Syllabus, Hebrew VI,
םייתוברתה היטבהל תירבעה Instructor: Sigalit Davis,
Senior lecturer in Hebrew Language and Specialist in Curriculum Development and
Instruction of Hebrew

Hebrew VI: M’korot
M, T 2:30-4:30 AND F 9-11
[email protected]

Pre-requisite: A passing grade in Hebrew V / Instructor permission.
10%Attendance; 10% homework; 10% quizzes; 20% mid-term verb; 20% mid-term syntax; 30% final.
Overarching goal: To ensure that all graduates of M’korot entering Shanah Aleph will
function as intermediate-high/advance learners with competence in Hebrew speaking,
listening, writing and reading
and with a mastery of fundamentals of the Hebrew
At the end of the year students will be able to express themselves in speaking and writing
in all Hebrew tenses, in complex sentences describe, compare and express their opinion
in Hebrew. They will be able to process and comprehend authentic Hebrew texts.
The texts will be chosen to enhance the students’ skills with literary texts, combining
themes with significant functional purposes and will be taught in a spiraling approach of
the historical layers of the Hebrew language.
Students will participate in two-hour sessions working on the language aspects of the texts that they are studying in their text-based courses. Required Books and tools: (available at the Israel Book Shop for your convenience)
1. Hapo’al L’lomdey Ivrit
2. Kri’at Beinayim , Goni Tishler,
3. Barkaly’s Verb Tables, Uval-Tormon Verb Chart and 501 Verbs
4. Barkaly’s Noun Declension Table
5. Desk Dictionaries: Alkalay Heb Eng-Eng Heb Dictionary AND
Even Shushan / Ben Y’huda Hebrew Hebrew Dictionary.
6. Supplementary materials will be provided by the instructor.

WK 1
M Jan 28

Welcome back activities; Text in review: Names; Sayed Kashua’ Applications: Chevrutot, Current events, Buber K”B - “Who and What is he?”- Israeli Satire, Play; The Copula in Hebrew (past, present, future); ‘Ein’ as a copula; demonstrative pronouns as copula.
Feb 5
Rav Nachman of Breslev; poetry/song; application
WK 3
Feb 11

K”B - “The man who…” - Relative clauses in Hebrew; Relative Pronouns; The syntax of the phrase “Each who…”; ‘Hodaya’ Modern Hebrew Song
Feb 12

Wk 4

Feb 18
PRESIDENTS DAY – Campus closed, no classes held
Verb system l”a
Applications: Purim Texts

WK 5
Feb 25

K”B – “Only if…” – Israeli poetry – Conditional sentences; Morphology of the new era of the Hebrew language: How do we create new words in Hebrew?
Feb 26
Verb system Geminates (historical review and application ) Geminates cont. + Supplementary texts for application
WK 6
March 4

K”B “Who Knows Why”- Haifa- Boston’s sister’s city; Causal Overview of the Verb system – the next step Modern Short Stories of Haifa w a lens of the societal changes

March 11

K”B- The War of the Languages- then and now…
WK 8
March 18

Application and review - text

March 25 –till April 2 - HAPPY PASSOVER – Spring Vacation

Wk 9
Apr 5 Welcome back text in review

Wk 10
Apr 8

K”B – “There is something in it despite it all”; Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; Syntax – vitur and histygut
Apr 9
Verb system the next step application methodologies Rabbinic text in conjunction w the Modern Hebrew syntax
Wk 11
Apr 15

K”B – “Like two drops in the sea”; Agriculture in Israel and the world; going Green; Syntax: comparative and juxtaposition in Hebrew. Verb system the next step application methodologies Hassidic lit. in conjunction w the Modern Hebew
WK 12
Apr 22

K”B- “Once Upon a Time”- the infinitive absolute in its Modern use; Jerusalem stories; Syntax- temporal phrases in complex sentences
Apr 23
Verb system the next step application methodologies K”B- “What is it for?”; Science and Creation; syntax - Purpose phrases and sentences;
Apr 30
Verb system the next step application methodologies
Wk 14
May 5

k”B- “ Thus said the Judge”; Modern text on Garden of Eden and justice; Syntax: direct object clauses – complex sentences, from direct to indirect speech; Review
of interrogatives; superlatives and comparatives.
May 6
Verb system the next step application methodologies; Combine Syntax of Modern and Rabbinic styles (K’B)
May 10
Jewish humor and Shavuot text application I

WK 15
May 13

Jewish humor and Shavuot text application II
EREV SHAVU’OT campus closes at 1pm – no session
concluding activity

WK 16
May 20

Prep Review texts and grammar
Final Section I
Final Section II
1. This syllabus is subject to change per instructor/administration
2. Journal entry is due every MONDAY
3. Every Friday there will be a quiz applying concepts and vocabulary accumulatively ( with emphasis on the specific weekly content )


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