Health Information Pharmacy pharmacist prevents
major medicine related side effects in customer

Deer Park, VIC (29 March 2011) – With medicine-related problems growing at a rapid
pace, it’s becoming more and more important for patients to make known any medications
they are currently taking when filling a new prescription to their pharmacist.
Pharmacist Wael Labib from Health Information Pharmacy’s Brimbank store prevented what would have been some very serious side effects for his customer in her 70s. Mr. Labib’s customer had not told her doctor she was currently taking a form of inhaled reliever medication (Atrovent®) when he prescribed her with a script for a similar drug. Fortunately for the customer, who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, she requested the pharmacist perform a prescription safety check, which is how Mr. Labib discovered the conflict. “My customer was prescribed the first medication by a local hospital and didn’t think to mention this to her doctor. He prescribed a different brand of the same drug” said Mr. Labib “if we had not performed the check, she would have suffered some horrible side-effects”. Large doses of inhaled reliever medication can lead to issues such as blurred vision, an increased heart rate and urinary retention. With the combination of the two large doses Mr. Labib’s customer was prescribed, she was sure to have had suffered. With then communication between the pharmacist and the customer’s doctor, they were able to resolve the issue for her. “This is just one of many preventions we pick up” said Mr. Labib. “It is great that more and more customers are becoming aware of medication connected problems and requested us to perform the prescription safety check. Last week alone we performed 152 Chemconsults”. Chemconsult® is a free consultation performed in store and by a pharmacist that safe guards your health by fully informing you on all aspects of your medications. About Health Information Pharmacy
HIP is a high service pharmacy group committed to strengthening the importance of personalised health care and pharmacy within the community. At Health Information Pharmacy we believe that everything that we do is driven by our five core missions: • Reducing medication problems • Empowerment of people • Strengthening our community • Helping the less fortunate • Providing health solutions With our commitment to outstanding health advice and innovation, HIP is forging a new era in pharmacy retailing that offers an exciting alternative to the price discount model. About Chemconsult®
Chemconsult® is a free Pharmacist consultation performed in store that safe guards your health by managing your medications. Chemconsult® provides you with personalised valuable advice about your medication. It does this by fully informing you on all aspects of your medication such as how and when to use it, if you need to take your medicines before or after food and if you can consume alcohol with your medication. Chemconsult® also checks your medical information against your prescribed medications profile to reduce possible health issues, ensure medication effectiveness and get you feeling better sooner. Chemconsult® is an Australian invention and a world first. For more information please contact Kristy Coulter (02 9836 1116; at Health Information Pharmacy


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