Pre medication

As you know, children have special dental needs. For instance, it is often difficult to ask a young patient to
cooperate for 20 to 40 minutes in a dental chair. In order to lower the anxiety level some children
experience during dental treatment, pre medication is sometimes prescribed. Thus, the use of the pre
medication helps the child tolerate dental procedures—the alternative is to hospitalize the child and utilize
an operating room with general anesthesia (that is, to “put the child to sleep”). The main advantage of our
use of sedation in the office is that your child is still conscious and able to communicate throughout the
dental treatment and hopefully develop a positive outlook regarding dental appointments.
The pre medications used are Chloral Hydrate/Phenergan or Meperidine/Diazepam/Vistaril or Versed
and/or Fentanyl in a liquid form or nasal spray.
Our office requires a deposit of $50 to schedule your child’s pre med appointment. This deposit will be
applied to the dental work performed on your child at the time of their appointment. If you must cancel or
reschedule this appointment we ask that you provide us with a 24-hour notice in order to keep your deposit.
If a 24-hour notice is not given for a missed appointment the deposit will be used to pay for a $50 missed
appointment charge. This deposit will also be lost if the dentist is unable to treat your child due to them
having anything to eat or drink prior to the appointment (See instructions below).
The pre medication will make your child drowsy but will not render him/her unconscious. Besides
drowsiness, your child may experience slight nausea. To lessen this effect we request that you adhere to
the following instructions: If a morning appointment is scheduled, you MUST bring your child on an
EMPTY STOMACH. If your child is thirsty, a sip (very small amount) of water is recommended. If an
afternoon appointment is scheduled, just a light breakfast is allowed but no lunch. This will not only
minimize the effect of nausea, but will also allow for a better uptake of the oral medication.
You need to arrive at the office 30-45 minutes before the appointment. At that time we will give your child
the liquid or nasal pre medication and he/she can sit in the reception room with you. Try to sit quietly with
or hold your child as he/she may go through an excitement phase before becoming totally drowsy. The
excitement phase is characterized by disorientation and fussiness of the child. The assistant will take your
child to the treatment area when the child becomes drowsy. As it is our customary practice, the parent will
remain in the front waiting area while the doctor is treating the child. All safeguards are used prior to,
during, and after the visit. During the dental treatment, your child will be monitored visually and with the
aid of oxygen monitors. Your child may be placed in a restraining device (a lightweight velcro blanket),
during treatment to prevent any quick movements that could injure him/her.
It is not unusual for a child to want to a long nap after the appointment; however, please wake him/her after
1 hour. Have your child sleep on their side or stomach with their chin up, off their chest and monitor
him/her while sleeping.
Certain complications may result from the use of any anesthetic including respiratory problems, drug
reaction, paralysis, brain damage or even death.
The use of this pre medication for my child and the risks involved has been fully explained to me, the
parent or guardian, prior to his/her appointment. This letter of consent is fully understood and I, the parent
or guardian, agree to this procedure. No guarantees have been made to me by anyone regarding the
services my child will be receiving.
Drs. Hyde, Bailey, Miller and Associates



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