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Terms & Conditions
Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge 2011
1. Introduction
2. Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge
3. Who can participate?
4. Registration
5. Team composition
6. Competition stages
7. Correspondence
8. Prizes
9. Intellectual Property
10. Privacy Policy
11. Claims and disputes
1. Introduction
Airbus Fly Your Ideas is a contest that challenges students worldwide to develop new ideas to deliver a Airbus is offering a cash prize of €30,000 for the team whose idea demonstrates the greatest short or long term potential to improve the environmental performance of the aviation industry. Before participating in Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge, you should read the official terms and conditions in By registering, you unconditionally agree to all of the terms and conditions. Furthermore, you accept any and all of Airbus’s decisions with regard to the Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge as final and binding in all 2. Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge
Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge (hereafter the “Competition”) is an international competition organized by Airbus S.A.S., a company incorporated under French law as a simplified joint stock company, with its headquarters located at 1, Rond Point Maurice Bellonte_31707 Blagnac Cedex_France (hereafter “The 3. Who can play?
Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge is a competition for students of all disciplines, who will still, by 30th April 2011, be studying a Bachelors, Masters or PHD-level degree qualification, or the local equivalent, at a recognised degree awarding institution, such as a University, Grande Ecole, College or Fachochschule, hereafter referred to as “University”, on a full-time or part-time basis. Employees of Airbus, EADS, or their agents are not allowed to enter the Competition. Students currently involved in an internship, apprenticeship or summer placement with Airbus/EADS are NOT eligible to take part in the Competition. Students who start working for Airbus while participating in the Competition must withdraw from the Airbus/EADS employees’ family members ARE allowed to enter the Competition, but MUST declare the name of said Airbus employee when they register on the Competition website. Failure to do so will invalidate their registration, and will lead to disqualification from the Competition at this, or any later stage. An individual who registers for and participates in the Competition as an individual or team or Academic Mentor cannot under any circumstances be considered as having a contractual employment relationship with Airbus or any part of the EADS group, and for the avoidance of all doubt, cannot be considered as a salaried 4. Registration
Students wishing to participate must register in teams of between 3-5 participants. Individual students are only allowed to register under one team name. Students registering for more than All individual members of the teams must have a valid e-mail address. Airbus reserves the right to check the validity of the registration information submitted by students at any stage during the Competition and to ask for evidence of student status from the university cited by the Airbus also reserves the right to refuse participation, or to disqualify, at any time during the Competition, students (and their teams) who have submitted incorrect or misleading information. Teams will have no recourse against disqualification decisions. All teams must be registered by 30th November 2010. Any team not correctly registered by that date will not be able to participate further in the Competition. 5. Team composition
Each team must comprise between 3 (minimum) and 5 (maximum) team members. In exceptional circumstances, where students are already working on a similar project as part of their university curriculum, the Promoter will allow teams with more than 5 team members to enter the Competition. In these cases, teams must communicate this to the Promoter at the team registration stage by ticking the larger teams box and completing the relevant Academic’s details under the larger teams section Each team should ideally comprise a diverse range of students from different disciplines, such as engineering, business, finance, science and should ideally also have a mix of men and women, though this Each team must have a team spokesperson. This person will be the main contact point for the Promoter, and emails sent to the email address provided by the spokesperson will be considered delivered. Once a team has been registered, no modification in its composition will be allowed after the registration deadline of 30th November 2010, unless for specific reasons outlined below. In the event that the number of members in a team is reduced to fewer than 3, the team shall be disqualified. However, Airbus reserves the right not to disqualify teams in which a team member has a legitimate reason to leave their team, as long as there are at least 2 team members continuing the Competition. The reasons considered as legitimate by Airbus are the following: pregnancy, accidents, serious illness or hospitalisation. An additional team member may be invited to join the team as a replacement only before the start of Round 2 on the 17th January 2011.This decision is at Airbus’s discretion and will be reviewed by Airbus’s 6. Competition stages
The Competition will end in June 2011, with an Award ceremony for the top selected teams. For the avoidance of doubt, all times mentioned in Competition materials are based on Greenwich Mean There are 3 Rounds in the Competition, please consult the calendar below for deadlines to be aware of. At the start of each Round a brief will be sent to each team spokesperson to describe the format required and the evaluation criteria of that Round. The Promoter may send additional information to each Team Spokesperson during the course of each Round, which will add to, or override, the information in the Briefing Pack. In this case, this information will be sent to all teams at the same time, and to the participant named as Competition Calendar
