Address: 10, Asklipiou st., 54639 – Thessaloniki, Greece Phone number: 0030 - 6947602793 E-mail: [email protected] EDUCATION  November 2011: Master degree candidate in Advanced Environmental Chemistry
from Chemistry Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  March 2011: Chemistry degree (7.06) from Chemistry Department, Aristotle
February – June 2007: SOCRATES – ERASMUS scholarship. Spring semester
was attended at UNIVERDIDAD DE HUELVA, Huelva, Spain.  June 2004: Graduation degree (18.4) from 1st Lyceum Arsakion-Tositsion School.
ENGLISH : Certificate of Proficiency in English [Cambridge University] (C2).
ESPANOL : DELE B2 [Instituto Cervantes].
 Computer Skills: Microsoft’s Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet Explorer,  GIS: Geographic Information Systems – ArcInfo, ArcView.
 LC‐MS/MS (excellent knowledge of MassLynx software) - Troubleshooting  UPLC (excellent knowledge of Empower software)  Atomic Spectrometry System with flame and graphite furnace. CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENTS – SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS  September 2008, Thessaloniki: «Working Practice for the students of the
Chemistry department: Past, Present and Future state». Proceedings Presentation of my personal practice at PEPSICO – IVI Loutraki‘s mineral water bottling facilities. Organized by the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki Research Committee, in collaboration with the Chemistry Department.  September 2011, Rhodes, Greece: «12th International Conference on the
Environmental Science and Technology (CEST)». Scientific research presentation: «PHOTO-FENTON DECOMPOSITION OF TWO PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOUNDS; ATENOLOL AND METOPROLOL». Organized by Global Network for Environmental Science and Technology (Global NEST) and the University of the Aegean.  2013, «PHOTO-FENTON DECOMPOSITION OF β-BLOCKERS ATENOLOL AND
METOPROLOL; STUDY AND OPTIMIZATION OF SYSTEM PARAMETERS AND IDENTIFICATION OF INTERMEDIATES». S. Veloutsou, E. bizani and K. Fytianos. Chemosphere, article in press.  2008: PEPSICO-IVI «Natural Mineral Water IVI Loutraki»: Two month working
practice at the Quality Control laboratory of the bottling facilities – Loutraki, Greece.  2010-2013: Voluntarily offering Chemistry tutoring lessons for high school students
May 2013, Lisbon - Portugal: «Testing the waters: first international
multidisciplinary conference on detecting illicit drugs in wastewater». Organized by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).  September 2011, Rhodes - Greece: «12th International Conference on the
Environmental Science and Technology (CEST)». Organized by Global Network for Environmental Science and Technology (Global NEST) and the University of the Aegean.  June 2011, Thessaloniki - Greece: «Accreditation of Laboratory Testing – ISO
17025». Organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki and the Greek Chemical Society.  March 2011, Thessaloniki - Greece: «Chemistry – Food – Health».
Organized by the Greek Chemical Society and the Food Chemistry and Technology Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  November 2008, Thessaloniki - Greece: «The Contribution of Green Chemistry in
Organized by the Greek Chemical Society.  May 2008,: «Conference for the Water: Water Resources Pollution».
November 2006, Thessaloniki - Greece: «Biofuels and their role in the Industrial
and Agricultural development». Organized by the Technical Chamber of Greece - Department of Central Macedonia.  Member of Greek Chemical Society.  Member of «ENVILAB».  Keen of travelling and knowing new cultures.  Participation in school’s debate group.  Award at an international school painting competition.

Source: http://www.envilab.gr/cv/Veloutsou_Sofia_en.pdf


Efficacy of Music Therapy in the Treatment of BehavioralAlfredo Raglio, MT,*w Giuseppe Bellelli, MD,z Daniela Traficante, PsyD, PhD,yMarta Gianotti, MT,* Maria Chiara Ubezio, MD,* Daniele Villani, MD,*phases.1 BPSD are usually treated with a pharmacologicBackground: Music therapy (MT) has been proposed as validapproach, including the use of neuroleptics, sedatives,approach for behavioral an

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HEREDITARY / ACQUIRED ANGIOEDEMA (C1-esterase inhibitor deficiency) Guidance for managing patients presenting for surgery, bronchoscopy, endoscopy, or dental treatment. A condition characterised by intermittent attacks of non-pruritic cutaneous, abdominal, or laryngeal swelling.1-3 – Hereditary: usually family history and commonly presents 1st/2nd decade.1,2,5 – Acq

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