæreborg Stationsvej 1, 1st floor, DK-6731 Tjæreborg, Denmark • +45 28139066 • [email protected] Software developer and architect with a hardware background, possessing relaxed attitude, analytical and communicative skills. Always striving for technical perfection but has a well developed commercial sense.
Broad experience within embedded software on numerous hardware platforms, operating systems and programming languages. Core competency lies in the intersection between hardware and software.
Advocating (open) standardization and cooperation on a technical level wherever possible. Firm believer in open and collaborative software development as practioned in the FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) Cares about developing solutions that are generally usable, in the broadest possible sense.
Dedicated and fierce solution hunter when faced with a problem that needs to be solved.
Family status
Two daughters aged 6 and 10 years (staying with me 6 days out of 14) Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg (Esbjerg, Denmark)
BSc EE, Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Aarhus Akademi (Aarhus, Denmark)
Esbjerg Gymnasium (Esbjerg, Denmark)
Blåbjerggårdskolen (Esbjerg, Denmark)
Nuussuup Atuarfia (Nuuk, Greenland)
Embedded software development
Serial based communication (RS232/RS485/TTL/CAN/I2C) Device drivers (proprietary operating systems/Linux kernel) Hardware platforms
x86 based architecture (SoM using STX and COM-Express form factor, dedicated gaming mainboards) Software platforms
Linux kernel (customization, patching & building, driver maintenance) GNU user space tools (Debian/Ubuntu based distributions) Tjæreborg Stationsvej 1, 1st floor, DK-6731 Tjæreborg, Denmark • +45 28139066 • [email protected] Programming Languages
ANSI C (Microtec m68k, GCC x86, GCC Atmel AVR) Java (JRE desktop / JavaCard smartcard application) Personal interest in various other higher level languages (Python, REBOL, Clojure etc.) Primary tools
Human Languages
English, near native textually and experienced orally German, intelligible orally, not recommended textually Generally very meticulous about written communication CompuGame-DAE A/S (until 2012 Compu-Game A/S), Esbjerg, Denmark
2001-02-01 -> now
Software developer (senior), R&D department
• Maintenance of firmware for existing AWP (amusement with payout) slot machine gaming platform at system level (ie. not specifically game design).
• Development and maintenance of firmware for an AWP interconnection box, which reports revenue and earnings directly to the Danish tax authorities.
• Member of industry wide standard group coordinating the development and operation of the above • Key developer (HW specification, SW architecture design and SW implementation) of completely new AWP • Release management and tool-chain responsible for the entire department.
Mikini Services
2007-03-01 -> now
Independent one-man show
• Small scale consultancy and IT services • Centered around own skills and interests Member of board at IT-Forum Vest until fusion with IT-Forum Syddanmark.
Active in various open data and open source projects, including:
• TED Open Translation project, subtitling of the great TED talks Man of nature, working towards a minimalistic and resource-restrained lifestyle.
Categorically denies himself programmed television, alcohol, caffeine, bottled water and avoids heavily Avid runner since 2008 (lately barefooted), completed 3 marathons.
Volunteer at Park Run Esbjerg (social and free weekly 5 km run) Paraglider pilot since 2010 in paragliding and hanggliding club OP87.
Member of IUG, Ingeniører Uden grænser (Engineers Without Borders Denmark).
Tjæreborg Stationsvej 1, 1st floor, DK-6731 Tjæreborg, Denmark • +45 28139066 • [email protected] Updated 2012-04-13


Microsoft word - upper endoscopy prep sheet.doc

UPPER ENDOSCOPY PREP SHEET Patient: _____________________________________________ Procedure Date: ______________________  Please check with your insurance company about preauthorization. The phone number will be located on the back of your PHYSICIAN: Harsha Jayawardena, M.D. PLACE OF PROCEDURE: Franklin General Hospital Outpatient Surgery Dept. 641-456-5032 TIME OF PROCEDURE:


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