Final Presentations & Awards June 2011 – (Int Paris Air Show – Le Bourget) Competition Requirements, Evaluation and Selection of Prize Winners Each team will be required to submit the following: Round 1 – Project Proposal (online questionnaire) Round 2 – Project Submission (a written report, plus appendices if required, and a short video) The team spokesperson will be sent a ‘Briefing Pack’ for each round in which their team is involved, on or before the start date of that round. The Briefing Pack will contain details of the requirements for that round, including format, content and evaluation criteria. Rounds 1 and 2 will be assessed by Airbus staff and / or industry experts (the Assessors). The Assessors’ decision will be based on the criteria set out in the Briefing Pack sent at the start of that round. The Assessors’ decision on which teams should progress to the next stage will be final and no correspondence Round 3 will be assessed by Airbus staff and / or industry experts (the Judging Panel or Jury). The Jury will select a winning and runner up team following a live presentation in Paris. The Jury’s decision will be based on the criteria set out in the Round 3 Briefing Pack. The Jury’s decision will be final and no correspondence Airbus will organise and pay for all hotel/accommodation and travel expenses for the teams invited to participate in the Final in Paris/Le Bourget. Essential ‘out-of-pocket’ travel (e.g. taxis) expenses incurred by these participants will be reimbursed upon presentation of relevant receipts. Other personal expenses 7. Correspondence
There will be an FAQ section on the Competition website, which will aim to cover many of the key questions Any additional questions or comments concerning the Competition must be sent via email to: info@airbus-
However no guarantee of an answer or an answer time may be given. Furthermore, Airbus reserves the right not to answer the question if it is judged that an answer would give an unfair advantage to certain Participants who have received unofficial or content sensitive information relating to the Competition with the intent of allowing an unfair competitive advantage, from employees, apprentices and trainees of any party involved with the Competition must immediately inform Airbus by emailing [email protected]
8. Prizes
Each team prize should be equally divided between correctly registered team members. Each team and /or team member will be wholly responsible for the payment of any tax, contribution or amount of any kind due (if any) in respect of the award of a prize under the Competition. The Promoter reserves the right to award additional prizes during or at the end of the Competition. 9. Intellectual Property – Data Protection
By registering to participate in the Competition and checking the Terms and Conditions acknowledgement box, Participants agree to assign with full title guarantee to the Promoter and its affiliates, legal representatives, assigns, agents and licensees all rights, title and interest in the submission, including all intellectual property rights in, and embodied by, the submission, for the duration of protection afforded by the relevant intellectual property rights, including the right of reproduction and the right of performance, with respect to the Competition, as well as in all materials arising out of the Participants’ participation in the Competition ("Additional Materials") in any media throughout the world, without further compensation. By registering to enter the Competition, Participants also agree to allow the Promoter to use the name and photo of the participating students in any kind of advertising material, without time or geographic limitation, and without any additional remuneration. The Promoter hereby agrees to grant the participating institution user rights for the purpose of normal academic teaching and basic research purposes not directly involving third parties. Such rights come into effect on completion of the Competition. Prior to any use of the Promoters’ name, logo, images or any other similar Promoter material in any publication, permission must have been granted in writing. In such a case the Promoter undertakes to cooperate to allow the timely submission, examination, publication of any dissertation or thesis for a degree, which includes such material. If such a request is made and if within two months no response has been provided, such permission will be considered as having been withheld. In addition the Promoter would appreciate a copy of any publication (e.g. journal, conference etc) that directly relates to the ideas generated in the Competition. Where the institution represented by the Academic Mentor has alternative arrangements in place for industrial partnerships, the Promoter will consider these, without obligation. 10. Privacy Policy
When registering for the Competition on the website, personal data will be gathered
and processed by Airbus S.A.S and by other entities of the Airbus group in order to enable you to take part in Pursuant to the French Computer Data and Civil Liberties Act n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 which complies with the European Directive on personal data and privacy protection, you are entitled to apply for access to your personal data saved by Airbus for the purposes of such service, and request that it be changed, rectified or deleted. To this effect, please contact: [email protected]
11. Claims and disputes – How will disputes be managed?
Any team suspected of plagiarism will be investigated, and, if deemed appropriate by the Promoter, Claims/disputes should be sent within one calendar month of the end of the Competition in writing by email to the address [email protected] please include ‘Dispute’ in the subject header. The Ruling of The Promoter shall be final and binding. Disputes are subject to jurisdiction of the French Court.



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