Why this degree? — We’re one of the UK’s top 20, and the world’s top 100, Why do people differ in their ability to learn different universities for the arts and humanities subjects? How does culture affect the ways people learn? — We have well-established links with employers of What role do genes play in ability and achievement, how Psychology graduates and an active programme do educational methods interact with them? And how can education be individualised to allow for optimum learning — 42 months after graduating, Goldsmiths’ Psychology graduates are ranked in the top 3 for highest median salary — We host excellent specialist and general research The answers to these fascinating questions are explored in laboratories, including an EEG suite for brain research, this MSc programme offered by Goldsmiths’ Department as well as a general Goldsmiths’ Graduate School for of Psychology – one of the top-ranking Psychology departments in the world and ranked top 3 in the UK — We combine academic excellence with vibrant living, for highest salaries for Psychology graduates. in an urban and well-connected area of South East London Taught by the leading academics in the field, you will use interdisciplinary methods and integrate the BSc Hons degree (minimum 2:1) in Psychology or another latest knowledge about genetic, brain, and cognitive relevant subject with a research component. In exceptional mechanisms into educationally relevant research.
circumstances, other degrees and professional qualifications may be considered. International, non-English native You will be introduced to different methods, such speakers will need to provide evidence of relevant English as twin studies, cutting-edge molecular genetic competency qualifications and will be interviewed in person methodologies, brain imaging research, experimental psychology, and cognitive psychology. You’ll explore their application to educationally relevant investigations, with the ultimate goal of improving learning.
Your experience on the programme will give you: — a thorough understanding of cutting edge interdisciplinary cross-cultural research — practical experience and skills applicable across a range of roles and career opportunities, including PhD research and academia, science communication and bio-ethics — Visit our web pages at — the opportunity to collaborate with international — Watch our Psychology Department in action researchers based across the globe as part of Goldsmiths- based InLab (International Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Investigations into Individual Differences in Learning) To find out about fees, funding and financial support, — access to mentoring support and resources from Goldsmiths’ Unit for Schools and Family Studies— the opportunity to contribute to STEM-relevant research Related linksInLab website: Skills you will develop on the programme include: Unit for School and Family Studies: — Problem solving — Critical analysis — Interpersonal— Communication


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Electron Spin Inversion A danger to your health Many people suffer these days from chronic fatigue, also called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis(M.E.), or Fibromyalgia. There does not seem a cause for it, at least not one that can easily be found by the medical profession. There are theories that it is caused by a virus. Some experts claim it is the Coxsackie virus, others claim it is caused by


Do you resort to energy drinks as a solution for fatigue or lack of energy? Do you know what is in your energy drink? Test your knowledge. Which of these ingredients are found in energy drinks? Caffeine Sugar Ginseng Glucuronolactone Inositol Energy drinks are beverages that increase mental alertness and physical stimulation for a short period of time.

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