Primary Patients Case History
Female: Age 13
Not schooling for most of 2013 due to her general condition
Given Symptoms
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Focused around repetitive thoughts & hand washing
Symptoms come and go But during bad times: ´Everything is negative` and she has difficulty to do anything; and gets stuck in repetitive behaviour, especially speech Given Diagnosis
Age 2 Asperger’s Syndrome ( which is now classified as a form of Autism)
Age 7 Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) which takes the form of Negative, Childish (extreme) Tantrums This began in connection with her parent’s divorce. Initial symptoms were : Fear of being Sick with strong attachment to (both) parents.
2011 & 2013 ; each time for 4 months during the winter months. e.g. schizophrenia and bipolar ( manic depressive) Citalopram: 2 years, ongoing and still now Usage: is an SSRI e.g. brand name: Cipramil She had taken her first medicine for emotional stability age 11.
Personal Diagnosis in CM Terms
The patterns described revolve around the incorrect movement of the Qi of the Earth Element.
The energetic movements of this Element are the activity of moving inwards, receiving, gathering,
and then moving out again.
This the force behind the digestion, assimilation of food, then taking the nourishment out into the body; and is the same activity of the mind in the process of receiving mental information, thinking and then sharing out one’s own ideas and thoughts. With such syndrome pictures of continued repetition of behaviour, it is this centripetal activity which becomes over accentuated, without the corresponding centrifugal force. So energy comes inwards and continues to revolve around itself without moving away or outwards. In the example of the digestion, this is essentially indigestion; and of the thoughts this is worry - and we know in CM that worry ´knots` the pulse. In the syndrome pictures here, that ´worry` or knotting of energy is taking on a somatic form, together with emotional and mental expressions. The ODD Tantrums are including a regression back to early childhood behaviour, old patterns unlearnt. The negativity and darkness are the inherited ancestral patterns, coming through the maternal lineage; the direct focus coming through the mother’s energy. Though there is some history of mental instability within the father´s family, for ease of presentation
(and ´pedagogic licence`) I have not included them here. The father was not part of the treatments.

Visual Diagnosis of Patient
The reader can return to the notes ´More Body Diagnosis`, in the presentation of the Mother´s Case
What is most prominent is the imbalance in the growth of the body at a Constitutional level due to disturbance within the Extra Fu. This implies and underlying Hormonal pathology, or disturbance in the level of the Jing Qi. This can indicate that there can also be a corresponding imbalance or ´incorrectness of growth` within the NS and even Brain tissue. This is especially so if the causative factor could be e.g. the alcoholism of the maternal grandfather. This must be included as part of the presentation. For it implies that the pathogenesis can also reside within the Earthly Qi, that is the wrong action or forming of the Jing. In order to make a complete healing, i.e. treat at the level of cure, one would have to consider these in the treatment strategy: a) part of the initial strategy, in order to strength the Jing, that is tissue of the NS. So that the Wu Shen can be rooted correctly; strong Earth is needed to root and house the energies of Heaven b) the final stage of the strategy. If the organic tissue is not formed correctly, this will be the part which takes longest time to heal and might need to be a continued ongoing support lifelong She had no signs of the beginning of puberty, verified by the mother; which was deemed neither early nor late. Oral Diagnosis / Medical History
There was no other specific medical history.
No Accidents, Operations, reactions to Vaccinations No over-strong or chronic episodes of childhood sicknesses. Some problems with Stomach and constipation when younger, around age 5; when ´there could have been signs of over concern about hygiene after lavatory visits. The obsessional behaviour is at present to such an extreme, she has not been to school since summer time (so did not recommence in August). She goes to therapy once a week, but does not feel it gives any benefit. She is intelligent, very cognitively aware and conscious of her problem; though obviously stuck in the hidden ´shadow` of her the pattern which leads into the behaviour and catches her there. She talks to me in almost perfect, very well developed English, which is above average for Swedish people of her age. She takes care ( stabling and grooming, so relatively tough work – especially in winter) daily; and rides her horse 3 or 4 times each week. Pulse Diagnosis
Yang pulses are supressed.
