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Tony Lahoutte
Profil professionnel
 Charge de cours (Docent) 10% ZAP, VUB - 1/10/2006  Charge de cours 5%, UMH – 1/10/2009 – 30-9-2014  Chef de Clinique en Médecine Nucléaire, UZ Brussel - 1/10/  Maître de Recherches Cliniques du Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique Flandre, 1/10/2007  Chef de recherche du labo « in vivo cellular and molecular imaging» à la VUB, 1/10/2006 Formation
 1999 : Laboratory Animal Science, UGent  2000 : Master in Medical and Pharmaceutical Research, VUB  2004 : Thèse de doctorat en Sciences Médicales, VUB  2005 : Médecin Specialist en Médecine Nucléaire Publications scientifiques
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Valentines trial

1.0 INCLUSION CRITERIA Patients, male or female, >18 years of agePatients who present electively with in-stent restenosis of a previously placed stent documented by coronary The patient has stable or unstable angina, and/or clinical evidence of ischemia (ECG, exercise test, etc)The patient is able and wil ing to conform to the requirements of the study and voluntarily signs an Informed Co


Casitas : The Myth of Physical Requisition The Penn Central test never purported to capture the entirety of the rich landscape (or waterscape) of takings cases -- more on that point at the end of this presentation. The result in Casitas underscores that important point. But, beyond that, this particular case, Casitas , has been plagued by important misunderstandings in the way it has bee

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