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Product Use Suggestions for GoChi Juice or Himalayan Goji Juice:
May need less of certain medications - see below (also see general
disclosure at the end of this information):
I suggest an average sized adult drink 4 oz or more per day (2 oz a.m.
and 2 oz. p.m.), with or without food. Children may find that 2 oz is
enough (1 oz. a.m. and 1 o.z. p.m.)
People with significant health problems may want to start with 4 oz and
work their way up to drink 8 oz (or more in some cases) for a few
months at least, and may see additional benefits.

Be aware of the following - may need to reduce certain
medications since nutrients may assist body in balancing itself
People on these medications should know that they may need to reduce their
medications, after a few days. This information is based on my observations
and observations of other people that have used and worked with the
Blood Thinning Medication - may need to decrease or eliminate any meds.
Do not exceed 4 oz of GoChi daily without checking with your physician to
see if your medications need to be reduced. As I understand it, the juice
does not thin the blood, but does make the blood cells less sticky…and this
can affect the amount of blood thinning medication needed.
Blood Pressure Medications – may need to decrease in a few
days…because system may begin to self-regulate! Drink the juice daily for
best results.
Blood Sugar Medications - the detoxifying benefits of the polysaccharide
dense GoChi or Himalayan Goji Juice may result in better functioning of the
insulin receptors on the cells, and these medications may need to be reduced
or eliminated after a few days or more in some people. Just be aware, and
work with your MD or pharmacist to safely reduce any medication as
needed. Blood sugar may be erratic for a few days during the cleansing
process that can occur - generally for the first week and then stabilize. It
may be wise to carry a candy bar or fruit to raise blood sugar if needed
during this initial phase.

Blue Pills for Men! – you know the ones I mean. Goji and GoChi have
been said to be the fruitviagra by some….so it’s possible that this juice will
help bodily systems normalize and eliminate the need for those pills!
Steroid type drugs such as prednisone
Some people have experienced constipation when drinking the juice while
taking prednisone. In some cases people have reduced or stopped the
medication and found their body system normalized with the help of the
juice. As a consumer you can make an informed choice as to the best
approach. Be sure to work with your doctor / and or pharmacist on this.
Also, drug guidance suggests - never stop prednisone all at once. My
reading on this topic shows that it is very important to taper off this
medication and never stop abruptly.
Generally, the juice can help medications work more efficiently, so if you
are taking medications, it may be best to drink the juice ½ hour or more
before or after you take your meds so that you are getting the “intended
measured result”.
There you have it!. Otherwise drink all the juice that you want….the likely
side benefit is that you will feel happier……after all, the goji berry is known
as the happy berry! This juice is the only standardized goji berry product on
the market. This means that each bottle is as good as the next one! That’s
very important when it comes to maintaining and building up your health.
General Disclosure
These comments are from a Freelife Marketing Executive who has the opportunity to earn
compensation from the sale of Freelife products.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
This is not intended to be “medical advice”but is instead general “health guidance”. See
your Medical Doctor for medical advice, and before making any changes in prescribed
medications. I am not a medical doctor.


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