There is ´invasion` of both the Hun and Yi, the Wood and Earth pulses from an external pathogene. This gives the form of the ´oppressive pulse` Earth Element is not correct, as is not the deeper aspects of the Wood. However, the pulse is not clear enough to be able to read them correctly. My intention will be to use the first 2 – 3 treatments to clear the oppressive force and the release the Yang Qi. This will free up the pulse and enable a more specific and clear reading. Pathway of Investigation
There are two pathways of the pathology:
1) The imbalance of the Earth Element. With possible underlying retarded emotional development (the regressive behaviour) 2) The inherited ancestral darkness, resulting in depressive negativity Treatment Strategy
My general treatment approach will be to treat the OCD behaviour, hat it the Earth imbalance. I will
use the modalities of Needles and Stone Medicine.
The Stone medicine is particularly indicated. First of all due to the severity of the pathology at the level of the shen. The function of the Stones are ideal for working directly on any aspects of the psyche, and especially the cognition and senses. Furthermore, because part of the diagnosis is imbalance at the Level of the Jing and the Extra Fu, it is most particularly relevant to use as an Elixir which will both support the Qi as well as re-nourish and re-invigorate the mineral content of the tissue. It is also very easy to take such therapy (as a mineral elixir) over long periods of time to create both an ongoing psychological stability as well as continual nourishment of the tissues. The mineral elixir will be used as the deeper more constitutional aspect of the therapy. Whilst the needling will be directed to: b) resolve the structural problems within the energy system: 1) the mental traits learnt from the family environment 2) from the Constitutional Qi / St & Br energies c) specifically work to ground the Wu Shen that is to make clarity in the senses and the different aspects of the cognition I will not intend to treat the patterns related to the depressive behaviour directly. But rather work on the root, that is the line from the mother and grandmother. If I can ´cut` this pathway and heal them, the line or the cause of the pathology will stop. The approach is instead to reform her own spiritual connection of personal shen to Universal Shen; that is the clarity of the light of Spirit or of clear consciousness. Then to support a more clear identification of her own individuality – who she is
In the initial stage of treatment, I also have the intention to ensure she does not need to take the
Risperdal during the coming winter months. I see that this would tend to regress her condition or block
the possibilities for progress; please see explanations of the energies involved below.
Note: in this text. my explanation of point usage, is from the view of on the psycho-spiritual function of the points. Whereas in the Mother’s case history, I explained them from the energetic and psycho-emotional functions. This is partly as a pedagogic tool for the reader; but also as the needs of each patient were different, so the intention from where I treated was different – shown in the choice of points, as well as the specific functions I asked of them. Notes: Used as ´Shen Tang` Spirit Hall. This is one of , if not the, primary point to recover or reconnect to the ´Original Spirit`, the Taoist term for the Shen in its primordial but individualised form. This is used to make her own connection with the spirit of Heaven, outside of that from her family lineage, in order to create a new pathway for developing her consciousness. This also implies I am making resonance with her Hun, prior to the stage of incarnation, that is as it takes the form of the Ling. The point is also a ´Ghost Point`, Gui Tang or Gui Gong, in which case it would work more specifically to clear negative energies from within her own mind. But I did not wish to use it in this way, as a) the root of this darkness is not in her b) if she is not stable this could create more agitation in her own mental state. Note, I did a similar treatment to the mother, using the External Dragon. So this is treating from the perspective of Heaven, the mother´s treatment was from the perspective of Earth. Begins Stone formula during this period. Notes: Lu 3, Tian Fu, W of Sky Point. Allows for entrance of the Po into the body.
The symptoms are manifested in the physical body, and noting there is some regression within her
behaviour, I wish to ensure the Po is house correctly.
So, 1st treatment Hun; 2nd treatment Po. Both GB points Clear Wind; especially when used as a combination. One can have the image of
forming a vessel, into which one gathers, descends and roots the Wind, or the hyperactive psycho-
somatic energies.
So, 1st treatment reconnect / bring back Hun from level of Heaven; 2nd treatment clear the pathology of the Hun at the Earthly level. Notes: St 41 returns Yang to Yin. Taking Wind from the Mind, feeding Kidney Qi.
GV 22, Ding Men, Summit Gate (for the Hun) plus GV 21, Qian Ding, Anterior Summit.
