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September 15, 2010
09:00 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Fond du Lac
625 West Rolling Meadows Drive, Fond du Lac WI 54937
(608) 923-1440
Intersection of Highway 41 and Highway 151 South
Directions: FINAL AGENDA
09:00 a.m. Item 1: Call Council Meeting to Order
• Welcome and Introductions • Read Guidelines for Conduct of Meeting (Attachment 1) • Action Requested: Review and Approval of Minutes from Council meeting of July 21, 2010 (Attachment 2) Upcoming Conferences/Trainings/Events (Attachment 3) 09:15 a.m. Item 2: Update on Women’s Mental Health Treatment
Facility at Wisconsin Resource Center
09:30 a.m. Item 3: Overview of Fond du Lac County Mental Health Becky Holtzman

Fond du Lac Co. Department of Community Programs 10:30 a.m. Item 4: Follow-Up to Council Tours and Presentations Regarding
Winnebago & Fond du Lac County Programs, Taycheedah,
and Wisconsin Resource Center

• Observations and Discussion • Recommendations 11:00 p.m. Item 5: Updates from Division of Mental Health John Easterday, Administrator
and Substance Abuse Services (DMHSAS) and Joyce Allen, BPTR
11:45 a.m. Item 6: Lunch and Networking
12:30 p.m. Item 7: Committee Reports, Discussion, Recommendations and Action

Proposed Amendment to Council By Laws Permitting the Council Chair to Appoint Persons Recommended By a State Agency Secretary as Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Council Members, as Needed to Meet Requirements of State and Federal
Council Membership and Composition Requirements, Pending
Gubernatorial Appointment (Attachment 4)
- Discussion
- Recommendations
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Infrastructure Study (See Infrastructure Study Attachment 5, forwarded separately, also link at:
- Motion from Committee:
Recommend that the Infrastructure Study document, with the
amendments as discussed, be approved by the Council (see draft
letter for amendments, Attachment 6)
- Draft Infrastructure Letter for Council approval (Attachment 6)
Recommendation to Add Abilify to Medicaid Preferred Recommendations Regarding Medicaid Prior Authorization for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (Attachments 7-B & 7-C) Policy Issues To Be Addressed by L&P Committee 2011-1012 Status and Updated Membership List as of 09/15/10 1:10 p.m. Item 8: Opportunity for Public Input Baldwin
1:13 p.m. Item 9: Call for Future Agenda Items

1:15 p.m. Item 10: Adjourn

Contact person:
Melanie Foxcroft at (608) 267-3948 or by e-mail at [email protected].
Council members please notify the contact person before the meeting if you will not be attending.
Handicapped parking is available at the meeting site. People needing accommodations to attend or participate in
this meeting please notify the contact person 5 days prior to the meeting.
Cc: State Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Posted: State Capital Building


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