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Building Interoperability for European Civil
Proceedings Online

Research Conference - Bologna, 15-16 June 2012

Giampiero Lupo
Department of Political Science,
University of Bologna, (IT)
Andrea Resca
IRSIG-CNR, Bologna, (IT)
Project coordinator
Research Institute on Judicial Systems, National Research Council of Italy (IRSIG-CNR) In partnership with
Law Faculty, Central European University (CEU), Budapest ICT Department, Italian Ministry of Justice, Rome Institute of Law and Technology, (IDT) Autonomous University of Barcelona Department of Political Science (DSP), University of Bologna Interdepartmental Research Centre on European Law (CIRDE), University of Bologna Centre for Social Studies (CES), University of Coimbra With the financial support of
European Commission, Directorate General Justice Freedom and Security, COMPARATIVE TABLE: THE NATIONAL E-FILING SYSTEMS ANALYZED.
Money Claim Online
Trial OnLine TOL
(Central Department for
Enforcement on the basis
of Authentic Document)

Project background
affecting the development of justice; attempt to procedures, utilize of ICT in enforcement procedures by a are seen as an obstacle for information technology solutions, fostering business process modifications, and changes of legislation. Project Goals
county courts with repetitive the enforcement procedures lawyers to the content of the simplify the activities of any promote proceeding transparency and timeliness. The development strategy
New centralized information It is a relatively recent of pre-existing technological installed base. Transition bottom-up installed base to a the technological installed organizational/technological organizational installed base regulations intervened to formalize the new proceedings. The organizational installed base demonstrated to support this innovation. A tendency to centralize has The Tribunal of Milan’s existing installed base (in all servers and the fact that only one. agency and a single Court of of the components) CIF's strategic technological guidelines, such as three-tier architecture, modularity, re-usability, interoperability, vendor neutrality and independence, and open standards. Publicized in County Courts TV, broadcast). users and clients. No special promotion activities to attract the users. Only clarification of potential misunderstandings done mostly by regular communication with the media. Changes and amendments to Legal changes followed the procedure so that developers the new department that had an useful space of Configuration of the
Technological Component
procedures was established. It is located in Oporto and is composed only by clerks. Since 2008 the Citius-Small Claims (BNI -“National Desk for Payment Order Procedures”) procedure platform is available for lodging cases, paying fees and access the national registry. Lawyers and solicitors are forced to use it. This is not the case if requests are sent by parties directly. system (a subsidy of the national Post Office) to optimize and expedite printing. their signature other then the for writing decisions, electronic receiving and Semantic issues
legislation states that official only in Slovenian language, and Welsh. However, all the to enable filing in other online procedure is not creditors from EU or any other countries. Claim submission simplified Payment order procedures are managed by clerks. Only are managed as any other Ljubljana, that has exclusive they acquire judicial nature A private company has been External access points are private company perspective key components / segments usually performed by private the entire Citius system. On most important which has an companies contracted on the its basis and in collaboration overarching contract with server and printing facilities. Scanning of return of when he receives the claim pack with all the information regarding the claim. Circulation of agency
for the veracity of the claims provides a digital signature system supported by a smart operators a digital signature an user and a claim number. Individual users (mostly can register online to receive CitiusWeb (Citius.Net + applications and registries of related to the number of the judiciary. The Chamber MJ system. Do the user need have access to the service developed for registration of Bar Association. communication will take place through certified Signature:
Yes, it is digital and is based Yes, it is digital and it is
Data exchange:

based on a form arranged by digital) and paper solutions Payment of Court Fees
The fee amount is calculated Two solutions have been automatically, by submitting envisaged for the payment communicated electronically. The second one consists in fee payment by bank order and the receipt is scanned and then attached to the request.


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