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INVALID APPLICATIONS FROM 25/04/2011 TO 29/04/2011 that it is the responsibility of any person wishing to use the personal data on planning applications and decisions lists for direct marketing purposes to be satisfied that they may do so legitimately under the requirements of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 taking into account of the preferences outlined FUNCTIONAL AREA: North, South, East, West Alterations and extension to dwelling, installation of septic tank treatment system and new domestic entrance To construct dwelling, garage and ancillary site works and to replace existing septic tank with proprietary treatment unit to extend existing ground floor area for use as a commercial retail unit and permission for 1st and 2nd floor office areas to demolish existing dwelling house and for permission to Create date and time: 18/05/2011 12:26:53 (a) Demolish all existing farm buildings on-site (b) Construct new dwelling and domestic garage (c) Install wastewater Construction of a dwelling with associated site works Single storey extensions to front and side of existing house Construction of an attached domestic garage along with change of use of existing domestic garage to a living area Two storey dwelling, connection to existing public services Dwellinghouse, garage for domestic purposes, installation of a proprietary treatment unit and associated site works Dwellinghouse, installation of a proprietary treatment unit and Create date and time: 18/05/2011 12:26:53 Single storey dwelling, aeration treatment unit and new Dwelling, garage, entrance, waste water treatment system Construction of an extension to southern elevation of existing dwelling and installation of additional window to western Retention of a dormer type extension to side and rear elevations of existing dwelling, alterations to dwelling and (A) Permission for retention of existing outbuilding and for permission to convert same to granny flat with alterations to include raising existing roof by 1150mm and fitting new windows and constructing a sunroom extension. (B) Providing a new vehicular entrance from public roadway to serve existing dwelling. (C) Installation of new waste water treatment unit and decommissioning of existing septic tankIveagh CottageBalleaCarrigaline Permission for Retention for (a) existing plastic recycling facility, (b) existing canteen and plastic baler serving the plastic recycling facility, (c) existing agricultural shed for the storage of farm machinery and associated site worksArdacrowKilbrittainCo Cork Create date and time: 18/05/2011 12:26:53 Construction of a two storey dwelling with sunroom and the installation of a septic tank and all associated site works Demolition of roadside cottage, relocation and alterations to existing entrance, construction of single storey dwelling set back from public road, boundary treatments, bio foul treatment unti and tertiary raised mound filter, site services, landscaping and connection to group water scheme in public roadwayBallymadogYoughalCo Cork Modifying existing bungalow including elevation alterations and raising of roof to provide first floor living accommodation including velux windows to the front and rear of new roof Permission for retention of alterations to 1 no. domestic garage (granted under previous planning permission reg. no. 01/0514) and permission for retention for retention of 2 no. additional domestic garagesBallyknock SouthBallynoeCo Cork Change of use from redundant recording studio to one number dwellinghouse maintaining existing entrance together with associated car parking and ancillary site works (1) Construct a single storey extension to the gable of existing dwelling, (2) construct a garage, (3) construct an extension to existing shed, and all associated site works Create date and time: 18/05/2011 12:26:53 Construct a dormer bungalow style dwelling, entrance, septic tank and percolation area and all associated site works A 25 metre monopole with 3 no. antennas and 2 no. point-to-point dishes, associated cabinets, equipment, fencing and access track which forms part of their 3G communications network. This was previously granted under temporary planning planning (register number 06/7606)Coolnanave Industrial ParkCoolnanaveMitchelstown Modifications to existing dwellinghouse, construction of two-storey extension to said dwelling, modifications to adjacent outbuilding and all associated site works Permission for the continuance of use of an existing 20 metre high telecommunications support structure, antennas, equipment container and associated equipment within a fenced compound and access track (previously permitted under Planning Reg. No. 06/7336). The development forms part of Vodafone Ireland Limited's existing GSM and 3G Broadband telecommunications networkEast Cork Crane HireCarrigtohill Industrial Est.
Carrigtohill Erection of 1 no. wind turbine with hub height of up to 100m, blade radius of up to 50.5m and overall height from ground to tip of blade of up to 150.5m, upgrade of existing site roads, construction of internal site tracks and all other associated Create date and time: 18/05/2011 12:26:53


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Testing the West Virginia Alzheimer’s Disease Registry • The West Virginia Alzheimer’s Disease Registry was tested by a small number of physician specialists to see if data could be collected easily in an office setting and if the data we collected were useful. • Data collection in a physician’s office setting took less than ten minutes per patient and was reported to be relativel

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