GV 22 is positioned above the anterior fontanel, so is seen to be a vital entry point for the Hun, as the
name implies. I am using this as the main point, with GV 21 as a support to strength the function.
They are an excellent combination to realign the individual spiritual connection, that is to ´Clear Wind from the mind`, or in psychological terms to make more cognitive clarity. The action of St 41 reinforces the action of clearing the wind, as well as rooting or dissipating it into the earth. 3rd Treatment, having cleared pathogen from her Hun in 2nd treatment, refreshes the connection and asks for the clear energy of her individual soul to enter. Again this is to differentiate this pathway from the pollution in the family lineages. Notes: Co and St points work as Yang Ming. Energetically, Yang Ming is responsible for Clearing Heat from the body, its correct function is necessary to ensure the clearing of pathological forms of Heat and Wind Heat. Remembering that there is a background history of constipation, which is usually caused by dryness or
heat, I have used points which will ´rectify the Qi and make fluids`.
It is also her Division, so one needs to balance this in the beginning of the treatment strategy. It is
very difficult to heal a patient if the Division is not correct.
GB 5 is a special point to Clear psycho-emotional Wind or Wind Heat.
Note these points GB 4 – 7 all have very special psychological functions. In energetic terms they
release and descend Wind or Wind Heat which is rising to agitate the mind. One notes particularly
the immediate access to the brain through the local sutures , as both the exit for the pathogen,
as well as the pathway for the new Qi.

4th Treatment is preparation to Clear the psycho-emotional pathogens from the body. Notes: CV 15 calms inner emotional tension by descending rising (emotional) Qi , which is attacking
the shen. It is also the Luo Pt of the Ren Mai and by making the connection with Du Mai, Luo meridian
beginning at GV 1, Po Men at the tip of the coccyx, will descend the unwanted Qi.
Remember the discussion of the necessity that GV – CV circulation is working as a basis for psychological health, that is the grounding of the Shen, or the correct presence of the ground consciousness. Liv 3 as Yuan Pt, Earth Pt. The point to ground the emotional experience by reconnecting to the
source Qi of the Liver, that is the home of the Hun. It also replenishes the blood level of the Liver Qi,
so that there is correct Housing of the Hun and relaxation within the emotions.
Sp 7 (dispersed) Clears emotional stagnation from the Yi. So will support the action of CV 15 to move
stagnant energy away from the area.
5th Treatment works directly on the emotional agitation in the Solar Plexus, the centre of the Earth Energies. Remember that the basis for our diagnosis is incorrect movement of the Qi of the Earth Element. It is habitually caught going inwards. So this treatment is the beginning of the strategy to change this. All the points have a similar function, all can work directly on the Sola Plexus area, and I am working on 3 Levels of Qi at once – 8 Extra, Organ and Meridian. This treatment is a continuation of 4th treatment, which prepared the body to be able to clear the pathogen effectively. Note: This completes a series of 5 treatments whose purpose was to stabilise the Qi and preparing it to be able to work on the symptoms. Stone Formula
RS Heliodor TS Sugiite RS White Celestite TS Citrine I am using this as the principle stone, as it works on trans-generational energies due to the Beryllium within it. It influences the deep aspects of the Earth Element, so has the potential to regenerate the Original Qi of the Earth and the forming of the Yi. It also regenerates cellular damage, so it will begin the healing of the tissues of the Jing. A stone which also works at the Constitutional Level, so healing the Yuan Qi and having influence on the Curious Organs. It’s specific action is to Calm Wind in the Shen and Clear Heat from the Liver Blood. This will be a dual action of working on both Shen and Jing Levels, Heavenly and Earthly Levels of the Qi. I also use it to guide the Hun into the body correctly. RS White Celestite A Stone from the Level, it Clears Internal Heat from Upper and Middle Heaters; that is Lung, Heart and Spleen Qi. It is working on the root cause of these, in terms of the ´inner demons` of desire or craving, that is a need or want which cannot be satisfied. I am using this stone to address the idea that there is an underlying pattern of unfulfilled emotional need hidden within the family lineage. This is part of the inner agitation, or wind, which is now manifesting in a variety of levels in the daughter’s behaviour. I chose the White form, rather than Blue, because it will influence more on the Metal Element (remember the connection with the obsessional washing and the Colon Meridian). It also acts to help incarnation of the Po. The Celestite and the Sugilite are the associates in the formula. I am using them as a pair to support the correct incarnation into the body of all aspects of the Ling ( that is Ling –shen, -Hun, -Po). A yellow form of Quartz. It will tonify the activity of the Earth Element, helping to stabilise the Earth Qi and so the emotional energies related to it. It directly affects the Solar Plexus area. Although it is the Associate Stone in the formula, so acting as the agent on the most physical aspects of the syndrome pattern it has a correlation with the function of the Heliodor. Heliodor will work on the reforming of the Yi, so the root , and the Citrine on the emotional activity, so the manifestation of the agitation or wind. Note: 1) RS = Raw Stone, TS = Tumbled Stone 2) A Stone formula is written very much like a Herbal Formula; built up with the stones working as Principle, Associate and Assistant or Transformative agents. Result
Immediately after the 1st treatment she was feeling different; and her mother noticed a change in her
general mood, with more lightness and openness. After the 2nd treatment, there was a substantial shift
in her behaviour together with a different emotional stability – remember the treatment was to calm
and ´House the Po` correctly.
