2005 Accomplishments
General Accomplishments
• Put on CASQA’s inaugural conference in October in Ontario, at which over 400 people and • CASQA membership increased to over 160 memberships during its’ third year • Continued to issue the bi-weekly CASQA Update to provide CASQA and stormwater news to members, issued 26 updates and 3 Alerts in 2005 CASQA Update, meeting notices and announcements reached over 500 stormwater • Developed and distributed the 2004 Annual Report • Tracked and provided comments (23 letters) and testimony on issues affecting the ƒ Areas of special biological significance (ASBS) ƒ Statewide Stormwater Policy ƒ 303(d) Listing Policy and Guidance ƒ Ocean Plan Triennial Review and Work Plan ƒ Statewide General Industrial Permit ƒ Pesticide Risk Assessments and/or Re-evaluations for 2,4-D; Pyrethrins; MGK-264; PBO; Permethrin; Malathion; and Pyrethroids ƒ Pesticide Registration Data Requirements and Procedural Regulations, and IPM ƒ Numeric effluent limitations / Quantifiable measures ƒ Selected • Provided speakers for various associations and organizations including: ƒ California Water Environment Association ƒ Industrial • Provided representatives for several advisory committees and/or meetings with other ƒ NPDES Fee Stakeholder Group ƒ Sediment Quality Advisory Committee ƒ Publicly Owned Point Systems (POPS) group • Partnered with the State Water Board to develop and post on the CASQA website the State Resource Library of over 400 stormwater public education and outreach materials from municipalities throughout California. • Held three quarterly general membership meetings that were attended by more than 250 • Partnered with organizations to conduct CASQA BMP Handbooks workshops, including: • Conducted the election for the 2006 Board of Directors California Stormwater Quality Association 2005 Board of Directors Accomplishments
Chair: Karen Ashby Executive Director: Geoff Brosseau • Held six Board of Directors meetings • Developed or revised several internal Policies and Procedures • Established contracts with various firms to assist the organization with several new projects including: website re-development and maintenance, effectiveness assessment, and research agenda Awards Committee
• Developed and adopted a work plan for the CASQA awards program • Developed and adopted a protocol for the awards program • Issued Call for Nominations for CASQA awards • Received 22 nomination packages spanning 5 categories of awards • Convened the Awards committee to review the nominations and to recommend awards • Presented 6 CASQA awards spanning 3 categories. Awards were presented at the • Developed a budget request for the 2006 program Bylaws Review Committee
• Reviewed CASQA Bylaws and recommended changes to the Board of Directors to improve the clarity, allow for more efficient administration of CASQA, and changes to increase the opportunity for non-MS4 members to serve as Directors Finance Committee
• Provided oversight for CASQA’s revenues and expenditures • Provided bi-monthly updates to the Board and Executive Program Committee (EPC) • Prepared accounts and assisted in tax preparation and auditing • Reinvested reserve funds into conservative mutual funds with higher yields • Retained a bookkeeper through the Executive Director contract and refined our financial expense and revenue categorization for improved financial reporting using QuickBooks Membership Committee
• Conducted targeted membership drive for increased Phase 2 community participation in • Membership increased from 100 in 2004 to 169 in 2005 • Completed a second major revision of the CASQA brochure • Reviewed and received approval for changes in the membership fee structure that created additional category levels for MS4s and businesses • Received registered trademark protection for the CASQA name • Developed a mailing database for CASQA promotional efforts • Developed the content for the members-only page to be developed on the CASQA California Stormwater Quality Association 2005 • Developed a brochure highlighting the role of the 13 CASQA committees • Provided a booth at the CASQA conference Executive Program Committee Accomplishments
• Submitted twenty-three comment letters and testimony to the state and federal regulators on various stormwater related issues (see Subcommittee accomplishments below) • Provided representatives to actively participate in several State Board stakeholder forums, including the Fee Stakeholder group and the Sediment Quality Objectives public advisory group
1. Best Management Practices Subcommittee
• Completed a second Handbook errata contract with CDM relative to updates to the SWPPP template, revised materials to be posted to the website by 1/06. • Assisted in tracking Handbook stock and monitoring fulfillment of orders. • Reviewed materials for continuing education courses for OWP for 3 BMP • Developed an agreement with OWP to revise the Basin Sizer program to reflect the methods described in the CASQA BMP Handbook. • Developed an RFP for professional services to maintain the BMP Handbooks • Implemented national advertising campaign for BMP Handbook sales • Reviewed results of BMP Handbook sales/advertising • Reviewed BMP handbook for AWWA, and coordinated link from CASQA website to
2. Construction
Co-Chairs: Kathy Kinsland / Ron Lamaster • Monitored the State’s progress on preparing the revised General Permit for Construction – Permit originally designated to be released early 2005 but has not yet been released. • Participated in and provide into presentation to “Blue Ribbon Panel” regarding feasibility of numeric effluent limits for stormwater. • Participated in and provided into “Road Map” (Tiered Approach) for stormwater
3. Effectiveness Assessment Subcommittee
• Completed and Distributed "An Introduction to Stormwater Program Effectiveness • Initiated the Phase II works on the development of a CASQA Guidance Document for
4. Industrial
• Monitored the development/re-issuance of the revised General Industrial Permit and worked with State Board staff on addressing comments: California Stormwater Quality Association 2005 ƒ Prepared comments on behalf of CASQA in response to the 12-15-04 Draft ƒ Participated in a meeting with CASQA, Industry Representatives and SWRCB Management to address the appropriateness of enforceable numeric effluent Limits for Industrial and Construction-related stormwater discharges • Assisted in the development and preparation of: ƒ The Industrial Perspective Presentation for the September 2005 Blue Ribbon ƒ CASQA’s Alternative Permitting Road Map: Alterative Industrial Permit • Monitored, and provided comments regarding: ƒ Los Angeles River and Ballona Creek Metals TMDLs ƒ State Water Board Process for the Development of Quantitative Measurements • Monitored the SWRCB’s new fee schedule for industrial permit coverage/Participated with the SWRCB’s Fee Stakeholder Group. Successful in getting fee reimbursements for overpayments by industrial dischargers
5. Legislation
• Tracked over 33 bills in the Senate and the Assembly during 2005 • Developed and made available to members quarterly status updates on legislation • Developed and posted to website a summary of chaptered legislation from the • Tracked the status of Regional Board appointments
6. Pesticides
• Submitted comments to USEPA on proposed pesticide regulations and pesticide re- • Submitted comments to Structural Pest Control Board requesting changes to regulations that restrict marketing of IPM services. • Commented on pyrethroid toxicity and need to re-evaluate pyrethroids at meeting of Pesticide Registration and Evaluation Committee of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.
