www.goodhope.org.uk/eyedept/ Written by D Kinshuck Good Hope Hospital Eye Department 2001 Steroid eye drops (such as predsol) should not be used without advice from your ophthalmologist The cornea is the ‘window’ of your eye. It is The herpes simplex virus is very common. Most people have a herpetic infection at some time of their lives. However, only in a few unlucky people does the virus affect others. It has nothing to do with sex .that The cornea
As the ulcer is like ‘paint on a window’ The virus causes a special type of corneal A dendritic
ulcer, called ‘dendritic’ (after the latin term that means ‘many fingered’). A dendritic ulcer has many ’fingers’, like the branch of a tree. It can be seen with the slit lamp microscope used to examine your eye. Fluorescent yellow drops are used to show 5 times a day for 10 days. Depending on your particular ulcer, a different A dendritic ulcer
The cornea
magnified: a ‘cut
through’ diagram
of your eye.
100% recovery. Sometimes you get a faint scar, although this is more likely without treatment. If your eye is exceptionally red and achy a more serious infection may be present. You should not drive if your eye is very painful; rest is helpful. Most ulcers are 50% better in two days, but healing time is variable. Smoking damages your eyes, causing cataracts and even blindness. A healthy lifestyle helps your eyes. Most cities have an Eye Casualty service (see text) where you can phone or visit for urgent advice. ‘Stromal’ or ‘herpetic’ keratitis If the infection is in the substance of the cornea the keratitis’ (also called ’disciform’ treatment. (Acyclovir is safe even if you are mistaken and there is no infection.) Hospital site (Dudley Road), that day or keratitis
what is the cornea?
what is the herpes
frequently. If it does, preventative treatment simplex virus?
may work. Acyclovir tablets 200mg once or Like any infection, stress, overwork, or • what are dendritic
twice a day halves the number of episodes, but ulcers?
do they recur?
Use acyclovir eye cream, not the skin cream.
how to reduce the
Bring it to clinic each visit, with all your other
number of recurrences
drops and list of tablets you use. It is very
what is stromal keratitis?
safe. Use about 2cm length of cream 5 times a
day at the beginning, but later in the episode
as your eye heals you need less (5-10mm),
Acyclovir eye cream
although you may still need it 5 times a day.
Unless you have a very nasty red eye, if the episode starts one evening, you do not need to see your ophthalmologist or nurse until the next morning. Start the acyclovir cream if you have some.

Source: http://www.goodhopeeyeclinic.org.uk/herpetickeratitis.pdf

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