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DIVISION OR OFFICE: Food and Energy Assistance
DATE: .April 26, 2007
TYPE: A – Action


The purpose of this agency letter is to allow counties to apply for 2007-08 LEAP Outreach
Incentive awards. Counties may submit applications for enhanced outreach allocations in 2007-
08 based on LEAP outreach activities undertaken during the current 2006-07 heating season.
LEAP distributed a total of $100,000 to 25 counties in 2006-07 based on innovative outreach
efforts undertaken in 2005-06.
Traditionally, LEAP sets aside $500,000 annually for county outreach (plus $100,000 for the state
office). Funds were allocated according to prior year caseload – counties with the highest
caseloads (approvals and denials) received the highest outreach allocations.
LEAP enhanced this procedure several years ago. Counties now compete for a share of the
$100,000 in incentive funds. A sample of the funded projects include: developing county specific
brochures and bi-lingual brochures; including LEAP flyers in mailings to other assistance
recipients, such as Child Support, Child Care, Food Stamps, Medicaid, etc.; distributing LEAP
flyers in large apartment complexes; and, making special presentations at sites like large
employers of low-income workers and schools attended by children of low-income families.
It is our hope that this incentive initiative will motivate counties to pursue additional effective,
innovative outreach activities, while learning from the successful approaches of other counties.
How to Apply
The 2007-08 outreach incentive awards will be based on 2005-06 outreach activities. Counties
wishing to apply should submit the attached application form, no later than May 25, 2007 to:
[email protected]
Please contact Yasmin Haver if you would like an electronic version of this form.
Funds Distribution
LEAP will set aside up to $100,000 in the incentive fund. LEAP will sub-divide the incentive
fund into large, medium, and small county categories to ensure that applicants are competing
against counties with comparable populations. The amounts of large, medium, and small county
allotments will depend on the number of applications submitted by each group.
State staff will score submissions according to factors listed below and on the attached scoring
matrix. Merely submitting an application will not ensure funding. Outreach activities funded
in 2007-08 will be considered for renewed funding. Applicant counties should demonstrate the
previously funded activity’s effectiveness in reaching eligible clients when applying for renewed
Number of sites where LEAP applications are available – The more places people can obtain application form, the more likely they are to apply. (Weight = 15) Coordination with other agencies – The extent to which the county LEAP program works with and provides LEAP materials to other county programs inside and outside the human services network, such as health care services, employers, children’s services, etc. (Weight = 15) Number of ads, notices, and public service announcements placed in local media – There is a correlation between the volume of LEAP notices, or ads, placed in local newspapers, television, radio, etc., and the level of public awareness. This awareness, in turn, should result in more LEAP applications and more approvals for assistance. (Weight = 10) Number of special events held to promote LEAP – Examples of special events include fairs, workshops, and sports tournaments. (Weight = 10) Number of public relations activities – Public relations activities may include appearances on television news shows, radio interviews, placement of newspaper articles about LEAP, etc. Public relations differ from #4 above in that these activities are generally unpaid. (Weight = 10) Innovative county outreach activities – These are “thinking outside of the box” efforts to reach and motivate potential LEAP applicants. (Weight = 15) Number of community and senior center visits (Weight = 10) Number of outreach special mailings – The state office conducts a mass mailing of LEAP applications in the fall of each year. Counties may opt to do other mailings, like postcard reminders, later in the heating season. (Weight = 5) Any other outreach activity not addressed above. (Weight = 5)
LEAP staff will rate each factor on a scale from 1 to 5 points. The score for each factor will then
be multiplied by the weight to obtain a weighted score. Therefore, the maximum score any
county can receive is 500 points.
Fairness in Scoring
To ensure fairness in scoring, at least two state LEAP staff members will review each application
independently from one another. The final score will represent a consensus between the two
Effective Date:
Contact Person:
Yasmin Haver
(303) 861-4463
[email protected]
LEAP OUTREACH INCENTIVE PROGRAM: SCORING Number of sites where LEAP applications and instruction sheets are available, such as utility companies, community centers, senior centers, employers Coordination with other county programs and agencies, e.g. health services, mental health, Head Start, job service agencies, Meals on Wheels, employers to disseminate LEAP information Number of ads, notices, public service announcements placed in newspapers, television, radio, and other local media Innovative county outreach activities Number of special events held to promote LEAP Number of public relations activities, such as television appearances, radio interviews, newspaper articles Innovative county outreach activities Number of community and senior centers visits Number of outreach special mailings, e.g. postcards, second notices Any other outreach activity not addressed LEAP OUTREACH INCENTIVE PROGRAM: 2007-08 APPLICATION
County: _______________________________________
Name of person completing this form: ___________________________
Title of person completing this form: __________________________
Date: _____________________________

Briefly describe your county’s 2006-07 LEAP outreach program. Please list the sites where you distributed LEAP applications and instruction sheets during 2006-07. Use a separate sheet, if necessary. Please describe your county’s efforts to coordinate 2006-07 LEAP outreach with other community agencies such as health centers, job service centers, child service agencies, employers, etc. Describe any ads, notices, and/or public service announcements you placed in local press or broadcast media outlets. Please list the outlets and describe the messages that appeared in each. Describe any special events, such as street fairs, that your county office conducted or participated in to promote LEAP in 2006-07. Please describe any public relations activities county personnel participated in to advance 2006-07 LEAP outreach. Examples include television/radio interviews, newspaper articles, public recognition events, etc. List community centers and senior centers you visited to promote LEAP in 2006-07, and the dates of those visits. Also, please describe the presentations you made at these sites. Attach copies of handouts if you wish. Describe any special mailings your county conducted to potentially eligible LEAP households after the initial mass mailing in the fall. Describe any other LEAP outreach activities your county conducted in 2006-07 not covered in the items above. Please call Scott Barnette at 303-861-0325, or Yasmin Haver at 303-861-4463 with any questions. Thank you.


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