7. Phase II Subcommittee
• Worked with the Membership Committee to compile a Phase II mailing list • Continued outreach to Phase II communities and encourage CASQA involvement
8. Public Involvement / Public Participation Subcommittee
• Continued to promote the PI/PP Yahoo! user group to encourage the ongoing exchange of resources, experience, and ideas • Developed, in partnership with the State Water Board, an electronic resource guide for stormwater outreach materials available on CASQA website • Held six PI/PP Subcommittee meetings • Collaborated with other CASQA subcommittees/work groups including the Website California Stormwater Quality Association 2005 • PI/PP representative participated in several conferences and promoted participation
9. Stormwater Monitoring and Science Subcommittee
• Subcommittee has made progress toward populating the Research Agenda
10. Stormwater Policy and Permitting Subcommittee
Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) • Facilitated workshop examining alternate approaches to compliance with the Quantitative Measures/Numeric Effluent Limits • Prepared and presented testimony on behalf of the regulated community to the State Water Board Blue Ribbon panel considering quantitative measures (“The Question”) for stormwater permit compliance • Consulted with environmental advocacy NGOs on development of “The Question” and coordinated with State Water Board staff on format of Blue Ribbon panel presentations • Developed draft progressive regulatory framework for stormwater including construction, industrial and municipal stormwater framework elements • Consulted with environmental advocacy NGOs on progressive regulatory • Developed, implemented and maintained regulatory initiative tracking system to direct CASQA’s regulatory oversight efforts
11. Watershed Management and Impaired Waters Subcommittee
• Monitored development of the Water Quality Control Policy for Addressing Impaired Waters: Regulatory Structure and Options • Monitored development of the SB 469 TMDL Guidance, A Process for Addressing • Monitored implementation of the Water Control Policy for Developing California’s • Drafted written comments on the September 2005 Staff Report on Revision of the Clean Water Section 303(d) List of Water Quality Limited Segments • Monitored TMDL development by the various Regional Water Quality Control • Organized and conducted the May 13, 2005 Association General Membership Meeting on “Controlling the Uncontrollable Source – Air Deposition”
12. Website
• Developed the design and content for the “Members Only” section of the CASQA website. Implementation with password protection due to be completed in 2006. • Consolidated the majority of acquired domain names to one registrar with the intent to continue consolidation of all domain names to one registrar in 2006. California Stormwater Quality Association 2005 • Launched the Statewide Resource Directory in December of 2005 on the website. This was a joint effort between the PI/PP subcommittee and Cal/EPA to provide valuable resources to those who are implementing a stormwater management program. CASQA will continue to maintain and update this tool quarterly. • Currently working with a new consultant to upgrade the website into a more accessible and stable hosting site and modernizing the content so that will be able to grow as the website does. • The CASQA store launched the capability to be able to accept online ordering for General Membership workshop attendance and the CASQA Stormwater Conference as well. This web page will be upgraded in the coming year to ensure that it is user-friendlier.
13. Workshops
• Maintained monthly subcommittee conference calls to evaluate workshop opportunities and perform conference planning activities • CASQA’s inaugural conference was held on October 3-5, 2005 in Ontario CA, at the DoubleTree Conference Center near Ontario International Airport. The conference program consisted of: ƒ Two pre-conference workshops ƒ Managing Runoff to Protect Natural Streams – The Latest Developments on Investigation and Management of Hydromodification, Co-sponsored by USC Sea Grant ƒ NPDES Inspection Training, including CWEA guest trainers ƒ A two-day conference with four themed conference tracks, including Stormwater Treatment, Operations, Research and Management (STORM) ƒ Sixty-four (64) presentations within the themed tracks ƒ Keynote address by Doug Harrison, Founding CASQA Chair ƒ CASQA awards luncheon ƒ Luncheon presentations related to 2004-2005 record Southern California ƒ Exhibit hall and an exhibitor sponsored evening reception Over 400 people and 32 exhibitors attended the conference, resulting in $130,000 in revenue, amounting to approximately $40,000 in operating funds for CASQA. • Initiated planning and selected venue for CASQA’s second annual conference in


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