Purim is revealed not only as a day of joy, but as one when we forge a special closeness to God and with the entire Jewishpeople. This is the reason our Sages instituted the mitzvah of sending food and gifts to one another. Mishloach Manot giftscreate mutual love and awaken the power of unity in our family and in our congregation. We invite you to be part of thisbeautiful mitzvah by donating to this project and receiving a gift.
• Sisterhood will prepare a gift basket for every congregant’s household. We are asking everyone to
participate in this mitzvah. With a minimum donation of $18, your name will be included on the greetingwith every gift.
• All Beth El college students will be sent a Purim gift if we have an address. Please make sure you send this information to the synagogue office or fill out the form below.
• Additional Mishloach Manot may be purchased for friends and/or family members at $10 each. You will have to pick them up at the synagogue and deliver them yourself. Please note that other than for college students and out-of-statecongregants, we are unable to offer shipping (shipping boxes and labels will be available at the synagogue). If youradditional gift is for a Beth El member, we will hold it at Beth El and give it to the member when they pick up theircongregational basket. **We will only be shipping baskets to college students and out-of-state congregants**
• All Purim gifts (your own and those you ordered) will be available for pick up at the synagogue on Wednesday, February 20; Thursday, February 21; Friday, February 22; Saturday evening, February 23; and Sunday, February 24. If you cannot come tothe synagogue, please let us know and we will get it to you. ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15TH.
Please return the form below to: Sisterhood of Congregation Beth El 1200 Fairfield Woods Road; Fairfield CT 06825 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~E~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:_____________________________________E-mail______________________________________________ “ Yes, I want to ensure that Sisterhood can successfully offer every Beth El household a Purim Gift.
Enclosed is my donation of $18_____ $36_____ $54______ $72______ other________ “ I would like to have Sisterhood prepare _________additional basket(s) for $10 each that I will pick up. Let us know if you want this basket prepared early so you can ship it. Please list names on reverse side of this form so a card can be prepared.
“ I would like to order ________additional basket(s) at $10 each for members of Beth El. These baskets may be picked up by you or the members themselves. Please list names on reverse side of this form so a card can be prepared.
“ Yes, you can call or email me to help assemble the Purim baskets. _____________________________________________ (phone # or email please) “ I have a child in college. Please send Purim gift to: Name of Student_____________________________________________ College/University_________________________________________ Please check if this is an off campus address “ Address________________________________________________________________________________________________ City__________________________________________________________State__________________Zip Code_____________ Phone #_______________________________________E-mail address______________________________________________ Please make checks payable to Sisterhood Congregation Beth El and we say a big THANK YOU in advance!
Questions should be directed to Susan Ehrens at 203-256-8536 or Fran Glucroft at [email protected]. Please list the names for your additional baskets. A card will be prepared and attached to each basket.
Place an asterisk next to the name if you need it early to ship. PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY.


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