After the 3rd treatment, around October and when she had been taking the Stone Formula for about 1 month, there began a change in the general obsessional behaviour. She was subsequently less internalised in her own world and wished to (and was able to) meet with friends. In November, she returned to school for a few hours a day and was able to go to the cinema by herself with a group of friends By Christmas time, so 2 weeks after the 5th treatment, it was decided that she would return full time to school in 2014. The mother has also been able to return to full time work during December ( she had been permanently at home since the summer). Although there has been a radical change in the mental and verbal aspects of behaviour. At present this is no subsequent change in the habit of repeated washing around lavatory visits. This is the focus of the next series of treatments.
The results speak for themselves.
It is just the beginning of treatment therapy, which as written can extend over an initial period of 3 – 5 years, depending on continued success and what other issues might arise in her life during the course of the treatment. Events which one needs to address during treatment, though which often prolong the whole sequence. It can be that treatment must continue throughout her whole life; for example on a 3 monthly basis, or more regularly as a support when there are times of difficulty. This is especially so if there is ´damage` or ´incorrect forming` at the level of the Jing, so an organic cause. I am confident that I can treat the psychodynamic aspects; as well as to treat the root from the trans-generational patterns, especially as I am treating both mother and grandmother. The next step in treatment is to make sure that the ´gains which have been won` are stabilised and not lost. So to make this present stage stable and to maintain that as she returns to a more normal everyday life at school. I will also specifically treat to avoid the need for the usage of Risperdal. This is partly that it makes such debilitating influences on her general senses and cognition: But also that I feel due to the blockage it makes in the shen, or more specifically the relationship between the hun – shen, it can cause a regression or a return of the symptoms. The medicine essentially creates both an internalisation of the psyche, as well as a distance to what one is experiencing and feeling. So can easily re-enforce the pathological pattern of centripetal internalisation by retarding the movement outwards – which is the energetic movement which creates the disease of obsessional repetition. For Stem & Branch Practitioners
Born in April 2000: Co in M, St, Yang Ming.
Most relevant is the amount of Metal Energy in the chart. Yang Metal Stem, which is double Metal of Great Movement and Organ, together with climate of Yang Ming. The energetic movement of the Metal energy is inward and downward, implosive like a vacuum or returning like the Qi of autumn. This will tend to ´foster` the activity of the pathology. That is, the underlying movement of the Constitutional Qi will in itself tend to become inward, stagnant and retarding development – albeit due to a different energetic movement, the Earth element is centripetally inward. This makes a Constitutional foundation which supports the pathological process, of blockage and non-development; rather than one which could have been opening and moving and so prevented the pathology from becoming so fixed. It would have given other possibilities and release of stuck Qi. Note the similar energies between Mother and daughter, both with a tendency of stagnation from Metal Element. On a day to day level, so the Level of Man, this would have tended to reinforce the (pathological) patterns of the daughter’s own Constitutional Qi and so bring forward the strength or intensity of any pathology. You Zhe One who Wanders www.daoist-medicine.net

Source: http://daoist-medicine.net/content/images/blog/Transgenerational_Psychopathology_Primary.pdf


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