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Gleadless  Medical  Centre  Patient  Survey  2013   1. What is your current age?
Which ethnic group do you
Are you a patient, parent or
most identify with?
carer? (as many as apply)

Are you male or female?

Some  important  background  information  
Opening Hours. We are open Monday to
longer appointment can be arranged. We Friday 830am until 6pm with an extended have lots of “Same Day Ten Minute Appointments” with doctors and nurses as evening. We do not close at lunch time wel as pre-bookable appointments (usual y and calls are no longer passed to the
within 1-2 weeks) for reviews and less GP Collaborative but instead handled by
urgent matters. Whenever we are closed, our reception staff over lunch. We do not the GP Col aborative covers your care.   close on a Thursday afternoon.   Telephone Access. Each day one of the
Services. We offer Nurse & Doctor
partners acts as a "Duty Doctor", covering Appointments, Phlebotomy (blood taking) cal s to the practice. They deal with a large clinic, weekly Diabetes Clinic, Baby Clinic, number of phone cal s and many problems Travel advice & regular INR clinics, for can be dealt with in this way. If necessary those patients taking Warfarin. Safe an appropriate appointment can then be issuing of repeat prescriptions is another
al ocated, often on the same day.   Physical Access. As you wil know, we
Home Visits. As part of our core medical
have very limited space for parking in and service we offer home visits when needed around the medical centre. We encourage to those people who are unable to get to us staff to car-share or use alternative due to frailty or sickness. We aim to give methods of transport and we have 2 the same high standards of care to those disabled parking bays. We need to maintain access for regular emergency Access to care. You can see a doctor
vehicles to the surgery or for doctors to get within 24 hours at our “Three Minute out on visits. We would value your feedback on the changes made to parking efficiently handled from there and if not a at the practice over the past year.    
Reflecting  on  the  last  12  months  and  by  ticking,  circling  
or  marking  the  5  star  scales  please  indicate  your  opinion  
on  the  following  issues.  
2. Satisfaction with our opening hours.
How satisfied are you with our opening hours?
3. Satisfaction with premises.
Thinking about the building itself, waiting room, cleanliness,
facilities, decoration and consulting rooms, overall how
satisfied are you with the medical centre?
4. Satisfaction with our services.
We run a wide range of core and extended health care
services at the medical centre. Overall how satisfied are you
with services offered at the medical centre?
5. Thinking about our Doctors and Nurses.
How satisfied are you with the professionalism, expertise and
courtesy of the doctors and nurses at the medical centre?
6. Thinking about our reception and support staff.
How satisfied are you with the professionalism, expertise and
courtesy of the reception and support staff at the medical
7. Home Visits.
If you have asked a doctor to visit your home to see someone
who is frail or housebound in the last 12 months how satisfied
have you been with this service?
8. Access to medical care.
How easy do you find it to get a suitable appointment at a time that suits you? 9. Satisfaction with speaking to a doctor by telephone.
If you have asked a doctor to telephone you
in the last 12
, how satisfied have you been with this experience?
10. Physical access and car parking.
How satisfied are you with physical access to the centre?
Please specifically consider the introduction of ‘Parking-Eye’
to aid emergency vehicle and disabled access.

Thank  you  for  your  time.  Dr  McCole  and  the  Team.  


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