Adolescent Use/Misuse of
Over the Counter Medication
Dr.  Jason  Baker,  UCC  
The  Rev’d.  John  Runza,  LCS  
•  Context – How and why this came to be a •  The Response – what our schools can and  Rev.  Runza  &  Dr.  Baker   •  Why is this an important topic for our -  Research says “What illicit drugs like cocaine and ecstasy were to the 90’s and early 00’s, Rx and OTC (over the counter meds) are to this millennial generation. -  Recent studies show that in 2010 2.4 million people age 12 or older began using Rx drugs for non-medical reasons. 6,600 people a day. -  Dr. Ben Levenson, Founder of the Origins Recovery Center (rehab centre in Texas) and many others affirm that “we are in the middle of an opioid epidemic. But he specifically said “What’s interesting to know is that it’s not just an opioid epidemic, it’s a prescription opioid epidemic.” -  Reality at LCS… have started to see students under the influence of Rx and OTC meds. Many of my male students are saying that their ‘drug of choice’ is now Robitussin DM (dextramathorephine). Also seen Gravol use. -  Referred to as “Lean” or Sizzrup – made famous by rappers like L’il Wayne – drink 20 ozs of Sprite and 4 ozs of Robitussin DM or another syrup that could either contain DM or Codeine. Seems interchangeable. The new drug dealer is OUR own medicine cabinets. -  Have you seen this in your schools? Discussion? -  You Tube – My Honest Thoughts About DXM •  2.4 million people age 12 or older began using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons. Partnership for a Drug Free Canada link: Case Studies – story sharing… LCS, others?
Dextromethorphin (Robitussin DM)– euphoria,

Dimenhydrinate (Gravol)
– audio & visual hallucinogen,

Doxylamine (Nyquil) –hallucinogenic properties

Fentanyl, Oxycodon, – Rx Meds with Opioid properties
Diphenydramine (Benadryl) – delirient, hallucinogen

– similar to alcohol, drunk & sober faster (not easy to

Others? Your School?
•  Education – Staff, Students, Parents •  Clear, Current & Accessible Policies •  Support Programs for Addicted Users -  Large group, small group, individual discussions – chapels, house meetings, -  Classroom & Health Class – have to know that we are going beyond the street alcohol & drug culture to the ‘medicine cabinet’ culture -  Policies: LCS School Life Guide (pg. 49) –  “The  Illegal  Use  of  Medica=on  (including  over  the  counter,  non-­‐control ed  substances)  –  The  non-­‐medical  use  of  these  drugs  is  considered  a  serious  health  hazard  and  is  proved  to  be   a  gateway  to  (harder)  drug  use  later  in  students’  lives,  for  this  reason  such  drug  use  is  strictly   forbidden  and  the  school  takes  this  behaviour  very  seriously.   Students  who  contravene  this   policy  wil  be  required  to  aKend  a  mee=ng  of  the  standards  commiKee  and  wil  be  liable  for   suspension  from  the  school.   Students  who  traffic  over  the  counter,  non-­‐control ed  substances   may  be  liable  for  expulsion  from  the  school.”   -  Keep watchful eye, look in garbage cans, on kids counters in rooms and bathrooms, know your local pharmacists and have them call you if students purchasing larger than normal amounts of these otc meds. -  What are you doing in your schools right now – specifically as it pertains to


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