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Solar Collection Cloudy Large Capacity Model Next Generation Solar Collection Energy Online Type EWR-12V3556USSS-OA series is focusing on systems engineering at the time of outdoor construction, was unable to make stable and effective source of power, resulting in project implementation cannot be complete acceptance problems facing proposed integration of the next generation solar collection energy for DC power with high and low temperature resistance of C-LiFePO4 lithium batteries for high current outdoor power consumption load system and special equipment, the design of new outdoor solar online type of collection energy power systems solutions, Solve systems engineering construction cannot get stable outdoors power problems effectively, able to cope with the high current discharge such as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) analog into digital imaging video host, NVR (Network Video Recorder), digital imaging, infrared cameras, infrared ray projector video host, thermal energy conversion devices forth Large discharge current devices, such as solar collection energy type online without disrupting the operation of power systems. Extrawave technology import latest technology of resistance high and low temperature C-LiFePO4 lithium battery, take online type does not interrupt of new solar technology design in wet weather environments, has been able to capture a limited DC power and provide batteries and device basic operating power source, reach the most energy-efficient solar-powered online type of collection energy not interrupt supply system. Through wet weather can collection power design, reduced solar cell plate of area and reduced battery of using capacity, import C-LiFePO4 lithium battery of resistance high low temperature, characteristics, implementation solar system-erection cost more low, erection space more small, using battery life cycle more long, maintenance cost more low and get power energy mode full independent, it will let systems engineering commercial real willing to used solar system became next-generation outdoor take electric of resolved solutions. Next generation solar collection energy online type power generation system by match of long-term C-LiFePO4 lithium battery, may according to related system device of total electricity consumption demand, integration appropriate corresponds to of battery total capacity and solar cell plate Watts number, to provides at least 72-144 hours of device operation power, enough meet continuous 3~6days cloudy of using environment. EWR-12V3556USSS-OA series, used industrial level of aluminum metal thermal protection shell and waterproof dust reached IP67 of institutions design and the industrial level resistance high low temperature M12 connector, to meet outdoor-20 ° C~+45 ° C harsh of environment temperature test, let outdoor solar constantly electric power system still can day and night security and stability of normal operation, while and import latest technology of resistance high low temperature C-LiFePO4 lithium battery and unique charging and discharging battery management control and the static zero power and so on Patented technology, realization of outdoor wall mount and vertical bar set up long-term safety of solar collection energy online type power generation system for new applications. Next generation solar collection energy online type power generation system, import solar match C-LiFePO4 lithium battery of power application characteristics, may directly application for DVR video host, NVR video host, outdoor cable monitored system, outdoor far from wireless monitored system, outdoor infrared video monitored security system, outdoor infrared projection lamp, outdoor data capture device system, outdoor alternate power system, expressway charges trading video monitored and the license plate identification records system, outdoor large electronic advertising brand transmission system, Elevator security video surveillance systems, mobile power supply system, 24-hour traffic camera system of records, the pit and special working environment safety protection system of equipment systems, financial institutions, fire safety systems …And so on. EWR-12V3556USSS-OA series, solar collection energy online type power generation system of the system 1. Enter the DC power port: solar panel 12V~28V DC power supply voltage input, solar collection energy online type uninterruptible operation power system of operation in power source. 2. Microprocessor modules: microprocessors for enter the solar DC to detect power management, battery management power control, battery management, output management, system operations control detection and protection management, perform dimensional transport co-ordination and control of the overall system management. 3. The charging and discharging control circuit: charging voltage for battery detection and balance battery discharge management and management control, with unique CCP/CVP patented charging technology, supported by static discharge patent protection mechanism of zero-power, low voltage protection and rapid recovery operation of the battery to provide the best protection and the efficient operation of the mechanism. 4. The DC power output port: DC power supply discharge detection through microprocessor control and protection, for load device power requirement, corresponds to the appropriate current of electricity supply from 0.5A to the minimum and maximum of 6A DC supply control. 5. Special strengthened of protection measures: for outdoor environment of high and low temperature changes, on battery of life and using efficiency, may produce serious effect, even produced using Shang of security problem, therefore for 12V3556USSS-OA outdoor type products series, special design industrial level confined aluminum metal thermal protection shell and waterproof dust reached IP67 of institutions design and the industrial level resistance high low temperature M12 connector, to avoid outdoor environment using Shang of security problem occurred. 6. Resistance high low temperature long-term C-LiFePO4 lithium battery: due to should outdoor operation in the system of not interrupted and needed to large current large power way discharge and the more long-term using demand, traditional General of outdoor solar constantly electric power system, is obvious to cannot provides should have of service; 12V3556USSS-OA series take large current charging and large current of discharge system design, through new of C-LiFePO4 lithium battery high charging and discharging number and large current large power discharge characteristics and the super long battery life, To provide more power than conventional solar power systems power capacity and systematic operation times and 7 times more than double the life of the fully rendered solar energy set online without disrupting the operation of power system's outstanding characteristics. 7. Various types of high efficiency solar cells (or other DC input power): 12V3556USSS-OA of exterior products, to be completed with a variety of solar light (or other green energy such as wind power, hydroelectric power …And so on), and total wattage from the 80W~130W,12V~28V voltage ranges, current 4A~7.5A, C-LiFePO4 lithium batteries energy storage capacity of 34.8Ah~56Ah, supported by cloudy power design can be easily achieved without disrupting the operation of the system of continuous cloudy day 3-6 day requirements, make the system truly enjoy the construction by the solar system and have easier access to unwanted power efficiency. EWR-12V3556USSS-OA Series Specification (* Patent Pending) Max Voltage / Open Circuit 16~18.5V / 20~23V Solar collection energy online type uninterruptible operating system power failure does not interrupt (monitor system wil not be black screen) Solar cell 12V~28V automatic input voltage detection Cloudy collection of solar cel s can be charged * Solar cell reverse charge protection Built-in Li-Fe battery BMS/PCM voltage balance management Battery charge/discharge protection ' would not be either battery core fault ' affect the operation of ontology and its Automatic detection of abnormal voltage or battery status and fault exception of battery charging protection * Battery positive and negative polarity of the anti-protection Low-voltage zero-power battery protection * Balancing charge/discharge protection * Charge/discharge limit current protection Battery overcharge protection Over discharge protection Over temperature protection Input power overcurrent protection Input power supply over voltage protection Short circuit protected Fuse @ 60°C 550 Times @ 60°C 720 Times 70% Capacity IP67 M12 Connector and Solar Panel Connector 1.Enter the solar DC power supply: Input DC 6~28V M12 Female 2.Output: 12V M12 Female to DC Jack Female 3.Solar Panel Connector Cable Tyco. or MC4 Type 20~40°C Battery Capacity:100% -10°C Battery Capacity : 60% -20°C Battery Capacity : 48% Do not wake the system can store 12 months (after you wake the system, each 2 months charging 1 times; Please fully charging battery in first times to use) 1. Input AC power LED-red full light (Battery capacity more than 95%) 2. Input AC power LED-red flash light (Battery is charging) 3. Battery is charging, Insert the 12V device load, LED-green flash light 4. Battery none charging, Insert the 12V device load, LED-green full light, if the LED-green flash of low voltage discharge, please charging it. 1.Street lamp pole mount 2.Upright pole mount 3.Wall mount installation Ps 1: Battery Capacity +-5% Ps 2: Product specifications change, without notice, consultation with agent or dealer before buying the latest specifications


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